My eyes filled with tears of joy as I touched her glimmering cheek. She lay right in front of me, her shining, porcelain skin; silky, ebony locks spread all around that beautiful, frail featured face. She was exhausted, even vulnerable but at the same time so stunningly beautiful that I had to shed a salty tear. I got her, a permanent echo inside of my head. I finally got her. The consuming longing for her, waiting for years, decades, centuries. But I had been patient, for I knew that in the end she belonged to me. They all did, why should she be different? But she was different. She had always been; not only her endearing appearance, but also her headstrongness, her wisdom, her smart- and cleverness. As well as the unbreakable will of survival, her aims and ideals, her principles and actions- my unique Queen of Air and Darkness, far too precious for this cruel world. She sounded an almost unnoticeable sight and my heart (I wonder if actually possess one?) ceased to beat in a split second. She opened her emerald eyes and stared back at me.

"No", she moaned hoarsely, "no, it can't be you..." I didn't reply, since I was too occupied with stroking her skinny hands.

"It's alright; I'm here."

"No..." she repeated once again. "Please ...please don't." She divested me of her hand and shook the gracious head in terror.

"I...I can't be dead. I can't be forgotten." Pearls of silver ran down her face. "Please, don't make me do this, please, dear old friend of mine, bring me back to the place where I belong!"

"You can never return, Mab, the world passed you by. They're all gone. You're save now. Stay with me. I will never leave nor forget you."

She put one hand on her trembling breast and breathed in spurts.

"I'm not dead, no, I can't be." I placed the cool back of my hand beneath her shaking chin and lifted it, so as to almost sense her rosy lips.

"He wouldn't forget me...he would never." I felt her every heartbeat as I finally hugged her to me- she didn't refuse.

"My sweet madam, it's over."

I bowed deeply in front of her, then took her slender hand and kissed it. "You belong to me."

She didn't say a word of disagreement.

"I love you, Mab." I put her face close to mine. "Dry your eyes. They aren't worth of your possession."

I washed away the silver rivers running down her flawless cheeks.

"But I am." Then, finally our lips were united in a passionate kiss. She uttered one last gasp and I let go off her. She was mine to claim and mine to have-forever. I lay her down on the soft earth, surrounded by dead, black roses. I gave her one last look and was gone.

She breathed no more.