Christmas is right around the corner! Thank you again for the reviews, faves, alerts and just reading, everyone. Glad quite a few of you got a good laugh out of the last chapter!

This is the final part of this Christmas-themed Prime story. Hope it gets you all in the mood for Christmas!

A Prime Christmas - Part 3: Mince Pies and The Party

June handed out mugs of steaming hot cocoa to Jack, Miko and Raf who were seated on the sofa of the Autobot base balcony. Miko was wearing a Santa hat.

"A little something to warm you kids up after all that time on the ice," she said pleasantly. "And help yourselves to some of my homemade mince pies." She gestured to a tray full of them on the table in front of the kids.

"Thank you, Miss Darby," Raf said as he picked up a mince pie.

"Mmm, these are good," Miko commented as she took a bite from her pie.

June beamed. "I'm glad you like them, Miko."

On the ground, the Autobots were standing around holding open cans of oil and taking occasional gulps from them. Bulkhead, Bumblebee and Arcee surrounded the giant Christmas tree, looking at its decorations and talking amongst themselves. Optimus and Ratchet were seated on the storage crates by a far wall, also enjoying oil drinks and chatting.

Suddenly the proximity alert sounded. Everyone looked to the computers. An image of a federal helicopter landing outside came up on the central screen. Ratchet groaned lightly as he set aside his oil beverage and approached the control panels.

"Agent Fowler," he announced with a sigh.

Optimus left behind his oil drink too and made his way to the balcony to greet the government liason officer.

"What's he here for this time?" Miko thought aloud.

The cylindrical elevator doors on the balcony opened and Agent Fowler emerged. He strode up to the waiting Autobot leader.

"I happened to notice your little outdoor ice rink on my way here," Fowler commented.

"The children informed us of an activity known as 'ice skating' and we thought that it would be a welcome way to celebrate your holiday season," Optimus explained.

"Speaking of the holiday season," Fowler continued formally, "I have a message from the President and my superiors at the Pentagon..."

Everyone waited to hear it.

"From the government of the United States...and from me..." Everyone remained utterly still as they watched Fowler. "...we would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas."

Jack, Miko and Raf looked at Fowler surprised. Their mouths opened.

"Thank you, Agent Fowler," Optimus replied. "A merry Christmas to you and your government as well."

June came up to Fowler with her tray of mince pies.

"Would you like a mince pie?" she offered.

Fowler gazed at them eagerly and rubbed his hands together. "Ooh, don't mind if I do, Miss Darby."

He helped himself to a pie and took a man-sized bite of it. "Mmm..."

"You're welcome to stay and celebrate with us, Agent Fowler," Optimus invited.

Fowler swallowed his mouthful of pie. "I'd like that...very much."

"Well now that the family's all here, let's get this party started!" Bulkhead announced. "Miko, hit it!"

Miko jumped up from the sofa and adjusted her Santa hat. Bulkhead gave her a hand down to the ground. She dashed to the music loudspeakers and picked up her connected guitar. She began to strum a rock version of "Jingle Bells". Bulkhead swayed to her music and was joined by Bumblebee. Optimus and the others gathered around too, with their cans of oil, mugs of cocoa and mince pies.

Standing by the radiance of the Christmas tree and listening to Miko's Christmas tunes, the spirit of Christmas touched the hearts and sparks of everyone. There was much good cheer in the Autobot base this Christmas.