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Bella's POV

It had been nine months since Jacob's death. Bella had moved on from the sorrow, married Edward, and moved from her father's home. She was starting a new life, one with Edward. She looked down at her swollen belly. One with Edward and the child she swore to love for all of eternity.

He would be coming soon, the child. She was in the make-shift hospital bed now, Edward beside her, promising all would go well. Bella barely even noticed the pain, though it worried Edward enormously.

No. What she noticed was Carlisle sitting at the end of the bed, his lips forming the words, "It's time to push now, Bella."

With a scream, she consented. This pain was worse, so much worse than the contractions. But her mind was elsewhere, her thoughts roaming through what had taken place in the last nine months, sweeping across the rape, grazing over the death of Jacob, sliding past the agreement to let the Cullen's stay granted by the wolf's, climbing over the trials of pregnancy, and darting through the love of her family. They had been there, all of them, helping her through a time she had sworn would kill her. A time that nearly did.

There were good time too, she thought, and her mind took her there.

Edward's-hand-caressed-the-flesh-of-her-four-month-pregnant-stomach- his-fingers-lingering-on-her-belly-button.-That's-when-they-had-felt-the-baby-kicking,-his-strong-feet-banging-against-her-abdomen.-Edward-had-smiled-and-turned-his-sights-to-her.-"We're-going-to-have-a-baby."-he-had-said-and-in-that-moment-Bella-had-known-he-had-accepted-the-child-as-his-own.

"Push!" Carlisle shouted to be heard.

Emmett-sat-beside-her, a huge smile on his lips.

"What-are-you-so-happy-about?" Bella-had-asked.



"He's almost out!" she was panting now. "One more push!"


"It's a boy." Carlisle's voice was loving, his arms wrapped around a small bundle of flesh. Wrapping him into a blanket, Carlisle started to hand him to Bella.

Excitement ran through Bella's every nerve, love dancing clearly behind her eyes. She took the small load easily, resting the baby on her chest. Slowly, she looked down at her baby.

He had Jacob's eyes.

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