It was Valentine's Day. Lupin and Fujiko were eating out at a very fine restaurant. Fujiko had appeared out of nowhere the day before in Lupin's hotel lobby.

"You know, Fujiko," said Lupin as he ate his pasta, "I did have this really spectacular Valentine's Day present for you."

"Oh?" said Fujiko, looking up at him. Her heart fluttered slightly and she hoped he wasn't about to propose marriage. She hated refusing proposals. No matter how many times you did it, it never got any easier.

"Yeah," said Lupin wistfully, gazing into his wine glass. "It was from a jewelry store. But someone got to it before me!"

"What do you mean, someone bought it before you?"

"No, actually, someone stole it before I could! Can you believe it? What are the chances?"

"Well, what was it?" asked Fujiko.

Lupin pulled the wrinkled ad for Fay Jewelers out of his back pocket. "Only Fay Jeweler's World Famous 85 Carat Diamond."

Fujiko looked at the ad, and then threw it on the table and laughed. First she was giggling with her hand over her mouth, and then she threw her head back and laughed so loudly that the other people in the restaurant turned to look at her curiously. She laughed and laughed with no signs of stopping.

Lupin was dumbfounded. "What's so funny?"

"Oh, Lupin, it's-" Fujiko gasped, "It's just-"

Lupin stared at her incredulously. "What?"

"Oh- nevermind, I can't talk-" Still laughing, Fujiko reached for her evening bag, which was rather large, reached into it, and placed the very same "Fay Jeweler's World Famous 85 Carat Diamond" on the table. It sparkled magnificently under the low lighting in the restaurant.

"What the-" Lupin gasped.

"I already stole it!" Cried Fujiko, wiping tears from the corners of her eyes. "Oh my goodness, this is so ironic!" And she continued to laugh, gasping into her napkin.

Lupin couldn't help but laugh, too, as he gazed down at the diamond glittering on the table between them, and soon he was laughing just as hard as Fujiko. It was pretty funny, when you thought about it!

"Just wait until I tell Jigen and Goemon!" Lupin said between bursts of hilarity.

And so that was how they spent Valentine's Day!