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Albus hit the ground with a thud. He felt the wind move out of him as he shakily reached for his wand. He lifted it towards his attacker. A spell, he needed a spell. But what spell, he had been trained all year to distract and disarm. The man that stood in front of him had bigger plans than that. Long white hair covered the mans eyes as he grinned at Albus. The man wanted him to fight back, to show him how weak he really was. Well Albus wasn't going to give him that. If he was going to go he would do it in his own way. He smiled to himself he was probably the only wizard in the world who would go down without a fight. Well he was used to being the odd one out by now. Albus closed his eyes and waited for the greenflash to come so that he could finally meet all the dead people in the pictures on his fathers wall.

"All Aboard," a man yelled from the front of the train. "Last call we leave in five minutes."

"Come on Al," Rose said pulling on his hand. Albus followed her up onto the train glancing over his shoulder once or twice to check if his parents were still watching him. Then with Rose in the lead the two started checking compartments. The first one full, the second one full, the third one full, the fourth one was yet again full.

Albus was the first to stick his head in the fifth compartment. James was sitting in this one with his feet up on the bench across from him. Fred and Lysander were on either side of him and Lorcan was across from Lysander.

James looked up at Albus, "Sorry Al, as much as I would love to have a very deep and meaningful conversation with you about how a green tie would match your eyes perfectly. This compartment is full."

Albus gave James his angel child face, "Really James because I just know how much you love to talk about coordinating cloths. I'm sure you're going to be very disappointed when you have to see me every day in the very mismatching gold and red. Don't worry though I'll be sure to have someone give you CPR when you have a heart-attack from my unfortunate fashion crime."

Albus could hear Fred snickering behind James. With one last angelic grin he waived and said, " See ya later James."

Rose smiled at Albus as they made their way down to find an open compartment, "I've gotta say Al I'm impressed. How long have you been working on that one?"

Albus scowled at Rose, "What I can't have one decent comeback without it being pre-meditated?"

Rose shook her head, "Nope, it is most certainly impossible."

"Took me all summer," Albus admitted with a sigh, "This isn't the first comment he's given me about how my eyes are green. I thought it up like a week ago and have been waiting for the right time to use it. I almost thought that all that effort I put into thinking that up was going to go to waste."

Rose laughed and opened another compartment. This one only had one girl in it. She also must have been a first year because that she wasn't with any other friends. Her sandy coloredd hair that curled down to her shoulders bounced a little as she moved her brown eyes moved to examine the two newcomers.

"This seat taken?" Rose asked the girl, "It's the only compartment not full."

The girl shook her head, "No you guys can sit here. I'm Casey Leigh."

Albus smiled and held out his hand, "I'm Albus Potter," he told her, "And this is my cousin, Rose Weasley."

The girls eyes widened so that she kind of reminded Albus of Puss in Boots from that muggle movie his grandpa made him watch, "You mean Potter like Harry Potter?" she asked.

Albus nodded not knowing why it mattered, "Yup that's my dad."

Casey continued to stare at Albus like he was from a foreign planet for another moment before Rose finally interrupted her attention, "Um so Casey what house do you think you're going to be put in?"

Casey tore her eyes away from Albus and looked to Rose. "I don't really know." She said thoughtfully, "Maybe Ravenclaw."

Rose nodded, "My mum was almost in Ravenclaw, but she was put into Gryffindor with my dad. I am going to be in Gryffindor too." She said, "So is Albus."

Albus thanked her inwardly for answering that question for him. There was only so much confidence one kid could fake in a day, and lord knows if Albus didn't act positive about his placement Rose would have a cow.

Casey nodded, "I might end up in Hufflepuff. That's where my mom ended up, but she is almost positive I'll be in Ravenclaw. My dad is really smart. He is a muggle teacher at a college.

Albus pulled his eyebrows together, "He teaches at a college? Why? Isn't that were muggles go to live in the woods and stuff."

Rose and Casey both turned and stared at him like he was an idiot, "No that would be a cabin Al," Rose corrected, "A college is like a school for muggles. It is very advanced and so you have to be really smart to teach at one."

Albus nodded understanding now. Rose was still shaking her head and looking at him like he knew less than a five year old, "Why do you know that anyway? It was a legitimate question."

"Grandpa spent all of Christmas last year telling Uncle Percy about it remember?" Rose responded.

Albus thought for a second "Oh yeah" he replied. He did remember that and he also remembered the part when he tuned them out to watch Snow, the family owl, clean out her feathers with her beak.

There was a knock on the door to their cabin. James stuck his head into the compartment. He had changed out of his mismatched muggle cloths and was wearing his black cloak with a red and gold stripped tie. The Gryffindor crest was displayed proudly on the right chest side of his robe.

"Hey squirt you guys should really be changing into your robes we are going to be there soon." James said, gazing at the girl who Rose and Albus were talking to. Albus clenched his jaw. James didn't really care if they were changed yet or not he just wanted to know who they were hanging out with.

"Alright see you later." Albus said pushing James out of the door way and shutting it closed.

"We probably should go change," Rose told Albus. He sighed and nodded leaving to go put on his robes.

When he got back Rose and Casey were also changed. Both were out of their seats with their noses pressed up against the glass.

"Whatcha looking at?" He asked. Instead of responding Rose just grabbed his hand and pulled him to the window. A platform was fast approaching in the distance. Whop de doo now he was that much closer to being placed into Slytherin and being harassed by his brother for the rest of his life.

When the train came to a stop Rose grabbed Albus' and Casey's arms and half led half dragged them through the train and on to the platform.

On the platform there was two steady streams of students. One was heading off the platform towards the woods. The other was filled with all of the shorter students none of which had colored ties on. They were headed in the opposite direction and then coming to a stop at the other end of a platform.

In front of them was a hulking giant of a man, who slightly resembled a caveman with his long brown beard and hair. "All first 'ears o'er here" he was calling. Albus tapped on Rose's shoulder and pointed. Her eyes followed his hand and she nodded walking with Casey and Albus towards the man who could only be Hagrid.

Albus had never actually met the man before, but he had heard the world about him from his parents, and his Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron. When Hagrid's eyes landed on Albus and Rose his paused in calling for first years and smiled a huge smile, "Well you must be Harry's and Ginny's son, Albus right. Oh and you are Ron and Hermione's daughter, Rose. I remember when it was your parents coming off that train. Oh those were the days. I even delivered Harry's letter." Then he looked up and realized that more or less all of the first years were here. "We going to have to get caught up later," He told them.

Then he turned and addressed all of the first years, "All right first 'ears. We are going to be making are trip to Hogwarts by boat today. Follow me."

He turned and the massive crowd followed him to a giant lake. On the shore was a line of boats all with lanterns in them. Hagrid led them down and helped each kid into the boat. From the bank of the lake Albus could see the castle. Now he could feel a nervous knot forming in his stomach. It was HUGE and he was probably going to end up in Slytherin locked in some green snakey basement.

Rose, Albus, and Casey ended up in a boat with three other first years. They could have introduced themselves and had a nice chat but all six of them were far too preoccupied. Once all the boats were loaded, Hagrid got into one and with a lurch they started moving.

The castle just kept getting closer and closer and if it was possible it got bigger. Finally after what seemed like a millennium of sailing the boats docked. Rose as always was the first to get out of the boat. She turned and held her hand out to Albus. She didn't have to say anything for him to know what she meant. The answer to her unspoken question was no, he was not ready. Unfortunately he was just going to have to be.