My Life is Messed Up


Summary: In a total of ONE day I defeat a giant, find out I'm a demi-god, get a call from the Madrigals, and get sent off to a Greek camp but that's not all; it gets worse when you add love into the equation. Seriously... my life is messed up. Rated T to be safe.






Chapter One:


Percy was bored, extremely bored as usual since he was in school. It was the last day of Grade 10 and all he wanted to do was get out of school so he could get ready to go to Camp, but his biology teacher, Mr. Smith, had other plans. They had to team up with another class and look at amoebas through a microscope. Amoebas of all things! Percy thought. They were the most boring of all things, all they ever did was float around and well be… boring. He sighed again, today just seemed never to end. Annabeth had alerted him that there was a giant on the loose near Seagreen high, about 14 feet tall and he just wanted to be out and about, doing something, anything, to look for it. It had been a long time since he had used Riptide and he was growing restless.

"Since giants usually like weapons that contain fire, it'll probably alert everyone by setting the fire alarm off," Percy remembered Annabeth saying to him.

Well, thought Percy, might as well get on with it as the other class filed in.


They were filing in to join up with another class to study amoebas through a microscope. Sure amoebas were boring, Amy thought, but at least she would breeze through it since she found this assignment a piece of cake. It did help that she had done this a few times before.

"What are you thinking about," her best-friend Lia asked her. "A boy?" She said teasingly (and hopefully).

"As if," Amy laughed. She and Lia had become best-friends on the first day they met at school. Lia and Amy were both new students and they had become partners for English class and then they were partners for everything.

Lia had beautiful blonde curls and soulful yet mischievous blue eyes. She always understood and was really funny most of the time with her pranks. Amy had gorgeous reddish-gold hair that was wavy and curly at the bottom and had piercing jade green eyes.

"I hope we're partners," Amy said. Lia smiled and nodded, hoping Amy was her partner too because Amy was her Best friend and… she needed help with assignment. She didn't get it, it was so confusing!


As soon as the class filed in, Mr. Smith handed everyone a slip that said the name of their partner on it. As soon as Percy got his slip, he turned it over and read the name on the back. AMY CAHILL.

He didn't know who she was. He got up and asked a girl with wavy reddish-gold hair and jade green eyes if she knew who Amy Cahill was.

She smiled and said "I'm Amy Cahill."

"Oh," was all he could think to say. Amy just smiled at her friend, a girl with curly blond hair, and sat beside Percy on the table. They got their microscope and slid the slide in, beginning to start their assignment.


I sat beside the guy named Percy on the table to start our assignment. He had messy black hair and deep sea green eyes. I slid the microscope towards me saying I would go first. I barely had to look; I already knew what we were supposed to do. I said the name of the amoeba and passed it to Percy. He seemed surprised but took the microscope. He had to look harder but he got it pretty fast too. We were the first group to finish so we had to wait for everyone else to finish before we could leave.

I saw Lia sending me desperate help signals to which I laughed at behind my hand. Her response was sticking her tongue out at me. She was so much like Dan sometimes, it scared me.


That Amy girl was sure fast at looking through the microscope. If she was a demi-god, her mother would definitely be Athena. I don't know why I do that; meet someone knew and see what god would most likely be parent. It was sort of fun though.

Since we were the first group to finish, we had to wait for the other groups to finish.

"So…," I said, I couldn't really think of anything better, that's how sad I am, "Interested in anything?" OK, it was decided; I sucked at small talk.

Amy looked surprised that I'd talked to her but she answered "Well…. I like history and I like to read." Definitely Athena, "You?" She asked.

"Um…nothing really," I said, thinking, well besides fighting monsters and going on quests.. She grinned and was about to say something when the fire bell rang.

The first thought that registered in my head was Giant! The giant was here, now was my chance! I jumped up and pulling Riptide out of my pocket, I ran towards the other exit at the side of the room that went into another hallway.

That is I tried to, but Amy caught my arm and shouted "Are you crazy? The exit's the other way!" I tried to let go but she had a steely grip. I had no choice, I couldn't lose this opportunity to kill that giant; I had to pull her with me. I pulled her through the door and ran towards a deserted classroom. I had to stop and think; I couldn't just endanger her life like that. She was just a regular mortal; she would die if the giant got to her.

All the time she was screaming at me that I was crazy and I would kill both of us. I couldn't blame her. What would you do if someone you barely knew started pulling you the wrong way during a fire alarm? I guess my first impression was not a good one.

We stopped and panted. We had run all the way to the other side of the school. "What's wrong with you? Amy screamed at me. I gulped. I couldn't just tell her but did I really have a choice? I couldn't let her go, we were too close to the monster, whom Riptide was already starting to feel, and he would probably go after Amy since she had no defenses on her. I had to take her with me but I couldn't just drag her in there and not tell her anything.

I made my decision. I gulped again. This was going to be hard. "Amy," I said nervously, "We don't have enough time right now for me to explain but right now we have to go find a monster in this school, a 14 feet tall giant to be exact. I know it sounds crazy but I promise I'll explain after everything."

Amy opened her mouth as if to say I'm crazy, but there must have been something in my eyes because she closed her eyes and nodded. Her eyes still looked skeptical though. I sighed in relief and we started to go through the hall again. We checked in every room but we still couldn't find the monster. The fire bell was still ringing but there were no fire-men yet. Yet.

Amy was starting to look impatient and I got desperate because I didn't want her to think I was crazy; I just knew the giant was here. Finally we entered the computer room and right there was a15 foot tall giant rummaging around the shelves. It was probably hungry, even better. This was not going to be nice; Giants had a reputation for being brutal and unpredictable.

Amy screamed when she saw the giant and gave us right away. I didn't blame her but I still wished she could have kept quiet. The giant turned around, it's huge, scarred burly face scowling at us. Great, I thought. I get to fight a 15 foot tall giant with a sword with no backup. The giant ran towards me with a gigantic wooden club and swung. I ducked and rolled towards his left. Amy was looking left to right, wondering what to do. I was about to shout to her to get away, but the giant ran at me again. I slashed at him with my sword and was about to duck but I slipped on some water spilled on the floor (the irony of that kills me, though in my defense I was worrying about Amy and I was out of practice) and fell.

My sword fell to the ground and slid towards Amy. The giant saw his chance and was about to swing when I saw a sword stick through his belly. He let out an anguished cry and disincarnated. Right behind where he once was, was Amy. She was panting, her wavy-curly hair hanging over the side of her face and my sword, Riptide, in her hand. Amy Cahill, a girl who had never fought a monster in her life, had killed a 15 foot tall giant.

"What did I just do? Amy said. Her legs were shaking and she slid towards the ground, visibly paling.

I got up and trying to hide my surprise said "That was awesome." She feebly grinned and I gave a grin right back. "Thanks," she said "But, what was that? How did I kill it? What's going on? I groaned inwardly. I was dreading this moment, but looking at Amy's confused, desperate face, and how could I not tell her? "First of all, we need to get out of here and find my buddy Grover."

She shook her head and said "I can't, my brother, Dan, will be worried about me. I have to meet him after school."

I sighed, "Can't you just say you're with a friend?"

She shook her head. I groaned what now? Should I tell both her and her brother?

I still hadn't figured out an answer when my best friend Grover came running in with his usual limp.

"Dude did you kill the-" He shut up when he saw Amy. "I mean... where's the fire?" His acting was so bad that I groaned at him while Amy giggled. He blushed slightly.

"She knows about the giant Grover," his eyes widened," She killed the giant." His eyes widened even further.

"What? How? She's not a-" He cut off sniffing the air and looking closely at Amy. She took a step back, he took a step forward.

"She's a Demi-god." Grover announced suddenly. My eyes widened, she was a Demi-god? That might explain why she killed the giant so fast as if it were natural.

Amy eyebrows furrowed together, "What's a Demi-god?"

Oh boy.





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