Simba arrived through the wormhole. SMACK! Scar's claw hit him hard on the face, sending Simba to the ground.

"Simba I need you to protect yourself!" Mufasa commanded Simba.

"Mufasa! Did you make it through the wormhole alright?" Simba asked Mufasa.

"What are you talking about?" Mufasa asked back as Scar swung his claw at Mufasa.

"You know! The wormhole! That we came through!" Simba yelled at Mufasa through the battlecry's at Pride rock.

"Do you mean the Forbidden Pool?"

"Yes, you came through with several clones. Where are they?" Simba asked.

"I don't have any clones. The only clones I know about are you and your younger self. Why do you have to ask all these questions now?" Mufasa asked, dodging more of Scar's attacks.

Simba took a step back and looked at where the wormhole had been. Had Nala arrived yet? Had his father? He could only guess.

Scene Change: Raffiki walked around the white room, looking at the screens displaying each person's mind. Simba had arrived at his location, but Nala and Mufasa were behind schedule. Raffiki looked at her monitor and saw she was still traveling through time space.

All of a sudden a wormhole opened up, and two humans flew through the wormhole, landing at Raffiki's feet.

"What on earth is going on?" one of the humans asked. The first human looked up, and saw the mandrill.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" He screamed, running backwards and into a white wall with the other human.

Raffiki laughed and smiled at them.

"I know who both of you are. However, you are of no service to me now, but later," Raffiki said.

"Hey man, isn't that Raffiki?" the second human asked the first.

"Yes, it seems to be because he is talking, but… why is he talking?" the first human asked the second human back.

"You both know I can hear everything you are saying right?" Raffiki asked both of them laughing.

"Robert, I think we are going insane," the second human said.

Scene Change: Zira had arrived at the battle an hour earlier. She had immediately noticed along with Dotty that their clones somehow had not appeared after they arrived at Pride Rock. Obviously Raffiki had tricked them. Dotty and her told Raffiki in their minds that they would kill him. Raffiki pretended that he didn't hear. Zira and Dotty both ignored Raffiki's silence and sprang into action and helped break through Sarabi's line of defense. Now the slaughter of the rebellious pride had begun. She looked around only to see Scar fighting Simba and Mufasa alone!

Zira sprinted at full speed to attack Mufasa. Mufasa roared in pain as Zira clamped her jaws on his left forearm. Scar saw this and was very surprised to see Zira defending him. However, Simba saw that Scar had lost focus on the fight and attacked Scar with a fury of slashes. Scar fell to the ground, hurt badly.

Mufasa had thrown Zira off of him and joined Simba in front of Scar.

"Scar, you've been beaten. Stand down." Mufasa ordered.

"Scar got up quickly and tackled Mufasa. Scar tried to pin Mufasa to the ground, but Mufasa was just too powerful. Simba was now pinning Scar to the ground with Mufasa.

Scar breathed heavily.

"You… have… won. Now finish it," Scar closed his eyes.

"I will not kill you brother," Mufasa replied softly. Mufasa got off of Scar.

Scar's eyes turned angry. "Then Die!" Scar yelled as he dove at Mufasa.

Mufasa ducked, and Scar flew over him off the tip, to his death.

Mufasa looked over the edge at his brother, who had fallen into the fire below.

Simba turned around but could not see Zira. Where had she gone? Was Nala okay? Simba pondered these questions to himself as he walked back towards his father.

Scene Change: Nala had been fighting with the main force of the pride and they had pinned the hyenas between Ta chala's pride and Sarabi's lionesses. Now, they were closing the gap with most hyenas running away. Some, remained fighting. Nala used tooth and claw, biting, scratching, tackling whatever hyena body part she could find. Then one hyena bit Nala right above her shoulder blade. Nala turned towards that hyena and lashed out with both her claws and missed the creature. To Nala, this was no ordinary hyena. It was Shenzi.

"I should've killed you when you were a cub," Shenzi smiled as she clawed Nala on her back.

"Shenzi!" Spotty cried as she flew in, tackling Shenzi to the ground. With one swipe of Dotty's claws, Shenzi died.

"Thanks for helping me!" Nala yelled through the noise.

"No Problem!" Spotty smiled.

"Spotty, have you seen your sister, Dotty?" Nala asked.

"She said she was going to baby sit the cubs! She's up there with them right now!" Spotty pointed towards the summit of Pride Rock.

"Oh no," Nala thought to herself.

"Any second now Dotty could kill the younger version of herself or the other cubs!" Nala thought.

Nala ran as fast as she could towards the summit of Pride Rock, hoping she wasn't too late.