"Wake up Al come on they posted the list," Scorpious said loudly. There were several moaning sounds in the dormitory as Scorpious woke up just about everyone in the room.

"Ungggggg," moaned Higgs, "Shut your trap Malfoy people want to sleep."

Scorpious continued to shake his best friend until he finally opened his eyes.

"What day is it," Albus asked panicked.

"Saturday, the last day of the year," Scorpious said impatiently.

"Oh," Albus said disappointedly, he had thought he was late for a class or something only to find that it would be his last day at Hogwarts for the year.

"Come on," Scorpious whined.

"What?" Albus asked while putting his dad's glasses on.

"They said that they would post the list of the top students for each year in the Great Hall this morning," Scorpious explained. Albus sighed and slipped into his robes. Within seconds he was trying to keep up with Scorpious as they dashed down the halls towards the Great Hall. By the time they reached their destination Albus was breathing heavily. Rose arrived at the same time as the boys with Casey in tow. Her red curls were abnormally short, as they barely reached her shoulders. She must have cut it all to one length after Scorpious chopped off the one lock during their duel. Albus and Casey exchanged knowing looks for a second. Someone wasn't going to be happy in a second.

"Ha," Scorpious yelled in triumph.

Rose was quickly forming a scowl on her face, "That's imposible. I received perfect marks in every class. I even won my duel," she complained unhappily.

Scorpious gave her a superior grin, "Clearly you were less than perfect somewhere because I won."

"Congratulations, it's a shame we both know that you can't back up your big talk," Rose sneered at him.

"It was a fluke Weasley," Scorpious snapped back, "Love what you've done with your hair by the way." Rose was about to shriek a retort back at him when Albus wedged himself between the two and in front of the list. He ignored them and scanned the black letters. It read:

Most Accomplished Academic Students

Seventh year: Dennis Bone- Hufflepuff

Sixth year: Rachel Davies- Ravenclaw

Fifth year: Stacey Goldstein- Ravenclaw

Fourth year: Amanda Boot- Ravenclaw

Third Year: Westly Corner- Ravenclaw

Second Year: Lysander Scamander- Gryffindor

First Year: Scorpious Malfoy- Slytherin

*In grades that multiple students tied for top of class the student who earned the most points for their house was given the title.

Albus reread the list and made a mental note to congratulate Lysander. Then he turned to his arguing friends.

"It says that whoever had the most points for their house won. You two probably tied and then Scorpious probably won more points for our house and then won. The morale of the story is that you two more or less tied," Albus emphasized to the two.

Naturally they completely ignored him," How'd you do it you cheat on your finals like the snake everyone knows you are," Rose snapped at Scorpious.

"I resent that," Albus said half-heartedly. He knew that Rose wasn't thinking clearly at the moment and took none of it personally. Whenever her ears started going red he knew she was furious.

"I know you would rather think otherwise, but you just need to face the facts I am smarter than you," Scorpious said in an aloof manner.

"Hey Casey you want to go return some books to the library with me?" Albus asked ready to get away from the two before they started tearing out each other's throats.

"Sure," she said looking a little relieved. The two turned and walked down the corridor towards the library.

"So where are the books," Casey asked amused.

"I returned them a few weeks ago," Albus said happily.

Casey glanced over her shoulder, "She is going to go off on us later for leaving."

"Yeah well later is not now," Albus said sticking his hands into his pockets, "Just be happy you only have one of them. I will have to have the talk twice."

Casey smiled sympathetically at Albus, "You're right, that's terrible." Albus laughed and the two talked until dinner.

"Where did you go this morning?" Scorpious asked annoyed.

"Me and Casey went for a walk," Albus said.

"Casey and I Albus not me and Casey," Scorpious corrected. Albus grinned and Scorpious rolled his eyes.

"Hey Nott," Albus called loudly when entering the Great Hall. Cato was sitting at the Slytherin table already boasting about he had won his duel. When Albus called his name his eye's shot up catching Albus'.

"Guess who beat the crap out of McLaggan," Albus called. The Gryffindor table was giving Albus some annoyed looks now as he boasted about his win. Out of the corner of his eye Albus swore he saw McLaggan going red and start running his mouth to his neighbor, probably making up some excuse.

The two got closer to the table, "You won your duel?" Scorpious asked.

Albus nodded proudly, "Yup I was going to tell you, but you were busy trying to kill my cousin."

Higgs grinned from beside Nott, "Good job it's about time someone stepped up around here."

"I swear Daniel I am going to knock your teeth out," Scorpious threatened. Higgs started cracking up.

"You guys should have seen it," Albus said and started to describe his duel in exaggerated detail. He finished right on time because the minute he uttered his last word McGonagall interrupted.

"Before we start our feast this year I think we have some announcements," she began," First I would like to congratulate Gryffindor for their win in the quidditch cup. Now it's time we announce the winner of the house cups. In fourth place Gryffindor with 315 points. In all my years here I don't think I've ever seen a house loose so many points," There was a snicker from the center of the table. No doubt it was Fred or James.

"In third place Hufflepuff with 440 points." There was some applause from the Hufflepuff table as their name was read.

"That's right it's the effort that counts," Nott shouted rudely.

McGonagall shot him a look before continuing," In second place Ravenclaw with 480 points." That caused Slytherin to erupt into applause. McGonagall didn't even bother to calm them down. Instead she yelled," Slytherin won with 490 points." Then she clapped her hands and the green banners unrolled from the ceiling.

"Al we won by ten points. You got ten points yesterday from the duel," Scorpious said over the noise. All Albus could do was grin like an idiot as he clapped loudly. Standing there next to his best friend with his favorite cousin across the room, he doubted life could get any better. The best part was he was going to get to do it all over again next year.

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