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Chapter Six: {Epilogue} Kagome's Turn

Kagome had been tied down and used. Now it was her turn to get what she wanted.

Sesshomaru had fallen completely and totally asleep after a good round of lovemaking. She knew that he was exhausted from work that day and when he came home, he had taken her rough and fast.

Now he was sleeping like a newborn baby and she had just the thing for her revenge.

They had been mated for a whole month now and were surprisingly quite comfortable around each other. Everything was like an adventure with them. All things considered. Inuyasha had not changed to much. He had surprisingly mated Rin and had moved on to their sixteenth pup. Shippo was somewhere in America, living a bachelors life so well that no one could not get in touch with him to tell him that Kagome was found.

Everything seemed so different and normal. Even Sesshomaru.

Seeing the sex crazed side of him was a nice surprise.

And thinking that. Kagome moved forward with her plan.

She had bought handcuffs from this kinky store online along with some more items that she deemed worthy of her interest and money. it was so fun living with him! Nothing was ever the same again. Of course Sesshomaru had gotten mad, or better yet jealous, of Hojo when he called her phone like religion, but he got over it when he found out that they had a friendship that would never change.

No matter how much he had wanted it too.

Kagome looked at her sleeping mate and carefully and gently, cuffed his hands to the bed. She knew how well that he could see in the dark so she took a scarf and tied it around his eyes. Not to leave anything to chance, Kagome took a couple pair of scarves and tied his to the bottom of the bed, after all, he did do the same to her. What better what to celebrate their one month anniversary then to give him the same treatment on the first day of their mating?..

Sesshomaru woke up confused and alone. Well not necessarily alone. He could feel Kagome in the far end of the room, but that's not what woke him up. He could not get comfortable on the bed. Turning one way held no relief and the other shared the same trait.

Tugging some, he quickly realized that he was tied down to the bed like some animal.

"Kagome, what is the meaning of this?" He didn't bother to hide the annoyance in his voice at being woken like this.

"Now, now, Sesshomaru..." Kagome said, her voice dripping seduction. "It's our one month aniversary, and I'lll celebrate it anyway I want. It's only fair that I return the favor with what you gifted me with on the first day of our mating."

A shiver passed down Sesshomaru's spine. He remembered that day all to well. It was still so vivid in his mind that he would become hard doing the most mundane tasks. Now she wished to return the favor. Sesshomaru willed and pleaded with his body to cooperate and not become hard at the thought of what she would do to him, but he failed miserably. Slowly and tortuously, his body grew hard. Sweat was breaking out over him and Sesshomaru had to fight just his breathing. It seemed as if everything else would not work to his will.

"Hard already Sesshomaru?" Kagome slid something cool over his length that made him hiss out and move away, when all he wanted was to move closer. "Now non of that." She grabbed him in her warm hand and put the cold thing on the tip of his penis. The stark contrast between the two different temperatures made Sesshomaru and shudder against Kagome's hand, trying to get closer to the pleasure.

When Sesshomaru was about to come, Kagome and the cold torture disappeared, leaving him on the brink of pleasure.

"Kagome.." His voice, rough and wanting, called out.

It was quiet in the room.

Nothing seemed to move.

Tired of the games, Sesshomaru pulled hard on the things that were holding him bondage, only to find that they didn't budge. No matter how hard he tugged and pulled, he was still bound.

"You wont be escaping that easily Sesshomaru. I put some of my own spiritual energy in your bindings. You wont be escaping unless I want you to."

The completely helpless state in which Sesshomaru had never experienced, left him flustered and even more aroused. Being at the complete mercy of his mate was something that he never had to think of before, but now that he was in the situation, he couldn't say that it didn't appeal to him. He, of course, would never admit to it, but he could enjoy it for that very moment.

"What are you going to do to me mate?"

"Why, Sesshomaru. I'm going to torture you of course." And with those words, Kagome's hot mouth closed around the head of his penis, sucking him for all that she was worth and some. Sesshomaru's body lifted off of the bed in an arch, trying to get deeper into her mouth, but Kagome wouldn't let him. She kept the very tip of him in her mouth until Sesshomaru started bucking, about to come, then she left him, his breathing ragged, and still on the brink of an orgasm.

Kagome loved that she could bring him there, to that point. The power she felt over him was immense.

Kagome looked at Sesshomaru. She knew that he could not pinpoint her exact location. She was virtually invisible to him. Due to hours and hours of training in private, she had mastered the act almost as well as himself.

She loved the fact that he didn't know what she was going to do next and Kagome used that as a weapon in her payback/seduction.

Coming above him, Kagome latched onto his left nipple as her fingers flicked over his other nipple. Sesshomaru let loose a growl that would best any beast. She could feel in the energy in his body that he was close to the edge.

She left him only to rub the tip of her finger over the head of his sensitive penis.

Sesshomaru rocked his hips into her touch and moaned out. Seeing him like that was making Kagome more aroused then she had even been.

"Do you like what I'm doing to you, mate?" Sesshomaru didn't answer of course, so Kagome took him into her hands and stroked him until he cried out, then let go. "I asked you a question Sesshomaru."

He just growled.

"I have all night Sesshomaru and the rest of the day tomorrow."

"Damn it!" Sesshomaru darn near shouted. Kagome was driving him insane. Of course he liked it! But he would be a fool to admit to such a weakness. She would get into the habit of waking him up like this and then he would never get any peace and not to mention any sleep.

He was already so close that he was in physical pain and a whole lot of discomfort.



That same something cold touched the inside of his thigh and Sesshomaru wanted to close his legs to fight off the sensation, but his legs were bound and too far apart. He could feel his manhood straining on his stomach as the cold thing came closer to his groin. She was torturing him and doing a good job of it too. His balls were tight and he wanted, needed, release.

Right before the thing touched his sac, it disappeared and touched his nipple. Sesshomaru gave a shout. Then it disappeared and went down his side and around to his straining erection laying proudly on his stomach.

"Do you really not like it Sesshomaru?" Kagome asked while the cold thing was so close to the head of his penis that he could feel the cold coming off of it.

"Yes! I mean no!" Sesshomaru sprouted out as he strained towards the cold object, still short of it touching him.

"I'll take that as 'You like it but is not going to admit it'." Then Kagome's hand held down Sesshomaru's erection in her warn hands and pressed the cold thing to the head of his penis and held. Sesshomaru gave a shout and bucked on the bed. It was so cold that it was bringing him pain, but it felt so good that he felt as if he could come right then. When Kagome removed it, Sesshomaru was almost sad at it being gone, until Kagome put her hot mouth in it's place.

Sesshomaru felt like he was fling towards an orgasm, then Kagome stopped.

"Do you want it Sesshomaru?"

"Yes, damn it, yes."

Kagome was on top of him before he could think, and then she sank down on top of him. Bringing him fully inside of her body.

Sesshomaru broke out into a sweat all over again at he started to move under Kagome, wanting that orgasm almost as much as he wanted life. But then Kagome stopped and almost moved off of him.

Sesshomaru growled again.

"Don't move Sesshomaru." Kagome said in her seductive voice. He knew that she was just as turned on as he was.

Then Kagome started to move. The pace fast and furious and then she calmed it down to a slow almost non moving pace. Then she picked it up again. The pace was so off balance that when she did keep up a steady fast pace, Sesshomaru's orgasm was so unexpected, that he gave a shout as he bucked under Kagome, pushing her over the edge as well. Her inner walls were clenching him and pulling him in deeper.

Sesshomaru's head fell back on the bed and Kagome fell on top of him, weak after her orgasm.

They laid there for a while simply breathing until Kagome released Sesshomaru from his bonds and laid back on top of him. He couldn't move after his orgasm, barely had enough strength to lift his arms and place them around her body.

Pleasure was still coursing through him.

"You alright Sesshomaru?"

"Hn. What was that cold thing that you had on my body?"

"Mmm, I'll never tell."

"You do realize that it is your turn next. You should have never unbound me." His deep, low voice, rumbled through Kagome and a thrilling chill swept down her body.

She sighed.

"I know."

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