Keep Breathing
Chapter 16

"As I said Sherlock..." Jim stepped forward, toeing what remained of Sherlock's head with one well-polished shoe so it rolled lazily to one side, a single grey eye staring glassily up at him all sense of intelligence gone from its stormy depths. It was undeniably sad. "...a lovely little catch-up."

"Coming Mol?" he called, stepping away from the body and turning his back as if he were a child who had simply become bored of a toy.

She raced to his side twisting her arm through his and pulling herself close into his side. She didn't say a word but he could feel her smile as she pressed her face into his shoulder.

He held the door open as they both stepped out into the dark corridor beyond, Seb's heavy footstep sounding loudly in the silence behind: what a convenient time for a powercut,he thought proudly, Molly was ever so efficient.

"I was wondering sweety.." he carried on as they made their way slowly out of the hospital, running only ever made one look more suspicious, and slipped into an inconspicuous silver car"…what you think about Germany…or Russia? London seems so very dull all of a sudden."

Well that was fun I hope! Wasn't it?

This has been one of my favourite stories to write.
Therefore I'm hoping to write some more Moriarty and maybe Moriarty/Molly (in whatever guise that comes) soon
-depending on the feedback I get from this, obviously.

To everyone who has read, thank you so very much. You are all marvellous.

Best wishes and happy holidays xxx