Shiro arrived at his apartment, Ichigo, Amu, and Yuki still tucked in his arms. The older snow haired male was surprised at the quiet of the apartment. Yuki had ended up wiggling into Ichigo's arms to cry silently into his neck, his tiny arms clinging to Amu and his mother. "You know an hour DOESN'T mean a week idiot" a voice snorted. Shiro looked at the ashy white haired male with blood red eyes, smirking at Shiro from the ceiling.

"No one asked you Hel" Shiro snapped back

"Touchy touchy…you would be better off giving in then continuing to fight it like a pussy…and your fault for falling for a human and producing a halfy…the curse is because you had to be an idiot, Shiro you fucked up your own life" Hel continued. Shiro's eyes turned cold and Hel suddenly was forced to the floor by an unseen hand. "OW" Hel yelled.

Yuki sniffled, peaking out at them before hiding his face in Ichigo's neck again. "Two humans and a halfy that looks just like you…well you don't listen do you" Hel stated.

"Well you don't know how to do your fucking job" Shiro snapped back.

"I didn't ask to your supervisor…now get rid of those guys before it slips out you can't follow orders. You did say a vacation to Hell would be fun…100 years is a fun vacation right?" Hel purred, shaking his hand which in turn shook a ring on his finger. Shiro hissed. "Glad the ring still works" Hel laughed.

Amu started to cry again, making Ichigo try to shush her but it wasn't working. Hel narrowed his eyes at the girl. "Shut it up or throw it out" he snarled.

Yuki glared at Hel. "Don't be mean to my little sister!" He said bravely.

"Little sister? Halfies don't GET younger siblings…their parents are put to death…but seeing as she is human you must be an idiotic fuck who thinks he is a human" Hel sneered.

"Hel" Shiro growled.

Hel scuffed. "You were always a softy…despite your blood despite your age…a weak soft pussy" Hel snarled, turning and walking deeper into the apartment. Yuki sniffed as his eyes watered some more but he tried to stay strong, though it wasn't working well. Ichigo was speechless. How dare the other say that? Shiro had set Ichigo and Yuki down. He followed Hel. A loud scream was heard a moment later. "SHIRO GIVE ME THE FUCKING KNIFE…I MEANT DON'T STAB YOU FUCKING PRICK" Hel screeched. Shiro gave loud growl. It was easy to figure out the two were fighting.

Yuki hid his face in Ichigo's chest as the orangette rocked the three of the back and forth slowly. "I-I want daddy..." He mumbled into the turtleneck. "I know Yuki I know..." Amu started to cry even harder at the mention of her father.

Glass breaking in the other room as well as blood spilled to the floor. Ichigo gulped. He didn't want to be here. He didn't want Yuki or Amu to be here. He wanted to be back with Grimmjow, back in safety. Shiro came back a moment later, his hand slightly bleeding but otherwise unharmed. "Sorry you had to hear that" he stated, he kneeled down next to Ichigo, kissing his forehead. Ichigo jerked away. "D-don't touch me.." He said softly, still trying to shush Amu. Shiro blinked. "Ichigo?" he whispered, he looked hurt, broken.

"Don't touch mommy! Daddy is gonna hurt you if you do, you meany!" Yuki said as he glared at Shiro. Tears were still streaking his cheeks.

Shiro flinched, actually flinched at that statement. "You don't know who I am or what I am…you should say such things Yuki" Shiro responded, his voice cracked. It took most of Shiro's will power not to yell, not to grab Ichigo and hug him, begging for forgiveness.

Yuki pressed his cheek against Ichigo's chest. "I don't like you." He stated. Amu had finally calmed down, though it was only because all of her crying had knocked her out. Her tiny hands were gripping onto Ichigo's shirt tightly and she hiccupped every once and a while, even in her sleep. The orangette held his children tightly, one hand running through Amu's short blue hair.

"I don't except you to like me…hell if I was you I wouldn't like me either…I have done horrible things" Shiro stated. He looked at Ichigo. "I am sorry…I don't except another chance…after I left you not once but twice…even after all that happened, I love you…but you love Grimmjow, right?" Shiro asked.

"I-I..." Ichigo mumbled, at a loss for words. Shiro's will power weaken enough that he leaned down and kissed Ichigo's forehead again. Ichigo pushed him away with his free hand almost violently. "D-don't touch me! Please..." He said with a small whimper.

Yuki actually growled, sounding allot like his demon half. "Daddys gonna hurt you you meanie!" He said, still growling, though the growling only really made him look and sound like a scared kitten.

Shiro looked away. "Sorry" he muttered. He wanted to slap himself. Since he loved a human, he was cursed. A part of the curse was making him more demon, taking what he wanted, not caring who he hurt. Shiro turned away, his eyes starting to water. He was hurting Ichigo. He was hurting Yuki. He was a… "I will not force you to stay" he stated.

Ichigo gulped. "R-really?" He asked softly.

"…I shouldn't have took you like I did" Shiro stated.

"They will stay…maybe if we have them killed or locked up, you can be cured of that nasty little curse" Hel purred.

Shiro snarled at Hel. "Like hell I would put them in danger like that" Shiro snarled.

"Trying to protect them…you are the one who did this to them. You made him your mate, you got him pregnant, you could have saved his life if you would have just left, but no you had to go back to him…like the weak little bitch you are…you are the reason they are in danger" Hel snapped.

Shiro looked broken, eyes wide. "N-no" Shiro started, dropping his head.

"...What curse?" Ichigo asked softly, flinching a little at Hel's fierce glare. Yuki had hid his face in Ichigo's neck again. He was scared of Hel.

"You just figured out there's a curse…humans are stupider and more worthless than I thought" Hel sneered. "Shiro created a more human side to live near humans with his mate…the curse will destroy that…it will also tear at what's left of his heart, take away any of importance. Soon he will be a heartless, logicless, bloody murder. And you will be the first to die, so he can be freed of all bonds…he will be an animal once again" Hel purred.

"W-what?" Ichigo gasped in shock. Yuki didn't know what was going on. But he did know one thing. "Daddy will protect us! He always does." He stated rather boldly. He had lifted his head off of Ichigo's chest to glare at Hel.

"Your 'daddy' can barely protect himself…what makes you think he can protect you when he is the one trying to kill you" Hel sneered.

"...His father is Grimmjow." Ichigo said softly, staring at nothing in particular.

"…Wow Shiro…your mate AND child hate you enough that you an't daddy or honey" Hel snorted.

"Who says honey anymore?" Shiro suddenly asked. Hel was put off by this question. Shiro glared at Hel. "I am not you…I will not kill my family to help myself…I will not bend to please them. I'm a fucking demon and I will do as I please not as they please" Shiro snarled.

Hel blinked at him before smirking. "It's obviously they don't love you. Want you. NEED you." Hel snarled. Shiro stared at him before stepping in front of Ichigo and Yuki. "Humans and halfys are worthless, a waste of air" Hel continued.

"Says the man who was so in love…the man who said he didn't care if his mate was a human. That his daughter was a halfy, that she was the beautiful child regardless of the blood in her veins." Shiro stated.

"Love is blind. It keeps you from seeing the truth..." Ichigo murmured after a moment. He was still running his fingers through Amu's hair and Yuki had rested his cheek on Ichigo's chest again, though he was still able to glare at Hel and Shiro.

"She was nothing" Hel snapped.

"You are angry…I stuck a nerve and I didn't even touch you" Shiro smirked.

"You're gonna always say that but I can see differently. It's in your eyes." Ichigo stated, now looking right at Hel.

Hel looked shocked. He regained his composure a moment later. "What the fuck are you talking about brainless human"

"You still love them." His words were soft, sincere.

"Why would I love a stupid human and a halfy" Hel snarled, the words human and halfy spitted like poison.

"Because you do." Ichigo stated rather calmly.

"I don't" Hel growled.

"A demon can't love without human blood" Shiro stated.

"Calling yourself a halfy now are you?" Hel snarled.

"Human blood is gained in other way than birth…" Shiro stated.

Hel's eyes widen. "I can see it. You do." Ichigo stated a little more firmly but his voice was soft.


Shiro's eyes flashed, he reached over, grabbing Hel. His lips curled into a snarl. Hel looked terrified.

Ichigo's eyes widened. "Shi..." He murmured softly. Yuki looked scared. Hel suddenly smiled. "You are a demon among demons…aren't you Shiro…and being the new Death's Hand…you must love to spill the blood…kill the children…scare the" Hel started when he suddenly thrown backwards.

"Don't compare me to them" Shiro snapped, eyes dark.

"Momma... I want daddy..." Yuki mumbled a second time.

Shiro was silent, looking at Yuki with hurt eyes. Hel was surprised. This kid really though Shiro wasn't his father, just a monster. Yuki sniffed. "And Pan... And Mr. Gin... And and..." The little boy sniffled again, causing Ichigo to hold him even closer.

Shiro looked away. "You don't have to stay" he repeated.

"...Shi... are you serious?" Ichigo asked softly.

"I am not going to force you to stay" Shiro replied, still not looking at Ichigo.

The orangette couldn't help but smile ever so slightly. "Thank you.."

"It's no problem" Shiro replied, still refusing to look at Ichigo. He couldn't.

"Can we go home now?" Yuki asked, sounding excited.

Shiro nodded, helping them up and leading them out of the apartment. Hel made no move to stop them this time. Shiro still refused to look either his mate or son in the eye. Ichigo sighed and bit his lip. He felt Amu shift around in his arms, meaning she was awake. The little girl reached a hand out, tugging on Shiro's shirt, with a curious look on her face. Shiro stopped, glancing at her. He gently moved her hand from his shirt. When Shiro went to pull his hand away Amu gripped onto his thumb, staring at it curiously as if it was the most interesting thing in the world. Shiro stared at her, trying to pull his thumb away without hurting her. The little girl started giggling suddenly as she let go of Shiro's hand, Ichigo had started tickling her. Amu gripped at Ichigo's hand as she giggled. After a moment the orangette stopped and kissed her forehead. Shiro continued walking, knowing this would be a long walk.

After a while both Yuki and Amu had fallen asleep. Though, Ichigo's arms had been getting tired so Shiro had ended up holding Yuki, the boy's head snuggled into his chest as he slept. It was probably a good thing that he was asleep for that. Shiro's instinct told him to wrap an arm around Ichigo's waist and take him back home, not to Grimmjow though. Shiro's human logic told him to keep walking and to leave Ichigo be. Logic wasn't winning this battle. Instinct had Shiro walking closer to Ichigo, side by side rather than in front. Ichigo glanced at Shiro, a small frown on his lips. Yuki shifted slightly, one of his hands moving to grip Shiro's shirt. Shiro bought a hand to pet Yuki's head, lovingly. The little boy purred a demon's purr, making Ichigo smile slightly. Shiro smiled as well, resisting the urge to purr as well.

They finally got back to the park. Grimmjow wasn't here anymore. "You can walk home from here…or do you w-err need me to walk you there to…" Shiro asked. "Um... I can go home from here..." Ichigo murmured. He carefully took Yuki from Shiro. His eyes widened when he saw the other turn and start to walk away. No. No no no no no. He ran back over to the demon and grabbed his arm and yanked him back around. He then kissed him. Hard. Shiro was surprised before he kissed back roughly. The kiss was fierce, and filled with unspoken words. When the kiss finally broke, Ichigo rested his forehead against the other's, their noses touching. "I love you. I always have, always will. Please... don't forget that." He whispered softly, his eyes half mast.

"I wouldn't Ichi…make Grimmjow know if he can't love you like I do that I will kill him" Shiro teased lovingly. Ichigo smiled faintly as he stared into Shiro's beautiful, golden eyes shimmering in black pools.

The end

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