"I'm sorry Aibou" Shiro sighed, reaching over to hug his orange haired partner.

Ichigo scowled, looking away. "We've been trapped in here for how many years? And now they're gonna sell us!" He exclaimed.

"Being trapped alone with me made you…as this time calls it, very bitchy" Shiro teased, quickly nipping Ichigo's ear before fleeing with a grin. "And it's fine if we are sold around…no one can harm us in a painting" Shiro added with a serious tone.

"...If it tears or burns, YES, it can!" Ichigo pouted. "And I hope we don't get put in a bedroom, I do NOT want to see that!" He grumbled as an afterthought, with a blush.

"But it's okay to see it from the underside right? When you are the one getting done?" Shiro teased. Then he turned as the red haired man, Renji who cared for the paintings of his boss and boyfriend came up to the painting with another man. This man had blue hair. "I think this guy is buying the painting" Shiro stated.

Ichigo was still blushing as he gulped, looking at the man. "He's... He's.." He could only blush even harder.

"Hot? Sexy? iDemon/i worthy?" Shiro giggled, turning around to smirk at Ichigo.

Grimmjow was surprised when he saw the white haired Demon turn around to look at the red faced prince whose face seemed to get darkening with every comment from his perverted Demon.

Ichigo blushed. "Stop that!" He whined, only pouting when the demon hugged him.

"But I love you Aibou…and I catch you staring at another man" Shiro teased, sloppily kissing down Ichigo's neck. "Shall I punish ya now or later" Shiro purred.

Grimmjow resisted the urge to demand now since he doubted a painting could move, probably too much coffee or something.

"Shiro.." The orangette blushed, holding back a moan when the demon bit his neck.

"Now or later?" Shiro repeated, moving up to nuzzle Ichigo's ear lobe.

Grimmjow decided he liked this. Renji waved a hand in front of Grimmjow's eyes, worried about the bluette with a dazed look.

"Shiro! Not now!" He gasped, whining slightly.

Shiro smiled, kissed Ichigo's forehead and released him. "You are so squeamish about sex… eventhough we have done it so many times before…considering there isn't much TOO do" Shiro teased.

Grimmjow finally blinked and looked back at the relieved redhead. "I will take it, how much was it again?" he asked.

Ichigo only blushed even harder. "S-stop talking about it!" He huffed, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Sorry…perverted Demon…beside I love any topic that includes you" Shiro chirped.

"2 million" Renji replied.

Grimmjow smirked slightly, handing over the money. "Oh... he bought us.." Ichigo said suddenly, looking at the blue haired man.

"No he bought the painting…we an't slaves or servants…we are a Human and a Demon" Shiro stated.

Grimmjow glanced at the painting before having it wrapped to be safely delivered to his house. "...I hate it when they do that..." Ichigo muttered. "It's too dark."

"I can hold you if you want…or we can play now" Shiro replied, giving Ichigo a shameless grin.

Ichigo blushed. "Pervert." He muttered.

Shiro strolled over to Ichigo and kissed his forehead. "I noticed Aibou" Shiro purred, nuzzling Ichigo's neck. Ichigo only sighed at the perverted demon. "I love you" Shiro muttered, sitting down and pulling Ichigo onto his lap. Ichigo yelped as he was pulled down into the demons' lap, but made himself comfortable anyways. "Your hair is always so soft" Shiro purred, rubbing his cheek against Ichigo's head. "And you smell nice" Ichigo sighed, leaning back.

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