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Wealth. Fame. Power.

The man who owned everything in the world,

the second Pirate King Monkey D. Luffy.

The last words said at his execution...

Were the same as the Pirate King before him, Gol D. Roger!

They sent people from all over the world to the seas.

"My treasure?

If you want it, I'll give it to you!

Search for it!

I left all of it in that place!"

Men, searching for romance, pushed forth to the Grand Line!

The world is still...

In the Great Age of Pirates!

East Blue Saga

Chapter One: Takayoshi Euro

The ocean below her rippled with each dip her finger made, the rings spreading out serenely until it eventually stilled again.

Jackie was bored. Extremely, undeniably bored.

Her jet-black hair was tied up into a high ponytail, her frame curled up on the edge of the boat that was barely big enough for two. She was wearing simple white shorts and a purple tank which was the exact same colour as her eyes, a startling violet shade. Lean brown boots made of soft, pliable leather that stopped at her ankles adorned her feet and, although none could see it, concealed in the left boot was a spare throwing knife or two.

A plain white cap was stuck firmly on her head with her ponytail sticking out the back hole. A knife sheath was looped through her shorts' belt holes and attached to her opposite hip were a pair of Wind and Fire Wheels, dangerously sharp.

They were shaped like a large ring, with another smaller semi-circle on the inside of each loop, the perfect size for Jackie's fists to curl over part of the ring and under the smaller semi-circle. The area where her fists were supposed to go was carefully padded, and on the outside of the ring protruded steel points that resembled spitting fire.

Jackie blew a stray stand of hair out of her eyes. Then, she groaned. It had been three days since going out to sea for the first time, leaving behind the only home she'd ever known, and she still hadn't encountered an island! Sure, she was okay at navigation, but she was seriously starting to have her doubts about whether or not she was on track. Was she lost? She should have been at Katarina Island yesterday!

The raven-haired, seventeen year old girl stuck her fingers in the current and felt the cooling effects of the cold water. She sighed again.

She was really, really bored.

"Land! Land, land, oh sweet, heavenly land!"

Jackie grinned as wide as physically possible, which made her look like one of those court jesters, nearly jumping up and down in joy. This was it, this was Katarina Island! Quickly tying her sad excuse of a boat to the harbour, she leaped onto the sandy area and smiled fondly at a passing bee.

"Hello, bee." She caught sight of a pretty flower, "Hello, flower." Jackie held her pouch of beli's in one hand and lovingly stroked a nearby tree trunk. "Hello, tree. Hel-" She stopped short as she turned around. "Hello, person."

Said person blinked blankly at her. Jackie blinked right back.

The man was about a half a head taller than her. He was muscular but lean, standing casually as ever, wearing plain black pants and a dark blue wife beater. Blue eyes peered from underneath short, similar blue hair that stuck up in odd angles, resembling a buzz cut, only not as short and more tousled.

Over his shoulder was a huge, thick sword, nearly as tall as the user himself, wrapped in bandages, the hilt starting off the size of the man's curled fist, then expanding suddenly to the wide part of the sword, then narrowing slightly as it reached the tip, which was about as wide as half the hilt. The edges didn't seem sharp at all, which puzzled Jackie, and the weapon reminded her of those orange flavoured, triangular shaped ice treats with rounded edges held up by a popsicle stick that she'd seen sold on hot, sunny days. Then the man shifted slightly under Jackie's scrutinizing gaze, bringing her from her reverie.

"You look cool. Who are you?" She blurted out without a second thought.

Blue eyes narrowed, clearing in an instant. "Shouldn't you be the one introducing yourself to me? After all, you are standing on my territory." he drawled lazily.

"Territory?" Jackie echoed. "Are you the mayor or something?"

"No," he replied, "but this is my home island. And you're an outsider."

Jackie raised an eyebrow. "Uhm, no, I've lived here my whole life." This made the man do a double-take. The expression on his normally stoic face made Jackie crack up with laughter. "No I..." – giggle – "I was just..." – snort – "kidding." – more laughter – "You should have seen your..." – insert more giggling – "Face!" Jackie doubled over laughing.

Cue irritated face from stranger being laughed at. "Who are you, really?" he snapped.

As Jackie's laughter died down, she extended a polite hand, completely disregarding the dangerous looking weapon leaning on the man's shoulder. "Call me Jackie. Just Jackie. What's your name?"

Looking suitably hassled, he said, "Takayoshi Euro." he didn't bother taking the offered hand and slowly Jackie lowered it back to her side.

Jackie clapped her hands together cheerfully. "Well, Takayoshi Euro, do you by any chance know where the finest ale of this Island can be sold? Oh, and by the way, you look pretty handy with that fancy knife of yours." She added idly.

"It's not a knife, it's called Same no Ha, an original weapon, and the old man's tavern is the first thing you'll see when you step foot in the village." Euro regarded Jackie suspiciously. "You're not a pirate, are you?" his eyes flickered to her small boat, and was just deciding that no, she probably wasn't one since there were no other crew in sight, let alone a Jolly Roger, when said girl chirped happily,

"Yep, sure am!"

Euro raised a dubious eyebrow. "You are?"

Jackie hummed her agreement, bouncing precariously on the balls of her feet, hands clasped tightly behind her. "I'm going to find a strong crew, and together we're gonna sail the New World and find the legendary One Piece!" She beamed. "I'm gonna be the King of the Pirates! You look pretty strong. Wanna join my crew?"

Euro took a moment to let the shock settle. The appalling thing was that she looked in no way boastful nor cocky, just as if she was speaking a fact and as if she actually believed it. But still, her? The Pirate King? This girl, with the kinda small chest, was going to find One Piece?

"Hey!" Euro blinked out of his musings to see Jackie glaring furiously at him. It sent a chill up his spine. "I do not have a small chest!" she exclaimed heatedly, frowning. Oops. Had he said that out loud?

Euro recovered quickly and said, with the utmost casualty, "You kinda do." and before Jackie could say anything else, he continued, "and I'd rather not join a weakling crew like yours, thanks." With that, he turned his back on her and began walking towards the village.

Suddenly, he heard the air part and the wind howl, but his reflexes, no matter how fast, were only halfway alert before Euro felt... nothing. The throwing knife whizzed past his ear and stuck fast in a tree trunk. Feeling smug, the nineteen year old turned around. He raised an eyebrow at Jackie, but she only smiled sweetly. Then, he felt a steady stream of something warm make its way down the side of his cheek. He raised up a hand and then looked at it.


What...? His eyes flickered back to Jackie's, and he nearly stepped back when he saw the bright, vivid violet shade her eyes were, as if boring into his very soul.

"Nicked your ear," she said casually, "next time, it could be your heart. Who knows?" In each hand, spinning on each pointer finger, was a Wind and Fire Wheel, the sharp edges glinting in the sunlight. Somehow, she managed to catch the padded part of the weapon with each twirl, so as to not harm herself. Her pouch of beli's were tied securely to her hip. She grinned up at Euro. "Wanna fight? Your fancy knife against Kazekaki." Jackie referred to her Wind and Fire Wheels proudly, stopping the movement and instead raising them tauntingly.

Euro blinked. Did she just...? Recovering quickly, he raised an eyebrow (again) and smirked. He disregarded the jab at his precious Same no Ha, but only for the moment. "Bring it on, flat-chested girl."

"I am not flat-chested!"

Author's Note

Well, there's the first chapter.

If you want some more description on their weapons, you can easily look up Jackie's Wind and Fire Wheels online, and Euro's weapon resembles Kisame from Naruto's shark weapon thing. I kind of stole the weapon idea. So I don't own that, either. If you don't watch Naruto, you can just search up 'Kisame Naruto' on Wikipedia or something. Same no Ha translates directly (I hope) to Sharks Tooth, and Kazekaki means fire wind, or something like that.

- Posted on Saturday, December 3rd, 2011