Title: Anywhere but Here
Fandom: Durarara!
Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya
Rating: M
Prompt from the kink meme: So Shizuo and Izaya goes to the beach to relax (or if they are younger, in a school trip) and they see each other, the usual chase 'i kill you flea' happens and Shizuo chases Izaya to a cave.

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters!


The excitement floating through the air was almost tangible.

It had been steadily growing ever since the class representatives had announced that the trip the entire class had voted on would be to the beach. For most students, this news was good news, causing an eruption of cheers and instant planning on how to get physically in shape before they left so as to be able to show off their 'beach bod's'. For a certain blonde haired male however all they received was a groan.

A beach. Really?

What the hell was there to do at a beach?

Maybe if they were younger it would be understandable. A beach could be as fun as a playground since, for the most part, it would be as though you were exploring a whole new world. But now that they were older imagination didn't hold as much sway over their so-called 'superior' minds. How the hell did floating around in dirty water and getting sand in places you hadn't even known to exist before sound appealing?

Well, judging from the classes reactions Shizuo Heiwajima knew it would be pointless to ask for a re-vote. All well. Maybe it wouldn't be too bad. Maybe...

Izaya on the other hand, was ecstatic.

A chance to be able to go to the beach without having to take care of some pesky younger sisters instead of doing what he wanted? Sheer bliss. Sure, he would have to lather on Sunblock every thirty minutes in the vain hope that he wouldn't get burned to a crisp by that incessant sun but it would be worth it! Besides, a coy glance to the left to see his so called 'mortal enemy's' disgruntled face only made it all so much better. To get to go to the beach and have fun while the monster was miserable at the sheer thought? Yes please!

Life couldn't get any better than this.


An excited voice echoed in the already loud classroom as a bespectacled male dumped himself upon the blonde's desk. It seemed the class representatives had already planned for the news causing havoc to ensue for a while. "You have to help me convince Celty she needs to go to the beach too!" The look in his eyes hinted at the want-to-be doctor desiring to do more than have a fun beach day with his dullahan lady friend. "Can you imagine what she would look like in a swimsuit?" Yep.

Shizuo let out what sounded like a 'tch' as he leaned away from the wiggling and quickly succumbing to his daydreams male. "Don't you have better things to do than be a pervert?" Shinra mocked an image of Shizuo stabbing him in the heart before that wide grin made its way back onto his face. "Come on! It'll be fun! Don't you want all of your friends there?" For some reason picturing Celty in her biker helmet on the beach made even a small smile of amusement twitch its way onto Shizuo's lips. Well, at least if she was there he'd have somebody to be miserable with.

"Guess it couldn't hurt to ask"

However, convincing Celty to go to the beach with them was harder than the pair had originally thought. In fact, the female Dullahan had laughed when they first brought it up. Yes, laughed. Her shoulders had been shaking and the smoke coming from her neck just came out all weird while she specifically typed 'Ahahahahahahaha' into that phone of hers.

It was only once Shinra was sitting dejectedly in the corner of the apartment and Shizuo had explained he needed someone other than the brunette there to keep him sane did the rider reluctantly agree. Of course no promises were made on her wearing a bikini, much to Shinra's disappointment. But at this point the male was taking what he could get.

So now here they were.

After a long and torturous bus ride that almost ended too early when Izaya thought it would be a good idea to get under the blonde's skin, consequently causing said blond to try and rip a seat right out of the bus' floor, they finally arrived to the slightly crowded beach.

Shinra stood knee deep in the murky waters, waving back happily to Celty before a foaming wave came up and pulled him under. The rider who had previously been sitting under an umbrella beside the tanned blonde instantly grew worried and ran out to save him, her suit transforming into a bikini just as she hit the water. Only for a few moments to pass and soon she could be seen pounding the teen who had evidently allowed the water to take him in the hopes Celty would do just as she did.

Now alone, Shizuo sighed. He was sitting on a towel, soaking up the suns ray's unlike the Dullahan and trying to come up with some kind of mental activity to keep him preoccupied. Other students and even regular beach attendee's had been keeping a good distance away, the sight of the two having been enough to scare them. Normally this would've bothered Shizuo. But he rather liked everyone leaving him alone for once and, with nothing better to do, he leaned further back so that he was laying upon the towel and his eyes were closing to block out what sun was able to filter through his tinted sunglasses.

Needless to say…The perfect position and the perfect moment for Izaya to strike.

The raven had been being his obnoxious self ever since his feet had touched the heated sand. Running every which way and even half dragging an unwilling Kadota into the water with him he had, for the most part, seemed content to let Shizuo and Celty enjoy their quiet moments together. After all, he had far better things to do than to go out of his way to annoy the blonde. (Or so he told himself)

However, once Kadota finally got the will to say enough was enough and to drag his wet and beaten body out of the cold water to find his towel, Izaya quickly became bored. And Izaya really wasn't one to handle being bored well.

Grabbing some child's abandoned beach bucket, Izaya ducked it under the water, filling it to the rim with the cold and dirty liquid. A mischievous grin on his face was all the warning his fellow students needed before they started backing away, clearing a path between him and his target as he followed Kadota back onto the sand.

Did he have a reason for doing this?


Did he need one when it came to pissing Shizuo off?

Of course not~

With Celty and Shinra oblivious as to what was to occur and still standing thigh deep in the ocean's water Izaya stealthily made his way towards his prey. Toned and tanned chest rising with each relaxing breath, the brute was blissfully unaware of what the raven had in store for him.

Angling his body so the sun wouldn't allow his shadow to fall across Shizuo on the off chance it would cause the blonde's mocha eyes to flash open, Izaya waited until he was directly beside that muscled body with a devilish smirk upon his lips. The just as his lithe arms extended out so that the bucket was directly over Shizuo's head Izaya couldn't stop the giggle that slipped through his lips.


The water was dumped, followed immediately after by the bucket that tried to lodge itself onto the blonde's head as he jerked his body forward in shock. Curse words falling from those lips, the male swiped out with his hand hoping to catch Izaya by the ankle who immediately jumped to dodge the attack. "At the beach but not even getting wet? Where's the fun in that?" Izaya snickered again at the guttural roar that Shizuo let out before the male scrambled to his feet. "Fucking Flea!" Rage flashed in his eyes as his head whipped around observing his wet chest and hair to his soaked towel and finally to that god damn smirk on the raven's face.

Just as that chest swelled with another derogatory yell Izaya bolted.


Shizuo took off after Izaya, his feet causing sand to go flying out behind him as he bull dozed through beach chairs, sand castles, and umbrella's that the other had been acrobatically avoiding while his body twisted every which way so he wouldn't lose momentum. Behind them the shouts of enraged fathers and the cries of children echoed in the devastation while a certain bespectacled male head-palmed over the turn of events.

"I knew you had a face that could make babies cry Shizu-chan." Glee was evident on Izaya's face as he splashed into the water, ducking under as if hoping Shizuo could lose sight of him through the dark liquid. However Shizuo quickly followed, the water flying out around him as he used both his hands and his legs to get over to the louse faster. "It's your fucking fault they're crying!" Was the only biting retort Shizuo had enough of a mind to come up with as he reached out to grab Izaya's neck when it came within range only for the raven to dodge. Of course the smaller more graceful male would be like a damn fish in the water compared to the flailing monster who really only knew how to doggy paddle. (Swimming had never been on his priorities to learn in more detail. Not to say he couldn't but rather there wasn't a point to it really)

"Im not the one who destroyed their beautiful sand castle. Had a moat and everything!"

"If you hadn't of pissed me off-"

"I was just trying to help you enjoy the beach more Shizu-chan 3"

Shizuo roared another insult, the water filling his mouth as now they were far too out for him to be able to stand. Kicking his feet he lunged at the flea again only for the male to laugh and watch as the brute fell short. "This is pitiful even for you~" Angrily the blonde slammed his fists upon the water, causing it to spray out around them as ripples flew from where they had struck. "Fuck you!" His glasses were lost somewhere between him and the shore and Izaya could clearly watch those heated eyes following his movements as he circled around Shizuo so that his back could be to shore. Beside them was a mountainous ridge that had extended out from the coastline, its side worn away slightly from the onslaught of waves, and idly Izaya noted how as the water pulled them more and more from shore Shizuo had taken to gripping the rock face for support.

"Aww Shizu-chan looks so cute when he's worried about dr-"

Izaya's words cut off as he stared over the blonde's shoulder. Thinking it had just been his expression that had made the flea stop talking Shizuo moved forward again to grab him only to find himself very surprised when he actually managed to get his hands around Izaya's neck.


Izaya grabbed Shizuo's chin, forcing the blonde to look over his shoulder before his face paled at what he saw. A wave, the likes of which Shizuo had never seen, was heading straight towards them at a speed that in no way were they going to be able to outrun.

Not that they weren't going to try.

"Out of the way!" All but throwing Izaya from him Shizuo began his awkward swim, trying in vain to reach shore, before he felt Izaya grab his leg and pull back. "Find something to hold on to!" Was the only warning offered before the wave struck and the hands that had been gripping both Shizuo and the rock wall were forcibly pulled away from both when the duo were lifted into the air for the briefest of moments before sent crashing under the water.

Trying to force his eyes open, bubbles spilled from Izaya's mouth, his oxygen leaving him as his head crashed against a rock that had been jutting out from the wall. Blackness clouding his sight, his body went numb just as a firm hand grabbed his and the undercurrents pulled the two further down.