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The Hero

The sound of a motorbike pulled me back to reality as I pulled back and fluttered my eyelids slightly. Jake gave me a cheeky smile as he looked at me, again nothing but love in his eyes. It had been a long time since someone shared such a soft kiss with me. But I didn't feel anything. I knew I didn't feel that way about Jake.


"Jake-" We said at the same time as I glanced around and saw Chin walking towards us.

"You go first." Jake said with a genuinely warm smile on his face.

"Jake I'm sorry... I just-" I said sadly as Jake let go of my hands.

"Hey, now I know huh?" Jake said as his smile faulted. "I'm sorry if I made things awkward." He added sadly.

"Jake it's not awkward, I still... I want to be friends. Not in that classic lets be friends crap. I mean it." I said picking up his hand as Chin reached us. Jake looked at our hands as a small smile crossed his lips.

"Aloha Dr Rivers." Chin said smirking at the pair of us. I looked at Chin and back to Jake.

"Aloha Chin, please call me Jake I do work with Malia after all. How are you?" Jake asked with a warmth that was kind of infectious.

"Good thanks Jake, I need to steal Nik back to work though." Chin said with the same Zen expression as always, but there was something in his eyes. He'd seen the kiss. I sighed standing from the bench the same time as Jake.

"I mean it Jake." I said as he pulled me into a hug. Jake looked from me to Chin and nodded a little.

"I'll call you later." Jake said glancing at Chin. "Looks like your needed."

We left Jake and started to make our way into the building. I was silent as Chin as we made our way up the stairs. I knew he had seen the kiss by the small constant smirk that was on his lips. I ran a hand through my hair pushing it off my face as I shook my head. We reached the doors to the office and Chin opened the door for me.

"So?" Chin asked smirking at me.

"Ugh I knew it!" I cried out shaking my head as we walked in.

"Knew what?" Steve asked as he walked from his office and caught us. I groaned loudly looking to the floor as I felt my cheeks burn. Chin rubbed my back as we continued to walk to to the smart table,

"Just Nik here making a little love connection with the good doctor." Chin joked as I felt my cheeks get redder.

"Oh really?" Steve asked smirking as I looked up at him.

"Don't." I grunted shaking my head as Danny walked out of his office.

"Don't what babe?" Danny asked with that warm infectious smile. As soon as I saw his smile I felt like I had been hit in the guts. I felt like a cheat. I had never felt like that before. I felt horrible.

"Jake and Nik sharing more than coffee." Steve teased as I saw that split second of what I was feeling crossing Danny's face before he smirked at me. His eyes quickly darted from mine as he hit a few keys on the smart table.

"Well it's about time." Danny joked looking at the table as we all grouped around it.

"You know we have to formally meet Dr Rivers, give our approval?" Steve joked as I looked over to him.

"Ohana looks after each other." Chin explained shaking his head a little.

"Hey," I said clapping my hands. "Instead of this how about we do some real work huh?" I asked trying to change the topic. Felt awful, Danny looked so hurt and after everything I wasn't even with Jake. I just didn't want to explain in front of everyone why I wasn't going for the perfectly great Dr Rivers. Steve and Chin shared a smirk and chuckled before nodding.

"Ok, so get this, the bottle we found at the crime scene was spiked with Ketamine." Chin explained.

"What's that?" Steve asked looking at all of us.

"It's a sedative, usually used to tranquillize horses. Some people have been known to take it help them relax." I explained leaning on the table, thankful that we had got back to work.

"What about prints?" Steve asked nodding as he understood my explanation.

"The victims and another set of prints that we ran through the system. Got a hit of a DUI pop." Chin explained hitting a few keys and bringing up a licence plate. "Meet Nick Drayton."

"Wait a minute. Didn't Garcia think his wife was having an affair with a guy called Nick Drayton?" Steve asked looking at Danny.

"Yes." Danny sighed out as Steve started to march out of the office. Danny glanced at me and Chin before fallowing Steve out.


I was sat in my office going over the toxicological report Chin had brought back from the lab. The amount of Ketamine in Garcia's body was more than enough to knock him out cold. Ground up in his drink, the alcohol would have only worked to make the drug kick in faster. Whoever the kill was, they knew exactly what they were doing which to me, meant they were very dangerous.

"Why go to that much effort to kill the guy though?" I pondered out loud when my phone rang again. "Logan?" I answered.

"Ah Commander Logan, good afternoon." Max said making me smile a little.

"Afternoon Max, what can I do for you?" I asked softly.

"I would be appreciative if you could come down to my lab to look at something. I believe I've found something pertinent to your case." Max said moving around.

"Are you still wearing the mac?" I asked jokingly.

"No, that was because of the circumstances." Max replied slightly confused. I smirked to myself shaking my head.

"I'll be down there as soon as I can Max." I smirked before handing up. I got to the lab and found Max examining a body. He was busy looking at some injuries to the guys face. I knocked on the open door getting Max's attention.

"Ah Nik, I'm glad you made it." Max said with a small smile nodding for me to come in. I walked into the room and made my way to the side of the body next opposite to Max.

"You said on the phone you had found something to do with my case?" I asked while looking at the poor guy on the table in front of me. He was late twenties, a little older than me with bad bruising across his chest. It looked like he had been hit by something hard.

"I do. Please come round this side, I want to show you something." Max said curling his finger. I moved round the side of the body and looked at the man. My eyes scanned the body quickly when they landed on a tattoo.

"You're going to want to ring Steve and Joe, Max." I said plainly.

"I have just called them. I wanted you to confirm it for me though." Max said softly as I met his gaze.

We waited about twenty minutes before Steve, Danny and Joe walked in. They all looked confused as I lent against one of the empty tables.

"What you got Max?" Danny asked as Max walked over to the body we had been looking at. "Who's this guy?" Danny asked as Joe and Steve shared a look.

"A pick-up truck went over the bridge on the East shore. I thought it was going to be another routine traffic accident autopsy, but then I noticed this." Max said pointing to the same tattoo that caught my eye. "Commander Logan was nice enough to come down and confirm my suspicions." Joe and Steve shared a worried look before turning to me, I just nodded looking to the floor.

"Whoa whoa whoa, does someone want to fill in the civilian?" Danny asked pointing to himself. I pushed myself away from the table and moved closer to the guys.

"Danny that guy is a member of Seal Team 9." I said softly shaking my head a little.

"Same as Petite Officer Garcia." Joe added firmly.

"As I remember from the autopsy, but I found the coincidence just a little too much." Max explained.

"Whoa whoa whoa this guy died in a car accident." Danny said looking at Max.

"Only it was made to look like an accident." Max countered moving over to his laptop. He played a small video of an air bag deploying in an accident. "When an air bag deploys it releases hydroxide repellents. That's the stuff that makes your eyes and nose water should you be lucky enough to survive the crash." Max explained. Danny turned to the guy on the slab throwing his thumb towards him.

"He wasn't lucky Max." Danny said plainly.

"I had the lab pull the air bag." Max said picking the section of air bag up with tweezers. He blew on the bag and some power came off.

"Hydroxide." Steve stated plainly.

"Yes. Even in traffic fatalities such as this one hydroxide is found in the sinuous and the lungs. But when I autopsied the lungs were clear." Max explained looking at all of us.

"Meaning he was dead before the accident?" Joe asked already knowing the answer.

"Yes." Max answered as Steve turned away. "I also found high levels of Ketamine in the blood and as well as suspicious amounts of head trauma that didn't match the amount of damage done to the vehicle." Max went on to explain.

"Somebody is systemically knocking off the members of Seal Team 9." Steve said standing next to the body.


Steve and Joe left to go ask someone Joe knew. Joe had said that this guy owed him a favour and that he was going to cash in. Well when people owe Joe a favour they always pay him back. I was at the smart table looking at the second victims autopsy Max had sent over. I wanted to look over it and see if I could make any sense of it at all. If they had both been killed I doubted that the Ketamine would be the only part of the killers signature. I lent my elbows on the table, tapping a pencil on the side of it as I read the files.

"I've got to be missing something..." I huffed flicking some hair off my face. I had been looking at the file for the best part of an hour without so much as hint that there was anything else to connect the two.

"Oh hey Nik." Danny said walking out of his office with a cup. He looked kinda down as he noticed me there. He was acting nothing like the Danny I had come to know.

"Hey Danny, you ok?" I asked standing up straight and stretching a little.

"Yeah... yeah I'm just super." He said sarcastically before walking off to the kitchen. I bit on the end of my pencil and decided to fallow my gut. I fallowed him round to the small kitchen area and lent against the wall.

"So what's wrong?" I asked folding my arms over my chest as he looked at me. His eyes took me in with one long stare before he shook his head. He let out a small sigh before looking at the cup in his hands.

"I told you babe, I'm just super. Nothings wrong." He snapped a little at me. I just stood straight and raised an eyebrow. This really wasn't the attitude I was used to from Danny, it really threw me.

"Really?" I asked plainly. Danny turned his back on me and pour himself some coffee.

"Yeah, so just drop it huh?" Danny asked without looking at me as he just pushed past me and went back to his office. I let out a loud breath and shook my head. I racked my brains trying to think of what I could have done to piss Danny off and I came up with nothing. I went back to work on the table, grunting to myself as my brain just replayed the attitude Danny was giving me over and over again. That man could really do a number on me without even knowing.

That night I pulled up to my house and went to unlock the door. As soon as I put the key in the lock my phone rang. I took it out and held it to my ear as unlocked my door.

"Logan." I sighed letting myself into my dark house.

"Hey Nik, I just want to let you know we got a lead." Steve said as I dumped everything on the table and made my way into the kitchen to grab a drink.

"That's great. You know how tight lipped Marines get as soon as they hear one of their own is in danger." I replied half heartily, grabbing a bottle of beer from the fridge and opening it.

"Yeah, well at least now we know where to look. I've got Lori chasing up any leads she can find. I need you in early tomorrow." Steve added as I kicked off my shoes.

"Of course." I sighed still feeling really frustrated with how Danny was with me earlier.

"You ok Nik? Did something happen with Jake?" Steve asked seriously as I slumped into a chair.

"Jake is great. I'm the screwed up one. I decided to stay friends with him. He took it surprisingly well." I admitted smirking a little before my minds eye went straight back to Danny and his attitude. I grunted as I shook my head.

"Ok, so what's wrong?" Steve asked and I paused for a moment. I knew Steve and Danny were best friends, and close. I knew if I asked Steve what was wrong with Danny he'd probably go around it the wrong way pissing Danny off more. I knew this because Steve had done it to me many a time.

"Seal Team 9 and whoever is after them. It's getting to me I guess." I sighed shaking my head lying a little to Steve. I was angry for them, I really did want to find the killer but that wasn't the reason behind my bad mood.

"Well we'll catch them. Get some rest and I'll see you in the morning." Steve sighed out, it sounded like this was getting a little personal for him too.

"Night Steve." I sighed before hanging up. I put the phone and the table and finished my beer in silence.

I looked at the phone on the table and span it around with my finger. I bit my lip stopping the spinning and put my finger on the screen. It lit up with a image of the Hawaiian sun set. I double tapped it and typed in the code unlocking it.

"I...am being stupid." I sighed as my finger hovered over my address book. "But damn it I want answers." I huffed tapping the screen again bringing up all my contacts. I scrolled down the numbers until I landed on Danny's number. I paused again, my finger hovering over his smiling picture. I bit my lip looking at his happy, infectious smile. "Do I really want to know what's wrong? It's not like I'll be able to help. Maybe he was having a bad day? Maybe his ex called him? I mean maybe he was getting as involved in this case as Steve? Maybe he just really needed the coffee? There are a million reasons why Danny could have been snappy, none are linked to me. I'm just obsessing. I just need some sleep." I shook my head blowing the air out of my cheeks. "Why do I obsess over this guy when I'm tired? Every time we nearly kissed- tired. Every time I wonder what it would be like to kiss him- tired. I'm just not in the right state of mind. That's all. Sleep deprived." I reasoned with myself talking to the smiling picture of Danny as if he could listen. "I'm an idiot." I huffed when my phone began to ring making me jump slightly. I answered the phone and put it to my ear.

"What did you say to Chin?!" Kono snapped down the phone to me. She sounded furious at me and I only prayed that Chin hadn't gone charging in.

"Kono?" I asked confused sitting up straight.

"Yeah! Now what did you say to Chin?!" Kono snapped at me the anger in her voice was plain to hear. I stood up and started to pace up and down.

"Kono, he's worried about you. They all are." I said softly trying to calm her down.

"I know you've told him something! He came round to my house!" Kono snapped at me. "I thought we were friends Nik?!" She added sounding hurt.

"Kono we are! Friends look out for each other!" I snapped back shaking my head. The tiredness and bad mood quickly creeping into my conversation even though I didn't want them too.

"You just ran to Chin and told him everything I said huh?! I don't remember that being past of being friends!" She snapped the venom dripping from every word.

"You need help Kono! What did you want me to do?!" I shouted back shaking my head. I could believe I was getting chewed out for trying to be a good friend. I was just trying to keep an eye out for her.

"What did I want you to do?! I wanted you to be my friend and be there for me! Not run off to Chin! I can't believe you did that! I thought you said you weren't going to make me talk about it?! I thought you said I could just hang out with you and not worried about it! You just... I just can't believe you did this Nik!" Kono yelled at me more as I paced up and down more getting worked up myself.

"Well excuse me for trying to be a friend Kono!" I snapped hanging up my phone and growling as I tried to throttle the phone. I had done the right thing, I know I had. Yet, in my stomach I felt terrible for letting her down. Letting that trust down.


In the morning I got dressed and made my way to the office. I pulled my Mustang into her place and grabbed my laptop bag. As I got out of my car Danny pulled up with Steve driving. The pair climbed over to me and I walked over to them.

"Morning." I said glancing at both of them. Danny didn't even look at me as he answered.

"Morning babe." He said softly before pulling his phone out and walking out in front of us. I turned to Steve who just let out a small sigh shaking his head. I gave Steve a questioning look.

"This case is making him think about his marriage." Steve answered as we fallowed some distance behind Danny.

"I thought he didn't like his ex?" I asked confused as it all made sense to me. I knew now that Danny was just upset and unfortunately he was taking a small amount of it out me. I didn't feel so bad knowing it wasn't about me.

"Rachel? It's complicated but I think Danny's just realising what could have been." Steve replied softly as we made our way into the office. Lori was already stood around the table working hard. I dropped my bag in my office and made my way back to the table where Joe had showed up and we grouped around.

"Last June, the Sloan Cartel headed by Raffa Alvaro was raided by a joint DEA task force" Lori explained as brought up the photos from the raid.

"I um, I studied the areal surveillance photo's it has Seal Team 9 stamp all over it." Steve explained looking from the photo's to the rest of us.

"Textbook Seal Team 9 direct action all over it." Joe confirmed.

"Well Raffa's brother Juan, was not captured in the raid and swore to avenge his brothers death." Chin explained bringing up Juans photo.

"Whoa I thought the raid took out the whole cartel?" Danny asked looking confused.

"Juan was able to pull the organisation back. Of course it helps that the cartel took in over 7 hundred million last year." Lori explained looking at all of us.

"That money buys a lot of breaching of covert seal team lists." Danny said looking over to Steve.

"And revenge." Steve added as we all nodded a little.

"Source of mine at the NSA says the cartel hired a hacker to break into the supposedly secure naval database." Lori explained some more.

"So the cartel steals a list of seals and sends a hit man to knock them off?" Joe asked confused and annoyed.

"But does it in a way that wont alert the others." Lori added looking at all of us.

"The cartel sends in a pro." Steve surmised looking at the photo of Juan.

"I've cross matched a list of known cartel associates with an image of our mystery man from the dope growers surveillance tapes." Lori explained bringing up the image and clearing it up. "I enhanced the image, did a point-to-point comparison and got a match." Lori added as on the right where Juans image was got replaced with a new image. Someone I had seen before. Someone I knew was a nasty piece of work any day of the week and especially on Sundays.

"Hector Ruiz." I said the same time as Lori. Everyone looked up at me confused.

"You know this guy?" Joe asked folding his arms over his chest.

"I've not personally run into him, but I've seen his work. The team I was on during my desk job crossed paths with him a few times. He is very dangerous." I explained nodding to Lori to continue.

"Suspect in over 40 drug related murders along with the assassination of a Mexico city police captain." Lori added looking at me. "One of his nick names is el camaleón- the chameleon."

"We're looking for a lizard." Danny said dryly making it into a small joke.

"This guy is incredibly smart, he didn't get where he is by just pointing and shooting. He plans, double plans then executes without being noticed." I said seriously remembering the files I had seen on him in the past.

"Alright did you run him through the Homeland Security Database?" Danny asked looking to Lori, he wouldn't even look at me when I was talking. I wondered how much of his attitude was really down to his ex wife.

"Yeah but he's got over fifty known aliases. Flawless fake passports." Lori explained as her phone rang.

"Well to plan this kind of job he's going to need a base of operation." Chin said looking at all of us as Lori picked up her phone.

"Here we go." Lori said reading her message. "Ok Ruiz rented a beach house Ulaki, looks like the home owner ran a credit check on one of Ruiz fake alias."


We grabbed our guns, vest and jumped in the Jeeps to the house. Steve, Danny and Joe took one car, while me Chin and Lori took the second. As soon as we got there I felt that kick of adrenaline pump through my veins. We lined up at the door, Steve and Danny, me and Chin and Lori and Joe at the back. Steve kicked the door down as Danny went in first. As soon as we got through the door we broke into pairs and started to clear the house. It was quiet but that didn't mean that Ruiz wasn't home. Me and Chin cleared a path and made our way to the bedroom as we walked in we were greeted by walls covered in photo's notes, map and pretty much everything to do with Seal Team 9. I lowered my gun as I looked at the walls. My eyes landed on some pictures that weren't Seal Team 9.

"Steve, you might wanna come in here." I said walking up to my picture on the wall. It was me in uniform, next to it a few photo's of me hanging out and beside that notes on my routine. My eyes scanned the information before noticing Joe's photo. Again the same information was plastered on the wall. Steve walked in with the same expression I had.

"Our boys been busy." Chin said looking at the walls too. Danny and Lori picked files up off the bed and started going through them.

"These are all members of Seal Team 9." Steve stated examining the photos.

"Yeah, not all Seal Team 9." I sighed turning to him with pictures of me and Joe in uniform.

"That you?" Chin asked looking from the photo to me.

"In uniform." I confirmed sharing a worried look with Steve. "He was looking into all special ops on the islands." I sighed looking down at my photo.

"Operation Strawberry Field ring a bell?" Danny asked as Steve snapped his head over to him. I lowered the photo's and looked at Danny. I had heard of the operation but the people involved were never revealed.

"What'd you day?" Steve whispered out looking like he had seen a ghost.

"Operation Strawberry Field. It's got a photo of you in your-" Danny said reading from the folder in his hands when Steve snatched it out of them.

"It's classified." Steve snapped looking over the file himself.

"My apologies but el camaleón just unclassified it." Danny explained waving his hands around as he rocked on the soles of his feet.

"Joe..." Steve said looking up from the file.

"That was Commander Gunderson, only one member of Seal Team 9 is unaccounted for," Joe said searching the walls. "Lieutenant Bradley Jacks. He's not answering his cell phone." Joe added tapping the picture of the guy. Lori picked up Jacks itinerary and read from it.

"No wait wait, according to this he's scheduled to skydive from Dillingham Airstrip right now." Lori said looking up at all of us. Steve took off out the house with Joe right behind him.

"Lori secure the crime scene, call in back up." Danny said chasing after Steve. "Chin, Nik, you need to come with us." Danny yelled as we did as we were told.

We got to the airstrip but the plane had already taken off. According to the charts Jacks should have been ready to do the jump. I just prayed we weren't too late. Falling to death would be a horrible way to die.

"We got a plan?" Danny asked looking at all of us.

"Yeah, we got a plan Danny, you and Chin get ready to arrest Ruiz." Steve said looking behind Danny to a plane sat ready to take off.

"Are you nuts?" I asked kind of realising Steve's plan. Steve held up his fingers making the little sign.

"What? What are you going to do?" Danny asked looking behind him as Steve jogged over to the plane.

"He's going to jump." Chin answered as the plane took off.

"Is he insane?! Does he even know how to skydive?" Danny asked looking to Joe for answers.

"I should hope so son, I taught him." Joe smirked before turning to me. "Nik we're gonna have to be ready when they land."

"I know, I don't have a med kit but I should be able to keep Jacks alive until the paramedics reach us." I said looking around for a car.

"Come on, let's move." Joe said jogging over to a silver car. I paused and looked at Chin and Danny.

"Look I mean it when I said Ruiz was smart. Don't take any chances with him, ok?" I asked looking from Danny to Chin.

"Go, we've got this." Chin said with his usual Zen calm as I raced over to Joe. Joe started to drive in the direction the wind was blowing as I glanced in the side mirror at Danny and Chin.

"They'll be ok, they're smart." Joe said as I met his gaze.

"I know that, I just don't want Ruiz getting the upper hand." I sighed as we noticed a shoot being pulled in the sky.

"Looks like Steve's got him." Joe smiled to me.

"Let's hope he's still alive." I said softer as we watched the shoot get lower and lower. Joe fallowed it's path as it came down to the ground with a small bump Joe pulled the car to a stop and we climbed out. I ran over to the both of them and saw Jacks slumped over Steve.

"I got him." I said unclasping Jacks from Steve and laying him on the ground as Joe came up behind me. I felt for a pulse on Jacks and held my breath. Joe looked from Steve to me as the pair looked worried.

"Is he?" Steve asked panting.

"I got a pulse. He's going to me ok." I smirked before turning my attention back to Jacks. "Bradley? Bradley can you hear me? I'm Dr Logan. I need you to hold on." I said tapping his cheek and lifting his eyelids to see how responsive he was being. Joe looked at me and Steve before smiling.

"Nice work." Joe said as I continued to work on Jacks.


The next day I went to the hospital to check on Lieutenant Jacks. I went up to his floor and knocked on the door before walking in. Jacks was laid on the bed resting, he gave me a small smile as I walked in.

"Hello." He said shifting so that he could sit up straight.

"Hi Lieutenant Jacks, I'm Commander Logan." I said standing at the end of his bed.

"Yeah, yeah I remember your voice." Jacks said with a warm smile. "You're a doctor right?" He asked confused.

"Yeah, but I work with the 5-0 now." I said with a warm smile. "I just wanted to make sure you were feeling ok?" I added softly.

"They say I'll be out tomorrow, they just want to make sure there's no drugs left in my system." Jacks replied nodding. "And please call me Bradley." He added with a smile I had only ever seen on Seals. It was a flirty, sure of themselves smile.

"Ok, Bradley, call me Nik." I said nodding a little folding my arms over my chest.

"Ok Nik. I just want to thank you and your team for saving my life." Bradley said with a warm smile.

"It's what we do." I replied with a warm smile as I pushed some hair behind my ear.

"Well how about I buy you a drink when I get out of here as way of thanks anyway?" Bradley asked smirking a little at me.

"I think you'd need to buy my whole team a drink." I deflected knowing exactly the type of man Bradley Jacks was, he was my usual type of guy.

"Only if they are as pretty as you ma'am." Bradley said flirting with me.

"I'll let Commander McGarrett decided if he's pretty enough." I joked back when someone else knocked on the door and Joe walked in.

"Sir." Bradley said trying to sit to attention.

"At ease son, I just wanted to drop by and check up on you." Joe said before glancing at me. "But it seems you already have a visitor." Joe smirked a little at me.

"I'm actually going to go. Feel better soon Bradley." I said with a warm smile.

"Wait, you didn't answer my question." Bradley said watching me carefully.

"I know." I replied with a small smile before walking out.


Later that day I got a call from Joe asking me to meet him at the Naval base in Pearl Harbour. I thought he was going to tell me off for visiting Jacks. When I got there Steve, Danny, Lori and Chin were there too. Joe led us into the building and we all fallowed him, I stood at the back with Lori and Chin.

"So what? You're not going to tell me about Operation Strawberry Fields?" Danny asked looking at Steve.

"No." Steve said plainly just looking straight ahead as he walked.

"No? No, because you'd have to kill me if you told me." Danny joked as Steve didn't even flinch as we walked.

"Keep that up." Steve said stopping as we reached another locked door. We waited while they unlocked the door for us to walk in. The two guys opened the door for us as we filed down another corridor. Joe first fallowed by Lori and me and then the guys. Both me and Lori dropped back as Steve and Danny took the lead.

"I'm just curious, was there an Operation Abby Road? Year Of The Walrus?" Danny asked and Steve still didn't answer. Joe turned to us before opening the door. He looked so annoyed at Danny. "Time to shut up?" Danny asked clasping his hands together.

"Rodger that." Joe said sarcastically looking at Danny.

"Ok." Danny said softly.

"You ready for the magical mystery tour?" Joe asked opening the final door. Joe held the door for us as the guys let me and Lori walk in first. We walked into a Naval situation room, something very similar to the room I was called into back when Joe was calling me to Hawaii. I smirked at the familiar surroundings as I stood to up straight. Commander Gunderson walked up to us. Lori was closet to him, then Danny, then Chin and me. Steve walked right over to him.

"I'd like to offer my thanks for your actions in rescuing Lieutenant Jacks." Gunderson said looking relieved that he had his team back in one piece.

"Just doing our job sir." Steve replied with a small nod.

"Hell of a job Commander." Gunderson said shaking hands with Steve. "Outstanding work." He added.

"Thank you sir." Steve replied with a warm smile on his face.

"Now you get to see the long arm of the US justice." Joe replied from the far side of us all. We all turned our attentions to the screens.

"Welcome to Operation Payback." Gunderson said nodding to the screens which showed head cam's from different Seals all in night vision. "Using Intel seized during your investigation we were able to locate the Alvaro cartel compound. Navy Seals made visual contact at 19 hundred hours. Breached perimeter forces with little resistance. And now are in place to put the Alvaro cartel out of business. Permanently." We watched the screens as the mission reached it's peak. It brought back so many memories of Unit 9, my task force and all the missions we completed. I glanced to Steve and could tell by the look in his eyes he was remembering the same thing.

"Alpha team is in." The voice of someone said through the screens.

"Looks like it's go." Joe confirmed as we watched the teams move in form different directions and take out the targets as they moved. "Watch this." Joe said proudly as we watched the screens. I felt my finger twitch a little as each shot was fired, almost as if I was there. Danny moved closer to Steve, glancing at the pair of us.

"You did this stuff?" He asked softly and sobering. I glanced to Steve sharing a look before looking back at the screens.

"I can neither confirm nor deny." Steve said still watching the screens.

"Glad your both on our team." Chin said stepping up between me and Steve.

"Me too." Lori whispered out as the seals teams took out the last of the cartel members.

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