On a planet next to Earth there was a tiny planet. That planet was called Animal planet because it was in habited with animals but not any regular animals, human animals. They have the form as an animal and may turn into human through another humans love, though they have to have skin contact like a hug. Every three years they send 3boxs with one animal to learn love except this year a box got three animals. That box with three animals got send off near a high school and this is where our story begins.

"Thanks Rin for the help you can go enjoy the weekend make sure you have an umbrella!"

"Okay Gumi thanks!" I shouted as I grab my orange colored umbrella

Rin here, I just finished student council work with Gumi. I`m the president Gumi is the vice-president Kaito-secretary and Miku-treasury. We work together well and are good friends well on with the story…

"Gosh it's raining… luckily I brought an umbrella" I murmured to myself

I quickly opened my umbrella and walked down the road. I was walking until I saw a medium sized box shake and stop. It kept shaking and stopping which annoyed me just staring at it. I walked over to the box and saw three cute husky dogs in the box they were cold and hungry. One pup was trying to knock the box over and the other two were sleeping.

"How cute" I whispered

"Do you guys want to come home with me?" I said to them happily

The puppy awake looked at me and woke the other two up. The other two woke up and looked at me and the dogs looked at each other and then barked happily at me. I smiled at them and picked the box up carefully. I quickly but carefully took the box to my house. My house isn`t that big, it's just a three story house. My brother Rinto he`s a big pop star well he says he`s as big as that guy in the U.S that guy's name something like beaver but that's not the point! After the painful walk of carrying the box to my house I left the box in the front of the house and open the door. I put my umbrella and stuff on the floor and tried to grab all the pups at once in my hands which sort of worked and shut the door with my foot and I put the pups in the first floor bathroom.

"Okay pups let's get you cleaned up yeah first a bath!" I said while making a bath in the bath tub

While the water was running to fill the tub I inspected the pups and saw they had collars. One had yellow with a banana charm, the other had teal with a …leek charm? And the last had green with a carrot charm. They all had blue eyes though. After 5 minutes of figuring out how to take off their collars I gave up and gave them a bath with the collar. While they were bathing slash playing with the bubbles I thought about their names. The teal collared one reminded me of Miku because it was the leader and a bit king like so it`s name is Mikuo. The green collared one reminds me of Gumi because it acts a bit air-headish? So I will name it Gumiya. The yellow one well it reminds me of me because I am a bit stubborn like it so maybe if I was a guy my name would be Len! So Len it is!

"Okay so you are Mikuo, Gumiya, and Len!" I said pulling them out of the tub and drying them out.

After that I let Gumiya, Mikuo and Len roam around to play. Around 2 hours we went to bed.

"Hmm I guess there`s no place for you guys to sleep so… [Really Rin you live in a three story house!] You can sleep with me!" I said a bit angry at the author for making that comment

I pulled Len, Gumiya and Mikuo close to me in a hug and whispered

"Good night I love you!"

I then fell asleep

Next day Saturday~

"Do you think she`s okay?"

"Of course idiot if not I can do CPR!"

"Dummy we can whack her with… this! Only if she wakes up we won`t so no CPR dumbass"

"Umm… that's a lamp"

"Yeah I know"

"We are not going to whack the fair princess with that put it back!"


What is happening? Who`s voice is that? Rinto? I opened my eyes and saw three guy heads in front of my face.

"Look she`s awake! The princess has woken!" said the guy with teal hair

"Yay!" shouted the green haired one

"Hmm joy." Said the blonde one sarcastically

"So… why are you guys here and ... Oh my god where are my puppies!" I said getting off the bed searching around

"Don`t worry lady! Gumiya is right here!" said the green haired boy

"I know where you're at dumbass but where are the puppies!" I said angrily

"Wahhh she hurt Gumiya`s feelings!" he said running into the teal haired one

"Wait your name is Gumiya… that's my dogs name!" I said throwing my hands up in the air

"That's what Gumiya was trying to tell you! Gumiya, Len and Mikuo are our doggies!" said the green haired one

"Wait how did you turn human?" I asked sitting on my yellow chair

"Wait aren`t you surprised?" said the teal haired one

"Um nah I`m more curious than frighten actually" I said

"Strange girl well any way we are actually your dog`s like Gumiya said. We came from Animal planet a planet near yours. Every year our planet sends three animals around the earth to learn love. Once we do we won`t need human touch to turn us human. So since you love us only you can turn us human but at 7p.m exact we will turn back to animals." Said the teal haired one

"Now that you know my name is Mikuo my lady. The green one is Gumiya as you know and the party popper over there is Len" Mikuo said bowing

"I`m Rin you owner I guess?" I said cracking a smile

"Hey Rin! Are you talking to yourself?"

"Oh god its..."

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