Stolen Moments

The idea formed so quickly in his mind his body was carrying out the deed before he had a chance to react psychologically; tough emotionally he was thrilled. The problem, you see, with a mind so full of itself, so intelligent and so possessive was that once one side decided to do something that pleased his body, mind and soul there was just no stopping the rest of slowly wheeling his thoughts into reality. Like right now.

He circled the bench staring at the sleeping woman (woman! Could anyone believe that?) with a smile and considered quickly yet carefully the course of action. His steps were quiet and although she was in cloud nine as he tried not to wake her, he was very careful not to bring her drown from it. This was a mission based in precision; if anything should fail the only way out was dead by murder or suicide and knowing him there was no suicide happening tonight. Her RMP wasn't as quick as he would like, he noticed, finally sitting by her and leaning forward to take a good look at her; what meant two things: instead of cloud nine she was in cloud four, and she would probably feel this and blame it on dreams. Leave it to such a silly girl to explain things so easily.

His hand found her knee, but the ghost caresses he left there were intentionally soft, but meaningful. His other arm dropped over the back of the bench, right behind her shoulders, to keep him steady as the plan unfolded, and once her breathing continued steady and uninterrupted by his presence he dove in…

The softness of her lips amused him to no end, it was why the idea had first triggered this stolen moment, the reason why he loved to tease her and watch her pout, and he'd denied himself for so long. As it was expected, because of her dreaming state, there was no answer and the root of disappointed dug deep into him, disrupting something that was seeding inside of him. Maybe it was pain, this that he felt, maybe something else he was yet to identify, either way he pressed his lips a bit tighter this time, just to savor the moment… There were probably the only kisses he might share with her; quiet stolen kisses that she wasn't even aware they shared. And what he felt then was pain, enough to make him pull away slowly, watching her momentarily to make sure she was still asleep, and eyes lowered; only slightly. He wasn't the sweetest of men, or the most caring, but this woman, this careless, dumb, senseless woman had activated all his senses, she'd offered to wake up that part of him that had been bothersome when found, and even found it and released it to show him how to play with her (while even cruel and sadistic)…

He turned, Oh! What's this? A silent watcher? Smiling at his younger brother, he placed his finger over his lips, signifying silence, and his brother was not as dimwitted as O Ha Ni, he would keep his secret. So he stood and walked back to the hotel. He smiled, like a fool, realizing that if there had been a witness this had been no dream at all.

This had happened, and this was real; what served as balm for his aching heart.

But why did it matter anyway?