I give credit to issue #3 of the U.K. TFs: Prime comic for inspiring me to write a Christmas Prime story! Enjoy, readers! And hope you all have a good Christmas 2011!

Note: all parts of this story are set in a December before the season 1 finale eps..

A Prime Christmas - Part 1: Tree and Ice

"A little higher, Bulkhead!"

Miko, who was standing on Bulkhead's broad metal palm, stretched to reach the top of the giant Christmas tree erected in the middle of the Autobot base. She was holding a gold star tree topper. Bulkhead raised his arm slightly higher as Miko requested. Success! Miko placed the gold star on top of the tree. Bulkhead lowered her back down to the floor again and Miko hopped off. She looked up at the large Christmas tree. Hanging decorations, tinsel and lights, it was perfect.

"So apart from setting up trees in your home, what else do you do at Christmas?" Bulkhead asked.

"Well, we give each other gifts," Raf said as he walked up to join Miko and Bulkhead at the tree. He was carrying a large wrapped box-shaped present in his arms. He placed it carefully under the huge tree.

"This is Bumblebee's present," he announced.

At that point, the yellow scout walked up behind Raf.

"Breeee-oop," he chirped inquisitively, getting down on all fours to get a closer look at Raf's present.

"Ah ah, no peeking or opening until Christmas day!" he told Bumblebee sternly.

Bumblebee whined disappointedly.

Ratchet, who was standing grumpily at the control panels with his arms crossed, said, "Bah! What is the point of all these strange Christmas practices?"

"Well, Christmas is an important time for many people," Jack explained from the balcony. "It's a time for family and friends to get together and share with one another."

"And to spread good cheer and seasonal wishes to everyone!" Miko added excitedly from the ground.

"Don't be such a Scrooge, Doctor," June Darby chuckled as she lay a festive holly-patterned covering over the table behind Jack. "Even you need to get into the Christmas spirit."

Ratchet looked at June with a puzzled frown. "What's a 'Scrooge'?"

June smiled and shook her head. "Nevermind."

An incoming call alert sounded from the computers then. Jack, Miko and Raf perked up. Ratchet turned to it.

Optimus' voice emerged from the speakers. "Ratchet, requesting ground bridge."

Ratchet pulled down the bridge activation lever. "Opening ground bridge."

The bright green portal opened up and the two forms of Optimus and Arcee appeared. Optimus was carrying something extremely large over his back: a great chunk of thick ice three times his size. The Autobot leader was bent over, supporting the great weight of the ice on his back. His long arms were stretched out under the ice, one in front and one behind him.

Arcee came ahead of Optimus. "We're back from the North Pole" she announced with a smile. "And we brought a bit of it back with us."

June and the three kids gaped at the size of the ice chunk that Optimus was carrying.

"Whooah...," Miko uttered.

Arcee turned back to Optimus and guided him forward.

"Nice and easy, Optimus," she said cautiously. "Let's get it outside."

"Let me give you a hand, Optimus," Bulkhead offered, stepping forward.

The big green Autobot took one end of the massive ice chunk with both hands. Optimus moved forward under the ice until he reached the other end, taking hold of it. Carefully, the two larger Autobots carried their frozen cargo down the entry tunnel of the base. Arcee continued to watch their surroundings, glancing behind and around to make sure that Optimus, who was walking in reverse, would not hit into anything.

June and Jack came down the balcony steps, quickly pulling on winter garments as they did so. Jack put on a thick jacket and June was pulling a woolly jumper over her head. On the ground, Raf and Miko had also put on their coats. Raf was pulling on a pair of gloves and Miko wrapped a red and green striped scarf around her neck. When they were ready, they all grabbed ice skating shoes from nearby that they had brought earlier. Then they went to follow Optimus, Arcee and Bulkhead outside. Bumblebee followed the humans too. Ratchet shrugged and did the same.

Outside the base, it was a cool, dry night. June, the kids, Bumblebee, Ratchet and Arcee watched as Optimus and Bulkhead eased the huge ice sheet down into a clear space of the Nevada desert valley.

"One outdoor ice rink ready!" Bulkhead declared to everyone.

A cheer rose from the three kids and, along with June, they made their way out onto the ice in their skates.

"Raf," Optimus called, approaching the twelve year-old boy just as he stepped onto the ice. "I have something for you."

Optimus knelt down and produced a large snowball in his giant hand. He set it down on the ice next to Raf. "Since I did not manage to bring one back for you last time, I brought you an Arctic snowball this time, Raf."

Raf marvelled at what was the biggest snowball he had ever seen. It was even bigger than him. "Wow, real Arctic snow! Thank you, Optimus!"

Optimus nodded at the small boy then stood up again. Raf patted the giant snowball thoughtfully.

"I'm gonna make a snowman," Raf decided aloud. He set to work pulling off chunks of snow.

"Beebeeboop!" Bumblebee whistled excitedly. He knelt down and began aiding Raf in his snowman construction.

Meanwhile, Bulkhead and Arcee had taken to the ice as well, gliding across it simply on their metal feet. Bulkhead skidded over to Ratchet who was standing to one side off the ice.

"C'mon Ratchet! Get out here and give it a go!" Bulkhead bellowed.

The medic bot began to protest. "I don't- GAH!" Ratchet was cut off as Bulkhead pulled him onto the ice and gave him a shove. The red and white medic bot let out a scream as he went whistling down the slippery surface.

Arcee's lithe form glided effortlessly and gracefully across the ice. Her slender arms were held out behind her to decrease wind resistance. She came up to Optimus who too was standing off to one side by the ice.

"Don't tell me you're just going to stand there keeping sentry over us. You should try this, Optimus," she urged. "It's fun."

Optimus looked out across the ice at the skating humans and Autobots. Then he looked back down at Arcee who held out an arm in invitation to him. He smiled a little.

"I suppose it would be no harm to try."

He took a heavy step onto the ice. Cheers rose from the kids when they noticed Optimus coming to join them.

"Alright! Go Optimus!" Jack and Miko cheered.

Optimus circled once on the ice, testing himself. Arcee pirouetted on one foot in front of him.

"See if you can keep up with me," she challenged.

Arcee took off. Accepting her challenge, Optimus followed her across the ice. To the cheers, clapping and whistles of the human and Autobot audience, the pair zigzagged loosely along the ice, keeping perfect symmetry.