Title: Anywhere but Here
Fandom: Durarara!
Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya
Rating: M
Prompt from the kink meme: So Shizuo and Izaya goes to the beach to relax (or if they are younger, in a school trip) and they see each other, the usual chase 'i kill you flea' happens and Shizuo chases Izaya to a cave.

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters!


It was perhaps only because he knew something had happened to Izaya that Shizuo was somewhat cautious as he ran to the area where he had last heard the male. However despite this preparation for whatever unknown danger was in the area he still managed to fall into the trap that had captured Izaya.

Foot slipping upon the mildewing ground, Shizuo flailed for a second, grabbing a hold of a nearby stalagmite and gripping it for dear life to prevent his head from hitting the floor.

If only Izaya had had such luck.

The raven hadnt even been walking as fast as Shizuo had been, however the fact remained that there was little to no traction on the soaked stone floors, and when this combined with the disgusting mildew that coated it his bare feet were unable to create friction strong enough to prevent the fall that soon followed.

And, as he fell forward, both arms extended out to break the landing.

Possibly one of the worst decisions Izaya had ever made in his life.

The arm that hit the ground first crumbled, Izaya landing on it at an obscure angle that sent a horrible stinging sensation up the bone and straight to his brain as a disgusting cracking noise echoed out from it.

It hurt.

Fuck. It hurt so bad.

Izaya didnt know what to do, his body felt numbed by the pain enveloping his mind, a pain that only seemed to get worse with each passing second.

His arm...

To describe the pain would be almost impossible. It was as though someone was twisting the very limb, twisting and twisting and fucking twisting. However, no matter how much he wanted it to just twist off the limb would not come off


Despite how dark it already was in the cavern Izaya could swear he saw black spots dancing across his vision. These spots were certainly nowhere near as pleasurable as the ones that had tried to take over earlier were.

Izaya whimpered.

He couldnt move it. What could he do? It hurt. It hurt. It hurt.


"Shizu-...arm..." Izaya's voice came out broken as he felt the incarnation of violence moving closer to him. To think, after all this time not once had this male ever been able to hurt Izaya.

And yet so easily this cave was causing him more than just physical pain.

Shizuo got as close as he dared to Izaya, his mocha eyes just barely able to make out the other's outline against the floor.

As one who had broken more bones in the past few years than doctors ever treated in their lifetime he knew almost instantly what had happened.

Arm's werent supposed to bend that way.

Dimmed crimson eyes looked at Shizuo but there were no focus or comprehension in them. Only pain. The look sent its own stab into Shizuo's heart as his hands reached forward, grasping Izaya's head and holding it as gently as he could.

As always Izaya was fighting. Refusing to lose.

"If you faint, you won't feel it."

Whether or not the raven fully comprehended the blonds words Shizuo wouldn't know.

But as the other leaned into his touch as if willing it to overpower the sensation that was stabbing through him Shizuo at least did know he was now trusted enough to have them listened to.

Izaya groaned out a breath of air before his eyes began to roll and his lids slipped shut.

A bunch of different thoughts assaulted Shizuo once he was sure that Izaya was truly out of it. Sadly the first wasn't as related to the raven in the case of his broken arm but rather along the lines of how the hell they were going to get out of here now? With their brains out of the equation the brawn was left to do all the work! However once this thought and the guilt of having possessed it passed, the blonde then could focus on answering the question as to what to do with Izaya.

Not bothering to stand up for fear of falling again Shizuo moved back towards the Stalagmite that had caught his fall. Hands gripping the base of it, the blonde let out a hurried breath at the same moment that he ripped the limestone out of the ground. Then, holding it against his own arm, Shizuo did his best to measure the long object before setting it upon the floor with a look of utmost concentration.

Hands upraised again, Shizuo ignored the pain that shot through his own bones as he hacked at it with his hands before grinding the limestone against the ground. It took a while but eventually something akin to a flat piece of rock come out of his efforts and with a grunt of approval the blonde slid back to Izaya's side.

As careful as he could be (Shizuo was painfully aware Izaya's bones were nowhere near as stong as his own were and thus moving it could very well worsen the fracture) Shizuo gently pressed the pads of his fingers along Izaya's arm, locating the break before lifting the arm with both hands and using his foot to slid the rock under. In a normal situation a person was supposed to leave the victim as is, if at all possible. To call the paramedics and have them do all this since moving the patient could have a negative impact.

However nothing about this situation was normal.

Once the would be splint was in place Shizuo gripped his own pants, teeth gritting as he ripped right along the cuff of both legs of his shorts, making the strip as long as possible before setting one to the side. Nevermind the fact that he would now be leaving the cave wearing what would appear to be shorts for a high school girl instead of a high school male. He wasn't done with Izaya yet so sacrifices would have to be made.

Lifting the splint and arm, Shizuo used his free hand to slide both strips of cloth under, carefully lowering it again once sure they were even and wouldnt be touching the break.

It was as if all his years of practice with his own bones breaking were finally paying off in a very weird way.

Tying the cloths as tightly as he could so the splint wouldn't move but Izaya's arm wouldn't feel it Shizuo sighed out a breath he hadn't realized he had been holding. If the other had awoken during his ministrations it could have only ended badly. He had to get the would-be informant out before that time could come. He was fairly sure the pain would be unbearable for him. Had Izaya even broken any bones yet in his life? Shizuo hadn't broken any of the ravens yet and he couldn't think of anyone else who would want to hurt the high schooler. This had to be his first time.

The first time always hurts the worst.

Carefully Shizuo held Izaya's arm as he tried to roll the male over. Once the position was correct he then placed the arm across the raven's chest and with feet braced upon the still slippery ground he lifted the smaller male up.

Well...didn't this scream dangerous.

But he had to keep moving.

Staying here wouldn't help Izaya any. At least this way he stood a chance of getting him to a hospital before the raven could wake up.

When Izaya was awake the male's voice was often obnoxiously loud, grating on Shizuo's nerves with his haughty speech and his condescending tone.


When Izaya was unconscious the quiet was what became obnoxious.

All Shizuo could hear was his own breathing, not even Izaya's seemed to be making any significant impact as the blonde carefully and diligently made his way forward.

One foot would move first, carefully feeling the area ahead to be sure no rock formations would interfere before the rest of Shizuo would follow.

Then repeat.

It was slow going. It was painfully slow going.

But with no hands free to feel the area in front of him Shizuo didn't have much of a choice. He couldn't risk breaking Izaya anymore.

Damn what'd he give for a cigarette...

As he felt an opening come up on his left Shizuo moved into it and thankfully almost immediately the ground seemed to slope upwards. That was a good sign.




This was more uncomfortable then having Izaya try to act like none of this was a big deal. And the guy wasn't even awake!

But Shizuo had not yet lost his mind enough to start talking to himself, or rather, to the unconscious body in his hands. And even if he had what could he say? Cheesy stuff like 'Oi flea, I'm going to get you out of here.' 'Everything will be okay, I'm here.'

Just the thought of saying such things sent a repulsed shiver down Shizuo's spine.

The sound of a wing interrupted the quiet and Shizuo froze


His speed doubled.

It's okay, It's okay. We're going to be fine.

A movement went over Shizuo's head. What, had they followed them down here?

Just a bat. Probably a fruit bat. There are fruit bats out there right?

"Hey Iza-"

...Nope not that insane yet.

Head almost hit a stalactite because he was too busy blushing over the fact that he had almost asked Izaya if there were fruit bats out there. Luckily the sound the bats made to communicate quickly chased the red away so Shizuo's face could go back to being visibly pale.

Can I lose them?

No longer caring if he was heading towards an exit Shizuo turned down another hall in the hopes that the bats that followed wouldn't realize this. His arms were shaking. Not good considering what they were carrying.


...okay maybe he was that insane.

Why'd it sound like someone was calling him?

Mocha eyes glanced down towards Izaya. Still out. Not good. Where were the bats? It didn't seem like they followed but there was really no telling...


How did one yell at their subconscious to stop imagining th-

Was that a light?

Shizuo jolted forward, stumbling from how fast he had moved considering how he hadn't been prepared for it. However this didn't slow him down as he moved towards the tiny sliver of light, anxiousness written across his expressive face.


Tch, He knew he wasn't insane


His voice cracked as he looked up into the small light streaming from the roof above him. Shuffling could be heard as well as the sound of excited voices moving away. "heard som-"


The shuffling stopped.

And then

Shadows seemed to explode everywhere.

Nobody seemed to know what to make out of Shizuo and Izaya's disappearance.

Shinra had seen them splashing around in the water ("Look even Shizuo's having fun Celty~") and by the time he had looked again they were just...gone.

At first nobody seemed to mind. Shinra was granted some alone time with the dullahan who spent a good amount of that time texting Shizuo and trying to get him to reply.


So maybe one person had minded.

But Shinra had hoped her attention was upon him!

Eventually, after a good amount of time had passed it became obvious something had gone wrong. Shizuo wasnt much of a texter but he always replied to Celty no matter what. It was the way their friendship worked. So when Celty finally wrote down her worries Shinra was forced to agree.

So they went to tell the teacher.

("Eh? Well isn't that a relief. They probably ran all the way back to Ikebukuro by now.")

No Luck.

They called the police

("They have to be missing for 24 hours to file a missing person report")

...that didn't seem right but okay.

Finally with nowhere else to turn the two just started wandering. Heading towards the spot Shinra had seen them last, the duo stood upon the shore, wracking their brains and staring at the water as if it held some kind of secret within its depths.

("Ne, Celty, we are kind of like Sherlock homes a-")


"What if we go up higher?"

Spectacles gleaming in the sun, Shinra looked up towards the cliff that was nearby, a serious expression on his face as the dullahan's worry began to finally fill him as well. It had been awhile since they vanished. And the sounds of destruction that normally accompanied the two's violent games were missing.

A puff of smoke was all the answer he got and even though Shinra hadn't been looking to see it he seemed to have been able to as he began to walk forward. However before he had gone more than two steps Celty's hand was upon his shoulder, stopping him just in time for Shinra to turn and notice the motorbike heading towards them. Well this was going to be fun~

Climbing behind Celty, the half-naked male made a show of wrapping his arms around her, earning several hits on the head until he finally got his act together and the bike took off. It was almost impossible the way the dullahan seemed to be able to maneuver it up the only slightly slanted slide without any of the bumps or formations causing them to fall.

Though really it was to be expected from someone like her~

It wasn't long until the duo stood upon the relatively flat outcropping. Leaving the motorcycle where they had first stopped, the two strode towards the edge of the cliff, looking out at the sea and shore with confused expressions.


Celty looked at Shinra with a quizzical expression on her nonexistent face. Shinra just shrugged and started walking. Couldnt hurt to try right? If they couldnt see the duo maybe they could hear them.


Celty followed, her smoke escaping her neck in anxious puffs.



The duo froze. "Was I the only one that heard something?" If Celty had a head it would've been shaking 'no.' "Didn't think so"

The two rearranged a bit before moving again towards where they thought the sound had come from.


The voice was louder now and was clearly not from the direction they had thought it had been. However where it had come from there was only a small bit of the cliff before it dropped off to the water. "Where could he be?" It was as if by speaking aloud the wanna-be scientist made up for Celty's lack of a voice. Something she didn't mind in the least as the female shrugged before bracing her feet upon the ground. Moving closer to her Shinra watched with barely disguised interest as her shadows seemed to erupt from the females hands, quickly encasing the ground and filling every crevice.

Startled cursing could be heard before Celty suddenly began to move again. Bolting to the side, the female fell towards the ground, fingers grasping the rock as her invisible head peered into the long but thin opening. Shinra quickly followed, landing beside her and looking in to be greeted with a rather peculiar sight.

When the duo's face and smoke appeared in the tiny opening (which had been somehow blinding the blonde before) Shizuo seemed to be able to read their surprise and slight bewilderment almost instantly and began to speak before either of the other two could. (Well, before one could speak and the other could text)

"Shinra! Celty! We're trapped down here! The flea's hurt and I can't find an exit!"

It was weird enough that he was carrying Izaya. And with Shizuo still being unsure where Izaya stood in this relationship it would be best to act for the moment as if things were relatively the same.

Celty's neck lifted away as her fingers began typing furiously upon her cell phone. Once finished the dullahan immediately used a shadow to lower it down to Shizuo. Rearranging Izaya a bit, Shizuo slid one of his hands out further from underneath the raven to grab a hold of the device.

The light gleamed towards him, managing to blind his hypersensitive eyes even more than the sun had as Shizuo attempted to read the words on the screen. It appeared to be her simply telling him to stay put and that they would go get help.

"How is Izaya hurt Shizuo?"

Shizuo tore his eyes from the screen, glancing back up once more towards the bespectacled male with a grimace. If these lights were already hurting him, how would it feel to finally get out of here?

"I think he broke an arm. Other than that everything is still in one piece"

Shinra nodded, eyes fixed upon the would-be splint before drifting towards Shizuo's torn pants. He grinned. Shizuo scowled. Thankfully Celty seemed to read the tension as she left Shizuo with her phone just in case and dragged her future lover away.

"See you in a bit Shizuooo!"

Great. The outside world.

As the other two left, Shizuo backed up into the caves wall, sliding against it until he was cross legged on the ground with Izaya on his lap.

Shizuo had finally found an escape and at the same time a part of him was reluctant to embrace it. Out there was not in here. In here was where so much had already happened and out there was where nobody could ever understand what had happened.

But that was alright with Shizuo. If no one ever understood it, it wouldn't matter to him. After all he barely understood it. What mattered was if both he and Izaya accepted whatever 'it' was and what would happen between them after.

What would happen...

Did Izaya really know that Shizuo wanted this? Did Izaya want this as well?

Would this be the end of a brief moment in their lives or would it become an unfolding of a love that should have never happened?

At the very least it seemed they would have a couple of days to figure it all out while Izaya would be in the hospital.

And after that...

Who knew?

"Hey Izaya."


"You know I would have never thought that something like getting lost in a cave could be possible."

Izaya didnt reply, forever oblivious to the way Shizuo's body curled protectively around him as a hand brushed damp bangs off of the other's forehead.

"Truthfully though.."

Shizuo sighed, body slumping some more. Alright, he was insane. But Izaya had been the one to make him this way, not the cave.

"I don't think I would rather be anywhere but here if it was without you"

He could almost hear the raven's mocking voice, pointing out the blonds terror of the bats that were surely waiting around the corner. Waiting for Shizuo to get away from the light and the thought brought a small smile to his lips just as footsteps began to echo once more above him.

Yeah...even with the bats. He'd rather be here with him than anywhere without Izaya

The End

Author's Note: Waa and that's it! Thank you so much to everyone for reading and for all the kind review's thus far! I read them all and seeing someone enjoy my fic makes me really happy! This was my first of many for Durarara! and I hope to upload more soon! There is an Omake for this fic that I will try to upload later in case anyone's interested for what happen's 'after the cave' but for now I shall say farewell until next time my beautiful and supportive readers! *kisses*