Pinch Yourself Harder, You're Only Dreaming by DD Agent

I'm using a whole entry for authors notes because I think it is appropriate and this fic does deserve a preface. Because this is definitely the most conceptual thing I have ever written, and could possibly be the next milestone in my writing career. Not the pinacle, not the plateau. Because I have more excellence to come, I hope.

Btw this is the fic I mentioned randomly back at the end of October that I have just got around to finishing.

"Pinch Yourself Harder" started off as a Halloween prompt by the absolutely fantastic calliatra. I started to plan bits and pieces and became intrigued by the idea of Jenny going through what the kids in Nightmare in Elm Street do when they refrain from sleep to escape their nightmares. As the idea built, Inception came into it. Just to make it clear - this fic is not a crossover. There are no totems, there are sadly no kicks. There is no man with knives for fingers [although there is a reference]. This is inspired by Nightmare, Inception and Stephen King's Rose Red. I hope what I have created in my head has translated well on the page.

When thinking about how to post this fic, it was suggested that I post separate chapters. But after lex_shepard read through the whole story, she agreed that it had to be posted as one to truly be understood. This story is constructed in four parts. Goodnight acts as a prologue, Counting Sheep is part one, REM Sleep is part two and Sleep Tight is the epilogue. The summary is a very vague description of the depth of this fic as it is so more complex than a one line summary.

As a warning, I should inform you this story contains swearing, scenes of torture, scenes of a disturbing nature and scenes of a sexual nature.

Anyway. I hope you read this fic, I hope you enjoy it. I want to thank calliatra, vegawriters and lex_shepard for their assistance in making this fic possible.

Enjoy, and sweet dreams.

Kelly [DD Agent]