Ichigo sat up sharply. His left eye really hurt. He tried to blink it but something was holding it closed. His right eye slid open and he looked around. He was obviously in the Soul Society. Then he noticed Rukia, Renji, and a bunch of other Shinigami watching him carefully. Fear and guilt instantly started to eat at Ichigo. "Y-yes?" he asked, his voice cracking slightly.

"How are you feeling?" Rukia asked.

"Fine…but my eye hurts" Ichigo muttered, shyly.

Everyone looked worried now. "…Do you remember what happened to you" Renji asked.

"…I was fighting a large group of Hollows…and I passed out" Ichigo replied, his fear and guilt rocketing up at the thought of someone getting hurt because of him.

Rukia noticed his discomfort. "No one got seriously hurt Ichigo…the Soul Society defeated those Hollow" Rukia stated. Ichigo slowly nodded. "Are you okay?…you seem…different" Rukia asked.

"…I don't know" Ichigo nearly whispered, sniffing slightly. "I think I just need a bit of rest" he added with a new sense of something.

"That's a good idea Ichigo" Rukia responded, nodding.

Ichigo let his right eye close and sleep overtook him quickly.

Ichigo woke to see the normal sideways buildings of his inner world thought his left eye was still unable to open. He felt a gentle nuzzle at his neck. The orangette froze. A small, soft whimper escaped the teen's throat. The nuzzling stopped and the arm around Ichigo's waist, that the orange haired teen hadn't noticed, loosened slightly. "You okay King?" a familiar watery voice asked.

The orangette immediately relaxed. "Shiro" Ichigo whimpered, pulling himself as close to his white copy as possible. The grip on Ichigo's waist tighten again. The Hollow nuzzled Ichigo's neck again, this time giving Ichigo a sense of comfort and security. Shiro is the only person Ichigo would trust on his bad side. He knows Shiro will protect him. "Thank you Shi" the slightly smaller male yawned.

"My pleasure Kingy" Shiro whispered back.

Ichigo purred, relaxing enough to fall asleep again. Shiro just petted his head and laid there with his King.

Back in the Soul Society, Rukia, Renji, Byakuya, and a few other captains and vice-captains were struggling with a rather large group of Hollows. "Give usss the Key" a snake like Hollow hissed.

None of the Shinigami knew what the Key was. "The Key? You mean that beta that can kill anyone? The beta who will lead their alpha to be a god? The beta who will grants eternal life, no way to kill its alpha. The beta whose power is immeasurable. THAT Key?" a watery voice purred.

Everyone there whipped around to look at the pale man against the wall. His white hair was shaggy, covering his closed eyes. He was dressed like a white version of a Shinigami uniform with a golden necklace around his neck. Many of the Hollows stepped back as the eyes shot open, an icy glare aimed at the now terrified Hollows. "Yessssss" the snake like Hollow, obviously the leader hissed.

The white haired male crackled in his insane, blood chilling laugh. "Lowly Hollow like you could never control such a beta…the beta would easily make you its bitch…so here is some advice…SCRAM…I have been having a bloodlust lately, I will fill my lust if you can't run from me in time" the pale man purred.

"You think you will have the Key" another Hollow roared.

"…I don't think…I know" purred the stronger being, pushing off the wall. All the Hollows except for the snake like one rushed away in a panic. "A brave idiotic one huh?"

The pale man continued to walk towards his target till they were only a foot apart, when the snake finally bolted. The white haired male smirked, putting his arms behind his head in a relaxed position. "Who are you" Byakuya demanded, stepping forward.

"Shirosaki…though the 3 people who talk to me call me Shiro" the shaggy haired male chuckled.

"How did you get into the Soul Society?" Soi-fon demanded.

"You let my King in…so you let me in" Shiro crackled.

"And who's your King?" Rukia asked, not missing a beat.

"Orangette who never listens to anyone" Shiro snorted.

Everyone knew Shiro was Ichigo Kurosaki's Hollow just by that. "Who by the way…just woke up and is probably about to have a Shiro-attack" Shiro chuckled.

"Shiro-attack?" Renji asked.

"Means I did something stupid and now he will freak out about it…in this case leaving his head while in non Hollow territory" Shiro laughed, turning and walking towards the 4th Squad where Ichigo was.

"THAT DOESN'T HELP AT ALL OLD MAN" Grimmjow snapped, slamming his fists on the table.

"I have told you over and over…if you want peace then you must gain the Key to ensure success" the old Hollow sighed.

"Yet you haven't explained what this Key is?" Grimmjow growled.

"The Key is a being, a hybrid of Hollow, Shinigami, and Human blood created by the King of the Soul Society, Lord of Hueco Mundo, and Lady of the Living World. A beta that no one could control, not even its creators. The Key was God over the King, Lord, and Lady. The Key's creators were forced to trick their creation in thinking a young alpha Hollow loved him. Then the Key was sealed away after its 'love' weakened it. Then about a year later the Key was murdered by a Shinigami, after the Key's home, a rare Hollowed gem was shattered. Now all these years later, the Key was reborn…find the Key before it's marked who most hope will be lost" the older Hollow explained in a raspy, cracking voice.

"…Damn…a powerful bitch" Nnoitra asked.

"So what are we suppose to do? Collect all the unmarked betas and hope one is the Key?" Grimmjow snorted.

"What also can we do" Harribel sighed.

"…Fuck all of them" Nnoitra sneered.

Harribel glared at Nnoitra before kicking him rather hard. "Don't kill each other" Nel whined.

Grimmjow sighed, who knew peace treaties were so difficult. More so when your group is always fighting. Grimmjow got up from his seat and left the room.

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