WildFire Chapter 6

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After the regional, team Q4 earned a break before national is going to start. Each of the member are practicing hard at the card shop, even Aichi worked up his Royal paladin deck.

Kamui: you almost had me there onii-san. Just a few more adjustment and your deck is good as my mr invincible.

Aichi: he-he thanks…

Aichi looked at the front door, Kamui wondered why Aichi did that a couple of times when he arrived card shop.

Kamui: are you waiting for someone?

Aichi: uh? N-no…

Aichi began to blush while Kamui was grinning at Aichi.

Kamui: could it be…you have a girlfriend.

Kamui gave shoulder taps against Aichi while Aichi getting more embarrassed.

Aichi: n-no that's not that at all!

Kamui: then what is it? Tell me.

Aichi just kept quiet as Misaki stepped in.

Misaki: closing time you two.

Kamui: aww…

Aichi and Kamui stepped out the card shop as Kamui started to get pale.

Aichi: what's wrong?

Kamui: forgot to get to cardshop handsome for cleaning duty…training to be husband…

Aichi: then why are you taking it.

Kamui blushed and crossed his arm with a pervy smile on his face.

Kamui mind: if I complete the training I can be a perfect husband for Emi-san.

Kamui image bells tolling for him in a tuxedo and Emi in a wedding dress walking the aisle.

Priest: do you, Kamui Katsuragi, take Emi Sendou, has your beloved wife.

Kamui showed his shining teeth and a cool adult face expression with full of confidence.

Kamui: I do.

Priest: do you, Emi Sendou, take Kamui Katsuragi. As your beloved husband.

Emi: I do.

Priest: then I pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.

Kamui and Emi got close to each other while Kamui heard a voice calling him over and over again.


Kamui:…hehe…Miss Katsuragi…eh?

Kamui was back to reality and realised Aichi has been trying to push him away because he almost trying to kiss Aichi.

Kamui: AAAAH!

Kamui backed away and got all pale.

Kamui: I should go, later Aichi-onii-san!

Kamui ran quickly away as Aichi was confused what just happened, he turned and saw a strange looking man observing him.

Aichi: hm?

Aichi studied the person. The person was mostly dressed in black, his eyes looked friendly but within it sense danger, he got long dark red hair. He started to walk towards Aichi, Aichi stepped backwards away from the person as the person stopped moving.

?: Sendou, Aichi I presume.

He said it friendly but the echo of the voice sounded sinister.

Aichi: w-who are you?

The person got very close to Aichi, Aichi couldn't move a muscle of the Person glare. He moved his face closer to Aichi's face, he made a quick movement with his cheek almost touching Aichi's cheek.

?: better break up while you can.

Aichi: uh?

The stranger walked passed Aichi as Aichi got curious what the person meant.

Aichi: w-wait, what do you mean by that?

The stranger smirked and turned his face looking at Aichi.

Ren: tell Kai Toshiki-kun, that Ren is back.

Aichi: uh? Wait!

Suddenly a wind passed by, the person disappeared as Aichi kept thinking about the name of the person.

Aichi: Ren? Who is that?

Aichi got touched by the shoulder all of the sudden.

Aichi: AAAH!

Aichi turned and it was just Miwa looking at Aichi strangely because of his scream.

Miwa: now, now, I'm not the bad guy here. Did you saw a ghost or something?

Aichi mind: I might have…

Aichi: no, it's nothing Miwa-kun…

Miwa: you sure look pale, how about crashing to my place, got a bunch of chips waiting to be eaten.

Aichi: sure, but…I need to make a phone call then.

Miwa: sure.

At Aichi's home.

Emi: Aichi! Where are you!

Shizuka: Aichi isn't here sweetie, he's at a friends place.

Emi: EHH!

By Miwa's place.

Aichi: sorry for intruding.

Miwa: nobodies home, my folks are still at work.

Aichi: I see…it's the first time I got to this place.

Miwa: like it so far, take a seat.

Aichi: thanks.

Aichi took his seat and looked around seeing nothing strange, just a regular couch, big screen TV. It's like any simple apartment.

Miwa: there you go

Miwa placed the drinks on the table and took his seat across Aichi.

Miwa: so, how are you and Kai doing?

Aichi: uh? Why do you ask?

Miwa: I'm a bit curious, you have been waiting at the card shop lots of times for him I suppose.

Aichi: w-well…

Miwa: it's normal to wait for a friend, but Kai has beaten all the folks he can beat in just 5 turns.

Aichi mind:…5…turns?...

Miwa: Kai isn't used to be like this you know

Aichi:…I know…

Miwa: hm?

Aichi: Kai-kun, is a nice guy…

Miwa smiled since most people talk bad about his friend.

Miwa: first time I heard something good from Kai then he's good at vanguard.

Aichi: uh? What do you mean?

Miwa: nothing, just talking to myself.

Miwa smiled to Aichi as Aichi got a question mark about his head.

Miwa: do you like Kai?

Aichi choked by his soda and was coughing from Miwa's question.

Aichi: w-why do you ask that!

Miwa: just curious, can't tell if your just a friend of his.


Aichi kept silenced for a while but he nodded yes

Miwa:…I see…

Miwa looked down and his smile turned upside down.

Aichi: Miwa?...kun?

Miwa: ill just say this once…be careful…

Aichi: uh?

Miwa: I have been observing Kai a lot and he always hang out with bad people around him.

Aichi: Kai-kun?

Miwa: he-he, don't worry, ill keep a eye on you too.

Miwa winked as Aichi blushed a little but only because of Miwa's kindness.

Aichi: T-thanks…

Miwa: Kai is a nice guy, but he also got hurt, I could tell when he arrived back to this city.

Aichi:…I-I'll do my best!

Miwa was surprised when Aichi said it and saw a serious look on his face.

Miwa: good luck, Kai's boyfriend.

Aichi: I will…wait…

Aichi paused and heard his brain ticking, when it made a ping sound as Aichi screamed out loud.

Aichi: MIWA-KUN!

To be continued