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Rodolphus Lestrange was sitting on one of the two big, black armchairs in the main living room of the Lestrange Manor. The glass on his right hand was empty now, so he leaned forward to grab the big bottle of Firewhiskey from the table, when he heard a slight noise from the corridor.

"Bella!" he murmured and stormed out of the living room, only to come face to face with one of the house elves.

"Master, are you not sleeping?" asked the house elf, scared by the look on its master's face.

Rodolphus growled, and turned around to leave, but then stopped suddenly. He turned his head so he could look at the house elf. "Have you seen your mistress?" he barked. The house elf made a few steps backwards, afraid that he would be punished for something, and opened his mouth to speak.

"No, Master, mistress Lestrange hasn't come back yet. Todd hasn't seen her since when she left the Manor. Did Todd do bad, master?" the house elf said.

Rodolphus didn't reply. Another low growl of frustration escaped his lips and he left the corridor, with the bottle of Firewhiskey still at hand.

Once he was back at the living room, he let himself fall on the armchair again, and brought the bottle to his mouth. "Fuck, I don't want to get drunk again," he thought, and threw the bottle on the floor. He stayed there, observing the broken pieces and the content of the bottle which now lied a few steps away from him, and then threw his head back, his palm grabbing his forehead. He was desperate; he had no idea of what condition Bellatrix was in, and all he could feel was anger, anger and agony.

She had disobeyed him! He had made it clear that she shouldn't get involved in this, it was his mistake, therefore only his punishment to take! Bellatrix had nothing to do with this, yet she had decided to get involved.

How had he been so careless? He had let that Mudblood escape, and Voldemort was furious; more than Rodolphus had ever seen him before. He was sure that his life had reached its end. There was no way the Dark Lord would forgive this, he would definitely kill him, and he would make sure that it wouldn't be quick and painless. Probably he would do it in front of all the others, just to show what happens to everyone who disobeys or fails him, just how Rodolphus had seen many others die.

Rodolphus had talked to Bellatrix. He had told her how things were, he had told her about how he had failed, and about how sure it was that he was going to die. But he had also begged her to stay out of this. He loved Bella; he didn't want her to get punished as well, for something she hadn't done. But yet, she had disobeyed him.

Earlier that night, an owl had brought him a letter, a letter that had made him almost faint.

You need not to come tonight. Your wife is here.

Two sentences. Two sentences that had made him shake in fear. What had she done?

It was almost five hours since Rodolphus had read this letter, and Bellatrix hadn't showed up yet. He feared for the worst; probably she was getting tortured, or maybe she was already dead. What was she thinking? She was going to make things worse, and now she was in danger as well…

Just when he was thinking of getting up and going to find her, he heard the main door open and close. He jumped up and ran downstairs, his heart beating hard against his chest. He ran through the hall, and almost fell on his wife's cloaked figure, who gave a high-pitched gasp when she saw him.

"You scared me!" she screamed once he stepped back. She removed her hood, letting her black curls fall over her face, and turned around to leave, heading to the staircase, without saying anything else.

Rodolphus ran behind her and blocked her way.

"You're back!" he exclaimed, making her roll her eyes.

"Obviously," she said and went to leave again, but he didn't let her.

"Are you alright?" he asked worriedly, after observing her for a few seconds. She seemed to be just fine; he couldn't see any signs of torture or any other form of punishment, apart from her slightly messy hair, but this could have probably been caused by the wind.

"Yes, I'm fine! Now could you please move aside so I could go upstairs?" she said, obviously wanting to get rid of him, but he didn't notice her irritated tone.

"I told you not to get involved with this!" he said angrily. "You could have been killed, it was my fault, you-"

"Well, I didn't!" she cut him off. "And you're safe. The Dark Lord decided to spare your life," she added, before turning around once again.

"Oh, Bella, I was so worried," he said, and leaned over to hug her, but she quickly moved so he couldn't reach her.

"Yes, but I'm alright, so, here you go," she exclaimed without caring that much, and started going up the stairs.

Rodolphus followed her and they both reached the second floor. He was so relieved that she was alright! All he wanted now was to hug her, be close to her… for five whole hours, he thought he had lost her for ever. But still, there was something strange about her… Why was she in such good condition? There was no way she had gotten off with the Dark Lord without getting tortured…

She kept walking without talking to him, heading to the bathroom, removing her black coat as she walked.

"Did he torture you?" Rodolphus asked worriedly, as he walked behind her. "You don't seem like you've been punished or anything…"

"He didn't," she answered coldly, but didn't say anything else. She threw her coat on one hanger and opened the door to the bathroom, but Rodolphus stopped her gently. It was obvious that he wanted to kiss her or something, but she didn't seem to share the feelings.

"Did he punish you?" he asked once again.

"No!" she said angrily, and turned around, storming into the bathroom and closing the door behind her, but not before Rodolphus could see the open front buttons of her dress.

One single thought started to creep up on him, and he opened the door, walking in the bathroom and forcing her to look at him.

"What did he do then?" he insisted, fearing for the worst.

"What's it matter?" she asked coolly. "You're off the hook."

She walked away from him and got out of the bathroom, but he stopped her once again.

"Did you lie with him?" he asked, his voice full with anger now.

"It's not your business," she hissed.

"It's not MY business?" he roared, finally understanding. "I'm your fucking husband, and you don't go with other men!"

"And should I have refused? Should I have said no to Him?" she sneered, observing the look of absolute shock across her husband's face. "The last thing you should do is complain! I did what I had to do, and I saved your fucking life, now get out of my way!"

That was more of what Rodolphus could possibly take. He raised his hand to hit her, but froze, unable to do such thing. Bellatrix, taking advantage of this, ran away from him, reaching the other corner of the room.

"I told you now to go there!" he roared. "I never told you to do this! I never told you to sell your body to him like a common whore! I told you to stay away! This was my failure, and my punishment to take! How dare you disobey me like that, how dare you-"

"Would you rather he killed you?" she screamed, fed up with him.

"YES!" he roared. "I would rather die than watching my wife debase herself like that! Do you think I want my wife to whore for another man, whoever this man is?"

"Well, there's nothing you can do right now," she said coldly and simply left the room, without saying anything else.

Rodolphus stood there, in absolute shock. How… howdareshe? No one was allowed to treat him like that, not even his wife, who was now the Dark Lord's lover, as well. He couldn't bear with that. He couldn't deal with the fact that his Bella, his beloved Bella, had gone with another, he couldn't deal with the fact that the Dark lord had fucked his wife. Without even thinking of what he was saying, he finally exploded, as he watched her getting down the stairs: "Get out of myhouse, you whore!"

He watched her freeze at the bottom of the stairs. His breath was coming out erratic, but he had already regretted saying those words to her. She didn't turn around, and he barely hard the trembling words that came from her. "I- if you wish to k-know," she started, "I d-didn't enjoy it". Rodolphus remained silent, not knowing how to react. "I-I did it for you. Only for you. I begged him to spare your life. This was the only way…" he heard her say, breathless. "I hated it," she whispered, after a long breath. "Every single second of it. But I endured it, I endured his… his need," she trembled, "for you. For you to live." She sobbed now. "Because… because I love you." After that, she collapsed on the stairs, crying, hiding her face in her palms. Rodolphus couldn't take this. He couldn't watch her cry like that, he loved her, and now he felt like he was about to start crying. He ran down the stairs and put his arms protectively around her, as she buried her head in his chest.

"Shh… Please, Bella, don't cry… I know, I know, you did it for me… I'm sorry, Bella, I'm so sorry…. Don't cry, please, it's all over now… I'm sorry, Bella, I'm so sorry…. Don't cry, please, it's all over now… You don't have to do this again… Oh, my Bella, I'm so sorry…" Rodolphus hugged her tightly and stroked her long hair, his heart full of love for her. How had he talked to her like that? His Bella… He loved her so much… And he felt so bad for her right now…

"Calm down, Bella, calm down, everything is alright…" he whispered to her, and helped her stand up. She looked straight into his eyes, and she smiled weakly, her tears still running down her face.

"It's okay, now, Bella, it's okay…" he whispered and hugged her.

"I know," she said weakly and buried her face on his shoulder, hiding a small triumphant smile that crept across her face. She had always been a brilliant actor.

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