Hey everyone Ginkies here, I started this story SO VERY LONG AGO with the awesome idea of giving Danny a love interest to rival Steve's. I had searched for ages trying to find a Danny OC story where it wasn't slash or just a bit blah. So I started I Got You, Babe, I wanted it to be amazing and you all to love it and well just fun to read. Last week, I found myself re-reading this story and thinking, well this is a bit naff. I'm sure I could do better. So here I am. I am rewriting the whole story, most of the plots will be the same, just I might add a few more scene's or break a story into two chapters, so it's not so long to read in one sitting. I hope you'll continue to enjoy it as much as you have been! Thank you all for the constant support and love for this story, you guys really do make writting fun!

Ha'i'ole (Unbreakable)

0300 hours – Liverpool.

I had finally got to bed after a very long night of drinking. I was all wrapped in my covers and had fallen asleep. It was blissful, it was heaven. That was until the knocking on my door, the very loud, very intrusive knocking on my door. I groaned loudly, cursing to myself as I pulled the covers off me and slipped on some jogging bottoms and a large t-shirt. I stalked over to the door and opened it, groaning again as I saw who was stood the other side of the door.

"Sorry to bother you Ma'am but you've got a call in comms." Smitty the communications officer explain, looking slightly nervous.

"You realise it's like 3 in the morning, right Smitty?" I asked leaning on my door. I was still drunk if I was honest, I was looking forward to sleeping it off.

"Yes Ma'am. But the call is from Hawaii, they want to speak to you right now." Smitty added as I tried to think who I knew in Hawaii. My mind in its drunken state drew a big fat blank. I shrugged letting out a soft sigh as I ran a hand over my face.

"How bad do I look?" I asked Smitty standing up straight.

"Tired, but you might want to turn your t-shirt the inside out, the seams are meant to be on the inside." Smitty explained pointing to my top. I glanced and smirked a little, it was inside out.

"Awesome. I'll be up in two, let me grab some shoes, run a brush through my hair, ok?" I asked shutting the door on Smitty before he could answer. I ran a brush through my mid back length hair and turned the t-shirt the right way round. I slipped into my trainers and made my way up to the communications room. There was hardly anyone around in the middle of the night, and I was kinds glad. I walked into the room and saw Smitty typing away at a small screen.

"Are you ready Commander?" Smitty asked glancing over his shoulder to me. I took a deep breath and forced my brain to try and sober up enough to at least fallow the conversation I was about to have.

"Hit me." I smirked at Smitty as he hit a few keys and on the large screen in front of me the picture popped into life.

"Commander Logan, did I wake you?" The image of Lt. Cdr White asked with a chuckle as he looked at me. As soon as I saw him on screen I stood to attention.

"Sir, yeah just a little." I replied, my mind sobering up as the second flew by.

"My apologies, but I heard you have just started a two month break." Lt. Cdr White stated. Joe White was a great guy, he was now an instructor on Hawaii and it seemed to suit him well. He was tall, bold with the attitude of drill Sargent when he was mad but generally was a easy going guy. I had met him a fair few years ago when I was part of an international task force. "You got any plans?" He added watching me with a warm smile on his face.

"Beer and snowboarding. Maybe a few lay ins too." I added with a smirk.

"How about Beer and surfing?" Joe asked and I narrowed my eyes.

"I'm not really into the sea, surf and sunburn. I'm more of a winter baby." I joked softly.

"Nik I want you to come to Hawaii." Joe stated plainly.

"Miss me?" I joked with a goofy smile on my face, yep I was still drunk.

"You been drinking tonight?" Joe asked narrowing his eyes on me.

"First night on leave, yeah we went out." I shrugged softly. "Why do you want me in Hawaii?" I added slightly confused by Joe suddenly requesting me to go to Hawaii.

"I'm calling in a favour on behalf of someone." Joe stated firmly. I instantly recognised that there was more to it then just calling in some favour. Joe probably was owed favours by half the top leaders in the world, calling me in on something pricked my interest.

"Who are you calling for?" I asked relaxing my stance. Joe paused, weighing up whether or not to tell me. "Sir?" I asked pressing the question a little.

"It's Steve McGarrett." Joe finally said studying my reaction. Steve had been the leader of the international task force I had worked with. I had known Steve a little over five years. He was a great man, a great leader. He'd even saved my life. I knew I owed him, but I hadn't expected it to be called in because, well Steve wasn't the kind of guy who needed help. He was usually the rescuer. I blew the air out of my cheeks and glanced to Smitty.

"Smitty, I need the room." I stated suddenly fully sobering up.

"Yes Ma'am." Smitty replied getting up and leaving us alone. I closed my eyes and shook my head.

"Level with me Sir, what's going on?" I asked opening my eyes and folding my arms over my chest.

"I don't have much time here Nik, I need you get to Hawaii as soon as you can. I need to have people around me that I can trust, and at the moment there isn't many here I can count on." Joe levelled with me. I scrubbed my face as my mind tried to plan the quickest way to Hawaii.

"Sure Sir. I will get there ASAP." I said looking up and meeting Joe's eyes.

"Thank you Nik. I need to go." Joe said ending the call. I let out a loud groan as I closed my eyes and sighed.

"What am I getting myself into?" I sighed walking out of the comms,planning my first flight as I walked.


I hated plane rides. I actually hated them. Everything about them in fact. The bumps, the noises, the cramped seats. I especially hated civilian planes to Navy birds. At least on Navy birds you could get up and walk around as much as you wanted to. I had taken a Navy bird to America and then had to jump onto two civilian flights transferring through America to get to Hawaii. In that time I had managed to catch a few hours in the air ports. I had sobered up before getting on the first Bird. But I hadn't really had enough sleep to make me happy to be landing in Hawaii. I was tired, limping because of the cramp seating of the plane and ready to just scream at the next person who asked why I was heading to Hawaii with only one large duffel bag. As I made my way out of the baggage claim I slipped my aviators on, and turned up the music. I just wanted to get out of the airport. As I moved through the crowds of people I noticed Lt Cdr White near the front doors, it looked like he was with another man who was talking to him. The smaller guy was a little taller than me with blonde hair, shirt and dress pants. His arms where flying in all different directions, clearly the smaller guy wasn't happy about standing around an airport. I caught Joe's eye as I moved through the crowd, turning my music down as I reached them.

"When is this Nik guy going to get here? I mean we need to get back and help Steve. Standing in an airport waiting for this mysterious guy to show isn't helping anything!" The smaller man huffed. I picked up a New Jersey accent as he spoke.

"Relax this is Nik's flight." Joe said throwing a thumb towards the crowd. The smaller guy turned and looked right at me before looking past.

"I don't see any Navy SEAL types here, are you sure he got on the right flight?" The smaller guy asked frowning slightly.

"I'd say so son." Joe smirked as I limping up to the pair, slipping off my aviators and pushing them up into my hair, brushing it off my face.

"Sir." I said with a warm smile as the smaller guy turned to me looking confused.

"Commander." Joe replied sharing the warm smile.

"This is Commander Logan? This is Nik Logan? You're Nik Logan?" The small guy asked the pair of us.

"Yes Sir, Commander Nikita Logan." I said plainly. I was too tired to try and fake pleasantries.

"Great! No this is great!" The smaller guy said with a sarcastic laugh.

"Something wrong?" I asked the frustration clear on my voice as I looked at the blonde guy.

"Oh no, nothing at all." The smaller guy huffed turning to Joe.

"This is the cavalry son." Joe explained. "Nik is someone we can trust." He added before looking at me, I was putting most of my weight on my left leg. "How's the leg?" Joe asked instantly making me stand up correctly.

"Fine, just cramped up with the seats." I snapped a little as a pain shot through my right leg as I put my weight onto it.

"Are you sure Nik?" Joe asked with concern in his voice.

"I was cleared for active duty a year ago. My leg is fine Sir." I grunted slightly. My injury to my right leg was a very touchy subject with me.

"Oh this is brilliant!" The guy next to Joe laughed sarcastically. "You've brought a small, limping, angry British woman to help us! If you'd have said Joe I would have brought my ex-wife I'm sure she'd fit the bill just as well." The guy said shaking his head as he looked from both of us. Neither me nor Joe looked impressed.

"You wanna rope it in a little?" I snapped a little making the man turned to me. "I hate flying and I've just flown half way around the world to get here and help out. Now I don't know what the hell is happening. What trouble Steve is in, but I am telling you right here, right now, you rope in the ungrateful attitude or this small angry British woman is going to drop you. Got it Jersey?" I stated plainly, I was so tired that I just snapped at the guy. The blonde guy stood there for a moment processing my threat to him before nodding a little.

"Sure. Why the hell not? And it's Detective Danny Williams, not Jersey." Detective Williams stated plainly as Joe let out a small snigger.

"I can see you two are going to get on so well." Joe teased as I looked up over to him.

"Sir, what's the Sit Rep here?" I asked sighing slightly. I just wanted the info and hit the ground running. Detective Williams hadn't exactly put me in the best of moods including Joe's mentioning of my leg and I was ready to snap at the next person who looked at me sideways.

"Steve has been arrested for murdering the Governor of Hawaii in her own home." Joe sighed as he glanced around the mass of passing people. "Its a fit up." He added as his eyes met mine again.

"Naturally." I sighed, shaking my head a little.

"I think it would be best if Detective Williams took you to see Steve in person. Let him fill you in with everything he knows then we make a plan of attack." Joe stated looking from me to Detective Williams.

"Plan of attack?! What are you planning on doing? You can't just bust him out of jail. This isn't some kind of war zone, this is Hawaii!" Detective Williams stated, his arms flying everywhere. I rolled my eyes letting out a small sigh.

"Yes, because that is exactly what we were planning to do." I said dryly as Williams turned to me sighing.

"You SEAL's are all crazy! I wouldn't put anything past you!" Detective Williams sighed looking at me like I was mental.

"For the record, not a SEAL." I stated hitching my bag onto my shoulder. "Now, how about letting me see Steve?" I asked sighing again.

"Sure, fallow me." Detective Williams said with a sarcastic smile as we walked out of the airport and over to a silver Camero.

"I'll catch up with you later, I want to look into some thing's." Joe said before walking off. I turned and looked at the Camero.

"Least you've got a nice taste in cars." I muttered as Detective Williams popped the trunk.

"You can put the duffel in there if you want." He said holding up the trunk.

"Cheers." I sighed as he slammed the trunk shut. I let out a small groan realising it was going to be a long time before I got some real sleep.


The drive to the prison was awkward. The silence in the car made the journey feel really uncomfortable. I looked out of the window of the passing Hawaii and how beautiful the islands were. I let out a small sigh, taking off my aviators and clipping them to the top of my vest top before running a hand through my hair.

"I'm sorry." I said carefully. Detective Williams glanced at me, his pale blue eyes studying me. "I shouldn't have snapped at you like that in the airport. I just really hate plane rides and I'm tired." I added. He nodded letting out a small sigh of his own.

"I am sorry too for giving you an attitude. I just want to help Steve." He added. I took the apology and nodded a little.

"I'm Nik Logan, please to meet you." I said holding my hand out for him to shake. Detective Williams looked at my hand and shook it.

"Danny Williams, nice to meet you Nik." Danny replied with a small smile. "How do you know Steve?" He asked as his eyes darted back to the road.

"We worked on the same Unit a few years ago." I said looking down to my lap. "We were hunting to a couple of arms dealers called the Hesse brothers." I added softly.

"As in Victor and Anton?" Danny asked glancing at me. I looked up at him surprised.

"Yeah, Steve mentioned the Unit before?" I asked slightly confused.

"Not really, just explained how he ended back in Hawaii, that and we arrested Victor a while back." Danny added with a shrug as I processed it all.

"Victor is in prison here?" I asked confused and slightly surprised.

"Yeah." Danny nodded. "Why?" He asked glancing at me. My hand rubbed my right thigh unconsciously.

"I never thought he would be taken alive." I shrugged softly as I zoned out a little. Thoughts of Anton flooding my mind as we drove.

"He put up a hell of a fight." Danny stated pulling me out of my thoughts. "You known with Steve long?" Danny added glancing at me again.

"Five or six years now. You?" I asked softly.

"Nearly two. Although it feels longer, it feels like a lifetime with all the stuff we've been through this last year." Danny sighed running a hand over his face. He looked tired and almost annoyed.

"Steve has that effect on you." I joked making Danny laugh a little.

"Doesn't he just? And if that's not bad enough the guy is a freaking trouble magnet! Wherever he goes, there is always bullets flying!" Danny joked and I laughed a little.

"Ain't that the gospel?" I asked shaking my head. "The man is a bullet magnet." I laughed.

"He got me shot on my first day! Hell of a welcome. I should have taken it as an omen of what was to come." Danny joked a little. "But then I wouldn't have been here otherwise." He added with a small shrug.

"You think he went to kill the Governor?" I asked as we drove. Danny glanced at me and shook his head firmly.

"No way. Sure he took her guards out, but he isn't that dumb. He wouldn't just kill her. He went there for answers." Danny said firmly.

"Answers?" I asked glancing at Danny.

"Steve thought the Governor was working with Wo Fat, he went to confront her and get the truth." Danny explained as my hands balled up.

"Wo Fat?" I asked looking at Danny. My mind raced at the guys name.

"Yeah," Danny replied glancing at me. "He's this-"

"I know who Wo Fat is. How long have you known he was on the island for?" I asked firmly.

"Two years. Why? How do you know him Nik?" Danny asked glancing at me with a worried look on his face.

"He was behind the Hesse brothers, he-" I stopped myself before I talked about something I didn't want to share with a guy I had just met. "I just know who he is." I said firmly as Danny looked over at me. He took a moment before changing the subject.

"If you're not a SEAL what are you?" Danny asked as we turned down the long road towards the prison.

"British Royal Navy, attached to a UN task force." I explained. "Well I was when I worked with Steve. I've just got off desk work, after this um holiday I will be returning to a new UN task force." I added softly.

"You've been benched?" Danny asked glancing at me. "Is it something to do with your leg?" He added.

"Yeah." I stated effectively ending the conversation without giving Danny any more details.


We got to the prison and Danny led me to the visitors room. It was phones through a glass partition. As we walked down I could see Steve was already sat there waiting, he was the only prisoner in there. Danny walked in front of me and sat down picking up the phone, he gave Steve a sarcastic smile as he sat down.

"Hi." Danny smirked at Steve.

"Two visits in one day? I knew you loved me D." I herd Steve said and I smirked a little. He sounded just like I remembered him.

"Well what can I say babe, it's the orange, really works for me." Danny replied and I let out a soft chuckle at the pair. "Anyway, it's not me who wants to see you." Danny added softly.

"What, this becoming This Is Your Life or something?" Steve asked with humour in his voice as the pair shared a laugh.

"Something like it." Danny said standing up and holding the phone for me. I walked forward and took the phone, sitting down as Danny stood by the side of me. Steve just sat there and looked at me blankly. I took him all in; he looked tired, dark circles under his eyes, he hadn't been able to shave, a beard had formed and his hair was getting a little long. The orange jump suit they had he wearing wasn't helping in his appearance either. All in all he looked terrible.

"Smooth Dog." I smirked as I talked.

"Patch." Steve smirked back, although his smile didn't quiet reach his whole face. "What, what are you doing here?" He asked glancing at Danny who just held his hands up innocently.

"Joe called. And when Joe calls..." I said with a warm smile.

"You answer." Steve said finishing my sentence. I nodded. "You, you look good, really good Nik." Steve sighed not knowing what to really say. The last time I saw Steve I was a bloody mess and about to loose consciousness.

"You look like crap." I stated matter of factly and Steve chuckled, a real warm chuckle.

"Thanks." He chuckled softly.

"Welcome." I said leaning forward, brushing some hair out of my face. "So word is your being framed for murder. Now why'd you go and do something like that?" I asked with a soft smile. Steve lost his smile as he lent forward to reply to me. Something changed in his eyes, the small glint vanished and Lt Cdr McGarrett appeared. The man I had served with for years. The man who was all about the mission.

"Nik, it's Wo Fat. He's here on the islands. I was getting too close, just like The Stan, just like when he threw us the Hesses." Steve said with a flare of anger in his voice, the anger showing clearly in his intense stair.

"Steve, if it is Wo Fat, how are we meant to get you out of this?" I asked plainly. He sighed and shook his head letting out a bitter laugh.

"He wants me to rot here. He knows I wont be able to stop him from inside here." Steve said shaking his head.

"Can't argue with the man's logic. But Steve, its just as dangerous to be in there." I sighed softly, brushing the hair out of my face again.

"Tell me you've been working on this." I glanced at Danny then back to Steve. I looked down at the table between us and then met Steve's dark blue eyes. I couldn't verbally answer him because in all honestly I shouldn't have been working on it. I just prayed the look said it all.

"Joe's getting a plan together to bust you out. Just hang in there." I said and Steve nodded, thankfully he did understand what I meant with the look.

"Just don't take too long." Steve said with a small nod.

"You know me and Joe." I said with a smile. "Give us a truck, some C4 and we'll have you out of here in no time." I joked a little trying to lighten the mood.

"Nik, be careful, Wo Fat will do anything, kill anyone to get what he wants." Steve said seriously. I could see the worry he had for me as he talked. He was scared as soon as Wo Fat found out I was on the island he would come after me.

"I'm a big bad girl Steve, I know what I'm getting myself into. You just be careful on the inside." I said softly, the worry now showing in my voice.

"I'll be careful Patch." Steve whispered before hanging up.


Once we got out Danny got a call to say that Joe was going to meet us back at the 5-0 headquarters were we could brain storm an idea for getting Steve out. I climbed into the passenger side of the Camero and let out a heavy sigh as Danny drove off.

"What did Steve mean by, Wo Fat throwing you the Hesses?" Danny asked as he drove. I glanced at him and smirked a little.

"You were listening?" I asked with a smile on my face.

"I am a Detective." Danny shrugged as he drove.

"Well, back in the UN unit, Unit 9, we were tracking the Hesse brothers around the world. We got a tip of where they were going to be. Only the tip came from Wo Fat, and only Anton was there. Victor was in Hawaii getting ready to kill John." I said sadly looking into my lap.

"You knew Steve's father?" Danny asked glancing at me as he drove.

"No, well only through Steve. He didn't talk much about his family, but I was in the convoy when Victor called Steve up and killed John while he listened." I admitted, looking out of the window. My hand again rubbing the top of my right thigh.

"Steve never talks about the people in that unit." Danny said looking over to me slightly confused.

"He wouldn't." I muttered to myself. "We aren't allowed to really talk about it. It's still deemed top secret." I explained looking back at Danny.

"Well I guess that explains why he never mentioned you before." Danny shrugged as he pulled into the 5-0 headquarters. We got out of Danny's car and found Joe lent against his waiting for us to show. We all trooped up the stairs to the third floor where 5-0 was based, as we reached the front door we noticed the seal was broken on the door. Danny opened the door and Joe walked in, fallowed by me and Danny. As we walked in I noticed a man stood over by a table looking at something, he had his back to us, so all I could tell was that the guy was taller than Danny with dark hair.

"Hey, should have to arrest yourself for breaking that seal lieutenant." Danny said saluting the man as he turned to face us. He was oriental, I wasn't sure if he was Hawaiian or Chinese, with dark brown eyes. He smirked at Danny and took a quick glance at me and Joe.

"That's ok," The guy said and went into his pocket pulling out another seal. "I brought a spare." He said with a quick smile as we reached him and the table.

"You're Chin Ho Kelly, right? John McGarrett spoke highly of you." Joe asked as we reached the man. Joe held his hand out for Chin to shake it. "Joe White."

"How did you know John?" Chin asked as they shook hands.

"We served together, he saved my ass more times than I'd like to remember. I'm here to

return the favour." Joe explained as Chin turned his attention to me.

"Commander Nik Logan, pleased to meet you." I said holding my hand out to Chin.

"You a friend of Johns too?" Chin asked me shaking my hand.

"Steve's, I heard you guys could do with a little help." I replied with a quick nod.

"The more help the better right now." Chin sighed softly with a small nod of his own.

"So!" Danny said clapping his hands and drawing the attention back to him. "What's up buddy, you've been ducking me for about a week now." Danny said folding his arms over his chest as Chin sighed looking away from Danny.

"I've been busy." Chin explained, playing with something in his hands.

"You been busy? What you been doing? Putting more of your friends behind bars?" Danny asked and the bitterness was clear for everyone to see. I glanced at Joe with a look asking if Chin had arrested Steve. In response Joe just nodded his head a little. I looked back at the pair as they argued.

"So you think I had a choice?" Chin asked looking slightly hurt. It looked obvious to me that Steve's arrest had a major impact on those around him.

"Uh huh." Danny responded as Chin walked over to him. The pair were like a couple of kids arguing.

"McGarrett was stood over the Governors body with a gun in his hand Danny. I had a full SWAT team right behind me who saw exactly the same thing, what was I suppose to do?" Chin asked Danny sounding a little more than annoyed but not completely pissed off. I stood back with Joe watching the pair had it out. From the looks of things it was the first time the pair had really talked in a while.

"Good question. Glad you asked. Because what I think you should have done is let 5-0 investigate," Danny said exaggerating his point with his hands. I noticed when Danny got flared up over an issue, his hands always had to animate his words. "Instead of dismantling it, instead of running off and joining HPD." Danny added sounding angry at Chin.

"Running off?" Chin asked bitterly. Clearly Chin didn't see it as running off and was annoyed at Danny for seeing it that way.

"Yeah." Danny said with a quick nod.

"I knew I could help McGarrett more as a cop, than as an unemployed civilian." Chin bit back. I glanced at Joe and he pushed himself off the wall he was leaning on. It was obvious if someone didn't step in the argument was just going to get worse.

"Are you two done?" He asked loudly getting their attention. "Because I'm fairly certain this conversation isn't helping Steve one bit." The pair looked at each other then away like kids being told off for arguing. I sighed a little shaking my head.

"You're Steve's team?" I scoffed making the pair look at me.

"Yeah." Danny said with a firm nod. As Chin just nodded at me.

"Well right now you don't look much like a team, you look like a pair of kids." I said folding my arms over my chest.

"Excuse me?" Danny asked glancing at Chin as the pair looked insulted.

"It doesn't matter who arrested Steve, they had to from the evidence I've seen. What I don't see is how arguing about it is going to help get him out." I stated firmly looking at the pair.

"Nikita's right, this fighting wont solve anything. Let's get Steve out then you two can beat it out of each other, ok?" Joe added firmly. The pair glanced at each other, genuinely looking sorry at each other. The whole room fell silent for a few minutes as Danny and Chin looked down at the floor.

"I saw Wo Fat at the funeral today." Chin explained to all of us and my body tensed up a little. Even the mention of his name put me on edge.

"You saw Wo Fat at the funeral today? Why didn't you arrest him?" Danny asked confused and a little annoyed.

"With what? We got nothing." Chin sighed turning to me and Joe. "Ballistics confirmed the gun McGarrett had in his hand was the murder weapon, and since it had been freshly discharged when Wo Fat put it into his hand, lab confirmed for traces of GSR on McGarrett's clothing. The key is going to be proving he didn't fire it." Chin explained looking at all of us.

"Well was there any CCTV, big mansion like that? Security camera's that might have caught something, even if it was just Wo Fat leaving?" I asked thinking out loud.

"No they were down," Chin said shaking his head. "Steve disabled them all during his break in." I groaned a little rolling my eyes.

"So you got no footage of the real killer coming or going." Joe stated and Chin shook his head.

"No." Chin sighed softly.

"Alright Steve got blasted in the neck with a stun gun, you got marks on his neck. What about that?" Danny asked Chin. As we all looked hopeful, because stun marks had to mean something, right?

"Prosecuting attorney will have that tossed out. McGarrett took out the Governors entire security detail, they can easily make the case any physical trauma occurred then." Chin explained softly.

"Sounds like we got a lot of work ahead of us." Joe sighed

"Well it'd be no fun otherwise." I said sarcastically as I rolled my shoulders.

"Do you guys have a dossier on this Wo Fat character?" Joe asked as I arched an eyebrow. It would have been nice to know just how much 5-0 knew about Wo Fat.

"Jenna Kay does, she used to work for the CIA." Danny explained waving a hand in the air at the same time.

"Well I'll try not to hold that against her, where can I find her?" Joe asked with a small smile.

"Muihala Inn, room 17." Danny explained reeling off the address from the top of his head.

"I know the place," Joe said turning to walk off. "Do me a favour, give her a ring. Tell her I'm on my way." Joe said before walking out. Chin walked over to me and Danny pointing in the direction Joe left with a confused look on his face.

"He, um, he trained Steve." Danny said softly nodding in the direction Joe left.

"Oh, so it's his fault." Chin joked and Danny laughed. I smirked a little shaking my head.

"Just don't let Joe catch you saying that." I smiled at the pair.

"So how'd you know Steve?" Chin asked giving me a warm smile. He seemed pretty friendly considering that he had started by arguing with Danny.

"Worked together for a couple of years." I said with a small nod, I really didn't want to go into too much detail. I felt Danny glance at me before he looked over to Chin.

"I spoke to Kono, she's not taking her suspension very well." Danny said changing the topic as he turned to Chin. From what I could gather, Kono was the fourth and final member of the 5-0. Danny had given me a rough run through of the team on the drive over. He had explained that she had been arrested at the same time as Steve on corruption charges.

"I. A's not backing off. The investigation still on going, they want her badge Danny." Chin said seriously. Danny nodded and then smirked.

"You my friend, are a ray of sunshine today, it's really good to see you." Danny joked as his phone rang. He picked up his phone as I smirked and Chin laughed.

"So you British Navy?" Chin asked as Danny answered his phone.

"Williams." Danny sighed.

"Yeah, I'm just on leave for two months. Thought I might try and bust out my old CO, gives me something to do in my free time." I joked when Danny's conversation caught our attention.

"When? Ok don't move I'm on my way." Danny said glancing at us and heading for the door. Without having to be told we fallowed him. "Victor Hesse has stabbed Steve. They're rushing him to hospital now." Danny explained as we raced down to the cars.


The car ride to the prison I was silent, my hands balled into fists. Victor Hesse had stabbed Steve. The one man in this world I would gladly watch die had stabbed Steve. I had no doubt it had something to do with Wo Fat, but it still couldn't help me mask the rage I felt towards The Hesse brothers. They had cost me so much and I just hide how much I wanted to make Victor pay for everything he had done. I only prayed that the medics got to Steve in time. Once we reached the prison Danny stopped me, holding onto my shoulders as Chin stood by his side.

"Are you going to be ok to talk to Victor? You're looking a little tense." Danny asked as he and Chin waited for my answer. I avoided looking at either of them as I took a moment to answer.

"If your worried I'm going to do something unprofessional, don't. I can handle talking to Victor Hesse again." I said firmly, my hands still in fists.

"Yeah, I'd believe that better if you didn't have the look in your eyes like your going to kill him." Danny stated letting go of my shoulder. I took a deep breath and rolled my shoulder to remove some of the tension in my body.

"I wont do something stupid, better?" I asked as my body softened slightly. Danny glanced at Chin and the pair nodded.

"Ok then, shall we?" Chin asked as he led the way to Victor Hesses cell.

"Commander Nikita Logan... never thought I'd see your pretty face again sweetheart." Victor said standing up as we walked in. His Irish accent, the same smile on his face as his eyes raked over my body. Everything was the same about him, everything I remembered. I took a beat not to snap and loose it at him. I despised the man more than words could ever, ever express. I stood there, folding my arms over my chest, glaring at him. "What's the matter love, cat got that gorgeous tongue of yours?" Victor asked winking at me.

"Hey! Hey! Be nice to the lady!" Danny said clicking his fingers and getting Victors attention.

"This is me being nice, isn't it love?" Victor asked as his eyes raked over me again.

"You don't know the meaning of the word nice Victor, don't kid yourself." I stated staying the far side of the cell away from Victor. I was scared that if I got too close I'd lash out at him.

"Aww Nikki I'm hurt." Victor pouted. "Really, I was being nice when I stabbed McGarrett." Victor laughed as he took another step towards me. On instinct I reached for a gun that just wasn't there as Chin and Danny pushed Victor back onto his cot.

"What? This was your plan all along huh? Frame McGarrett, get him in here, so you could take him out?" Danny asked pacing the small cell a little. I stood watching Victor as he looked at all of us. I'd had a few encounters with him, not all ending well. But I knew him well enough to pick up on his body language. Unfortunately that was how well I knew Victor and Anton Hesse, and how much he knew me.

"I wasn't trying to kill him. I was trying to save his life." Victor explained brushing himself down and Danny looked at us surprised.

"Trying, trying to save his life?!" Danny asked in disbelief. In all honestly it was kinda hard to believe Hesse had stabbed someone to save their life.

"Believe me, if I wanted to gut the man I would have done it. Ask Nik here, she knows how I handle business." Hesse said smirking at me, again my body tensed by and I glared hard at him. "I stabbed him to the abdomen, low and centre, avoiding all the vital organs." Victor explained and it dawned on me what he had done. He really had tried to save Steve's life.

"Why would you do that?" Chin asked plainly as he watched Hesse sigh, rolling his eyes.

"Because I wanted to give him the best chance to escape." Victor said looking me dead in the eyes.

"You're doing the same thing you did in France when we caught you." I said stepping closer to Hesse. Victors grin grew as Danny and Chin looked at me confused.

"It worked so well before." Victor smirked at me.

"So he's going to escape?" I asked working it all out in my head.

"Oh he's going to escape all right." Victor replied that damn creepy smirk on his lips as my eyes widened.

"Escape? What, what does he mean escape? What do you mean escape?" Danny asked the pair of us. His arms flying in every direction as he turned to Chin for help, although Chin didn't seem to have an idea either.

"I told McGarrett, Wo Fat wanted me to kill him." Victor explained softly looking at the guys.

"Wo Fat wanted to kill McGarrett why didn't he just do it when he killed the Governor?" Danny asked throwing his hands around.

"You're the detective, I'm sure you can figure it out." Hesse sighed getting fed up and having to explain it all to us.

"He needed the Governor out of the way, so he pinned the murder on McGarrett." Danny figured it out then folded his arms over his chest.

"Then when McGarrett's killed in prison by the man that put him away, nobody asks any questions, is that it?." Chin added as they worked it all out.

"These two catch on fast huh Nik?" Hesse mocked, looking at me. I just glared at him, standing perfectly still as my body tensed up again.

"Still doesn't explain why you didn't fallow orders." Chin said bringing Hesses attention back to himself.

"Just because I'm a soulless bastard detective, but I'm no fool. Wo Fat is making one last deal and then he's going to disappear. He's not going to be doing that, without tying up loose ends." Victor explained to everyone.

"Those loose ends, they mean you right?" Danny asked and Hesse nodded.

"Unless McGarrett kills him first." Hesse explained with another smirk on his lips.

"That's kinda smart for you Victor I always though Anton was the one with the brains, guess I'm wrong." I said, keeping my eyes locked on Victor as I saw that flash of anger pass through his eyes at the mention of his dead baby brother.

"You know Nik, I've missed having you this close to me." Victor said suddenly jumping up and pinning me to the wall. "Tell me, how is the rest of Unit 9 again? Oh that's right they're dead!" He hissed as he hand wrapped around my throat. Within seconds Chin and Danny had thrown Hesse back to the cot.

"Keep your hands to yourself Hesse!" Danny yelled as Chin checked to see if I was ok. I coughed a little then stood up straight, pushing past Chin and going for Victor.

"You are going to die real bloody Hesse! You hear me?! You're going to be begging for your life!" I yelled as Danny held me back, Hesse laughing as Danny pushed me out of the room. I pulled myself free of Danny and marched down the empty corridor and round the corner.
As soon as I got clear of everyone I let out a heavy sigh of frustration, pushing my hair out of my face as I slammed my fists onto the cool titled wall."Stupid, stupid, stupid moron." I muttered to myself as I turned and slid down the wall. I was so mad at myself for loosing it. It was unprofessional, it was unnecessary and it was stupid. Hesse could have killed me and I was ready to rip him apart. "I'm such a moron! Why did I go in there?!" I asked bashing my head against the cool wall. Moments later Danny and Chin walked over to me, both of them looked troubled as they reached me.

"You mind telling me what that was?" Danny asked and I looked up at him, tears were trying to break through but I was holding them back. All I could think about was Unit 9. I took a deep breath and pulled myself back onto my feet so I was eye level with Danny. I fought the lump in my throat and cleared my throat.

"Victor, hired men to take out Unit 9 in an attempt to rescue his baby brother. Only me and Steve walked away from that attack. I only survived because Steve killed Anton Hesse." I said plainly, wiping away the tear that rolled down my cheek. "We need to find Steve." I said walking away to the car.


I got in the car and waited for Danny to climb in. I saw Chin drive off as Danny got in the car. He just sat there and turned to me. I refused to look at him, I was looking out into the car park.

"Are you ok?" Danny asked softly breaking the silence in the car. I didn't answer him, I just continued to look forward. "Hey, are you ok?" Danny asked putting his hand on my arm. I jumped slightly and turned to face him, I knew there was tears in my eyes but I fought them back.

"Steve's been stabbed, we don't really have time for the touchy feely talk." I said firmly.

"He nearly strangled you, we have time." Danny said frowning at me. I looked away sighing softly.

"I'll be fine. Let's just find Steve before it's too late, ok?" I asked glancing over to Danny before looking forward.

"Ok, but if you need to talk..." Danny let his sentence die away as he started his Camero. He drove me to a block of apartments, he said would be a place we could work the case without having I.A fallowing our every movement. I had just grunted in agreement. The whole meeting with Victor had rumbled me to the core. I just needed sometime to get my emotions back into check. The whole ride over to the apartments my hand played long the top of my right thigh, mindlessly tracing the messy outline of a scar. We climbed out of the car the same time Chin arrived.

"No sign of Steve. HPD's out in full force. They want me to go back and help co-ordinate." Chin explained as we walked towards the block of flats.

"Alright listen. I need to set up shop here and find St-" Danny started to explain when a woman shouted to us.

"Hey!" She was taller than me with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. She was thinner than me too, she had an athletic build.

"What are you doing here?" Chin asked as the woman walked over to us. He wasn't too pleased to see her.

"I herd about McGarrett. What does he think he's doing?!" The woman asked looking pissed. She glanced at me then the guys.

"Nik Logan, Kono Kalakaua. Kono, Nik, an old friend of Steve's." Danny explained as he introduced us. I nodded to her and she nodded back, it clicked that she was the Kono the guys were talking about earlier. "Steve's going after Wo Fat." Danny added grimly.

"Ok so we have to help him." Kono said as if it was obvious and I smirked. Steve had built quite a group around him. Almost as good as Unit 9. Almost.

"That's going to be a little difficult considering with who we're dealing with. Steve will not contact us." Danny explained and Kono looked confused.

"He wont want us implicated for aiding and abetting." Chin explained to her.

"Ok, so, we have to find Wo Fat first." Kono explained as if it was so simple.

"Well, yeah that's gonna be tricky." I said softly. "Wo Fat can hide in plain sight if he wants to." I added speaking from experience.

"True but Will Ling might know where he is." Chin said with a smirk.

"Will Ling? Who's Will Ling?" Danny asked as we all shared the confused expression.

"Will Ling is one of Wo Fat's lap dogs who happened to," Chin said holding up a wallet. "Drop his wallet the cemetery."

"Nice." Kono smirked taking the wallet out of Chin's hands.

"We fallow this guy, he's bound to lead us to his boss." Chin explained with a smile on his face.

"I can run his ID, track his cell, run surveillance." Kono explained as she looked through the wallet.

"How you gonna do that? You don't have access to HPD's database." Chin stated plainly.

"I'll use your password." Kono shrugged as if it was nothing.

"Whoa whoa!" Danny interrupted waving his hands around. "That's not a good idea."

"Why?" Kono asked confused.

"You're not carrying a badge any more Kono, and I cant guarantee back up." Chin explained with a small frown.

"You guys are!" Kono said looking at all three of us. Danny took a moment to look at me and Chin before turning back to Kono.

"You've been hanging out with McGarrett too long." Danny commented and I smirked a little.

"Ok so do we have a plan or what?" Kono asked eager to help out anyway she could.

"Yes we have a plan. You go after Ling let us know if you find anything. Meantime we need to find McGarrett before HPD does. Ok?" Danny asked looking at me and Chin.


We walked into Danny's apartment and it wasn't exactly as I expected. It was rather small with one bedroom with a pink bed in it, small kitchen and a small living room. Danny walked over to a draw and pulled out a map putting out on the kitchen counter top. I walked over as he studied it. Chin was talking to some of the HPD getting an update on how they were doing.

"Here, these might help." Danny said passing me a large file. I opened and started to flick through it. It was the case notes for the Governors murder, most was Chin's notes but a few were from the corner and other crime scene people.

"You're basically McGarrett." Danny said looking up at me from his map.

"Come again?" I asked confused, putting the file down on the side.

"I mean, your practically McGarrett, same training, think the same, right?" Danny asked standing up straight and looking at me. "You know the Seal stuff." He added waving his hands around.

"Umm, I guess, except I'm British Royal Navy..." I pointed out. Danny waved his hand at my minor details.

"Well if you were on the island, hurt and trying to avoid everyone where would you go?" Danny asked tapping the map.

"I've been here twice in my life, this being the second time. I don't really-" I shrugged as I looked at the map.

"Humour me, imagine you're Steve, take a look." Danny said, tapping the map again. I looked at the map and studied it for a few minutes. My mind working in overtime as I tried my best to imagine where Steve would go.

"Well the guys don't have any lead on Steve yet. A few people said they spotted him, in three different locations on the island." Chin sighed as he walked back over to us. He looked tired from fielding calls all day.

"Well least it's keeping HPD busy. I'm just going to call Jenna, let her know about Steve." Danny said walking into another room as I continued to study the map.

"So you and McGarrett worked on missions together?" Chin asked as he stood at the side of me, looking down at the map too. He seemed so calm, a kind a still waters run deep kinda guy. So different from Danny. Steve really had built a dynamic around him.

"Yeah..." I said glancing at Chin before dropping my eyes to the map. "Does Steve know any medics on the island? Any place to get patched up without to many questions asked?" I asked pondering aloud.

"Maybe. He knows the islands pretty good." Chin sighed. "Why?"

"He's hurt, bleeding out. The stab Hesse gave him, if he doesn't get medical attention soon, he'll bleed to death. He needs to get patched up." I said and turned back to the map.

"You know about the type of stabbing Hesse gave McGarrett." Chin said and I nodded with a small smile.

"I was the Unit medic. I've seen all kinds of wounds. Plus I saw the stab wound on Victor back in France. I was treating him as part of a air lift when his men jumped the transport we were on, Steve wasn't there at the time." I said and shook my head. "He was so pissed when he found out." I added as I remembered Steve's reaction.

"Oh." Chin said with a nod. I gave him a confused look. "I just thought you'd be like a Seal or something." Chin explained, I smiled again and shook my head.

"Just because I patch people up, doesn't mean I wont take them down if they are a threat to my team. I'm fully combat trained, just like Steve." I smirked as I explained myself.

"Impressive." Chin smirked as Danny walked back into the room.

"What's impressive?" Danny asked looking at the pair of us.

"Nik is a medic." Chin explained.

"Oh." Danny said looking a little surprised. "Though it does explain Patch."

"Yeah I know, we've already been through it." I smirked and looked back at the map. "He could be anywhere. There is plenty of great spots to hide on this map. Even as hurt as he is, I've known Steve do stupid crazy stuff while injured. As long as he doesn't want to quit, the adrenaline pumping through his system might keep him going another couple of hours..." I said glancing at my watch, a frown crossing my face as I saw the time.

"Great then what?" Danny asked folding his arms over his chest.

"Then he will pass out, and if still left untreated, die." I said plainly and saw the panic in Danny's blue eyes.

"We really need to find McGarrett!" Chin said looking back down at the map.

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