Disclaimer: These characters are not mine but I love them like my own. :)

Author'snote: This story continues one of my favorite episodes, "TCOT Borrowed Baby". Written for Michelle285 upon request for some Della/Perry bliss.

"The Case of the Borrowed Baby" - a slightly Della-centered summary:

Della and Perry return to the office after dinner and find a baby abandoned on Perry's desk. While Della is already all over the little boy called Leander, Perry tries to find out where he belongs and what to do with the little fella. After consulting Paul and interrogating the cleaning lady, Perry finally agrees to give Leander into the capable hands of his secretary. Together, they bring Leander to Della's temporary home, the house of her dear friend Helen Leslie who is on vacation in Europe with her family. There, Della has everything she needs to take care of the little boy. While Paul feels uncomfortable around the baby, Perry checks with Della if she's really up to taking care of Leander without any help. Della assures him she is going to be fine and sends them off, growing fonder of the baby by the minute.

A short time later, she calls "the boys" to help her chase off some intruders who seem to be trying to get into the house to kidnap Leander. Not at all a false alarm as it turns out, and for a moment Perry and Paul assume the boy was kidnapped until they realize Della's been living up to her promise to take good care of the boy. He's safe and sound.

Some time later, our favorite lawyer and his P.I. friend find Leander's supposed grandmother and Perry sends her over to Della's to meet her grandson. After mistaking Della for the boy's mother at first, the woman rejects Leander and doesn't want to see him again. Della feels sorry for the little guy and holds him in her arms to soothe him.

"Poor little fella, no one seems to want you," she says lovingly. "Except me." Leander reaches up to touch Della's face and she smiles happily. It's obvious the two of them have created a deep emotional bond.

In the end, Perry and Paul have found Leander's mom, the case around Leander is solved and a family reunited. Della packs his clothes into a suitcase and is left behind by Leander's mother and grandmother as they thank Perry and Paul for their help (yes, I do feel the women don't thank Della enough – there, I said it!). Perry and Paul follow the family outside and Della follows behind.

Fade out scene:

Perry, Della and Paul stand outside the Leslie family home. They watch a vintage car drive off with baby Leander and his family. Della cannot hide her emotions and weeps as Leander's mother and grandmother wave goodbye from the backseat of their car with Leander in their arms.

Paul: "Why all the tears? Everything turned out pretty well."

Della: "Wouldn't you cry, too, if you lost the only baby you ever had?"

And this is where SOMETHING BORROWED starts.