"Beckett it's snowing!"

Rick rushed over to the window of his loft, smiling at view of New York. "Come look!" he exclaimed, turning to look at her.

Kate sat at the dining room table, a mouth full of spaghetti, smiling as she tried to eat. Once she swallowed, she wiped her mouth and stood up.

"Castle, it is just snow. You've seen it before" she said, walking up to the window with him.

"But Beckett, it's the first snow this year. The first snow is the best."

Kate had to admit, she was excited as well. She'd seen snow hundreds of times in her life, but there was something about the first snow of the season that was magical.

"Come on Beckett! Let's go outside" he said, grabbing her hand before she had a chance to respond. He pulled her from the window and out the front door of the loft, linking his fingers with hers as he pulled her to the elevator.

"Castle we don't have on shoes!" she yelled, trying her best to hide a smile as he bounced up and down.

"Simple technicalities, my dear Detective. We don't need shoes! We're only going out for a minute."

Rick turned to her and flashed an award winning smile that made her weak at the knees. He squeezed her hand, refusing to let go in fear that she wouldn't go outside with him.

Kate squeezed his hand in reply, and smiled back at him. Richard Castle was the only man she knew how could get her out of her comfort zone. If Josh had suggested she go outside, in New York, in December, in the snow, she would have killed him. But was Castle, it was easy to let some of her guard down.

The elevator doors opened, and Castle pulled her again, running across the lobby of the building toward the front door.

"Ready Beckett?" he asked, before removing his hand from hers and placing it on the small of her back. He pushed her through the door and out onto the streets of New York.

Snow fell onto their heads, and they both looked up with a smile. Kate pressed her lips together and smiled, before drawing her bottom lip between her teeth.

Rick looked at her and smiled, wrapping his right arm around her waist and pulling her into him for a side hug.

"Merry Christmas Kate"

"Merry Christmas Rick"