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She had made her decision. Hell, the decision had been made long ago. She had been selfish though, keeping the secret under lock and key, tucked away deep in her heart. She didn't want to lose him. Jacob, her savior in her greatest time of need, her best friend. But that was just it. He would never be more than her best friend…

A silent tear slipped from her eye and slid down her cheek as she parked her big red truck in his drive. She was going to tell him. She would no longer be selfish.

"Bella!" the grin on his face brought one to her own. He always managed to do that, make her smile when things were in the midst of hell.

"Hey, Jake."

He gently intertwined his fingers with hers and led her to the shed out back. It was the place they always used to go when she had come nearly every day. "You haven't been here in a while." He remarked cautiously.

"You know, had things to do." She whispered, shrugging her shoulders slightly. "I'm here now."

"Yeah." He chuckled. "Bikes missed you…I missed you."

She paused, turning the giant man that was Jake to face her. "Jake we need to talk."

He cast his gaze to her saddened face, gripping her hand a little tighter. "Okay."

She sighed. How had it come to this? Could the world never be fair?

"You know I love you. God, do I love you Jake, but it's not in the way you want." She hesitated, another tear escaping its prison. "I'm going to marry Edward."

The change in his expression was drastic. His features contorted to one of rage, the hand in hers gripping so tightly she let out a short gasp. He was vibrating, she noted, his whole body surrendering to the spasms of anger and the wolf she knew lived just beneath the surface.

"Jacob?" she whispered.

"Why?" he struggled to keep his voice down but the edge was sharp, cutting through her easier than cutting through butter. "Why is it always him?"

"I..I love him, Jake."

"So he gets you and you get him. What do I get, Bella? What do I get?"

The words hurt. She knew he got nothing, nothing at all, and it was her fault.

"I think I should go."

Once again his anger scared her. "No, Bella. No, you aren't going anywhere."

He pushed her to the floor then, pressing his weight against her so she could not move. She let out a whimper. The load of his weight was heaver than she had imagined. His lips touched her neck and slowly he dragged his tongue to her cheek.

"Stop it, Jake." She demanded, trying to wiggle her arm free.

He ignored her, bringing one of his large hands up to rip at the fabric of her shirt. Shred by shred, pieces of her blue shirt littered the floor.

"Jake, stop it!"

But his mouth was now on her stomach, his lips moving south as his fingers undid the button of her jeans.

A sob consumed her as her pants slid off. Then her underwear. For a moment, Jacob just stared at her naked form, taking in the image that was supposed to be meant for only her husband.

"Please, Jacob, Please." She tried again. Her voice was so pathetic and for a moment she had to wonder if it was her own.

But the anger was too much. She could see the fire burning behind his eyes as he unzipped his pants and slid himself out.

She could only watch in horror as he lowered himself back on top of her, caressed the flesh of her breasts, and pushed himself deep within her. The pain was so great. He was her first and she had not yet "broken". She threw her head back, biting her lip until it bled.

Jake was merciless. He slid himself out and then back in, his thrusts so hard that the concrete of the floor peeled the skin from her back.

This wasn't her Jake. No, this was a monster.

He didn't finish quickly, as she had hoped, instead they lay there, him enjoying each thrust, and also seemingly enjoying her every cry of pain.

But when he was done, he stood, looked down at her in utter disgust, and growled, "That's what I get."

Those were the last words she heard before she fell into the grips of darkness, having only her nightmares to keep her company.