Stranded in Canada
Chapter One:
Home for the holidays

A/N: Hey guys! This is a little christmas story starring my OC Maggie Dibiase with her lovely boyfriend Christan Cage. Ajay,Joey,Kenize, and Gran belong to Kennedy's Friday Night Delight. Thanks for reading. (:

Jay Reso stood from the distance as he smiled watching his girlfriend arguing with the lady at the Airport customer service over how the flights had been canceled. He found it funny how she was giving them grief about her not being able to be home for Christmas. He also loved seeing is his short girlfriend putting up the small fight in her American Eagle hoodie, black leggings, and a pair of her sand colored UGG boots and white scarf. Putting his hands into the pockets of his jeans, he decided to go over there before she got herself kicked out of the airport for good.

"What do you mean all flights are grounded!" Maggie Dibiase haft yelled at the lady behind the counter in the airport. She was due home for the holidays in Mississippi but now it didn't look like it would happen.
"I'm sorry Miss, the runway is not clear from snow and ice. But if you would like, I could put you on standby for the next flight out." The lady, whose name tag read Stacy replied back to the young blonde.
"I don't think you understand. I have to be home by tomorrow for the holidays! I promised my family!" The Mississippi native, who was getting frustrated said back. After all, she had been there since five this morning and the day wasn't getting younger. "Listen Stacy, Have you ever broke a promise to your great-grandma?".
"I'm sorry, there is nothing we can do. Nobody is able to leave, so if you could leave so I can help the others in line, that would be fantastic." Stacy smiled at Maggie earning a glare from her.

Jay put his arm around her slender waist," Come on Maggie, It won't be that bad. You can spend the holidays with your lovable boyfriend." Jay Reso smiled as he pulled his pouting girlfriend by the hand away from the counter.
"Jay, You don't understand. I need to be home, I have never been away for the holidays." Maggie said pouting.
"Don't worry babe, everything will be okay." Jay smiled at his pouting girlfriend and pecked her on the lips.
"Easy for you to say, you are home." She said as they walked towards Jays car.
"Don't be a grinch because you can't go home." Jay joked , earning a glare from his girlfriend. "I'm joking love".
"Mhm," Maggie said getting in the car. "I don't want to intrude on your family's Christmas".
"Don't be silly Maggie, my Gran loves you so does Adam and Chris so don't fret Dibiase." Jay leaned over and kissed her cheek before putting the key in the igntion, starting it and drove to Jay's grandma's house.

"It's so cold outside." Maggie whined as she waited by the car while Jay got her bag out the back.
"Well, you should of wore more clothes then." Jay said as she came around taking her hand as they walked up towards the door.
"Well my bad, I figured I would be on a plane and almost in Mississippi by now." she said shaking a little from the cold. Jay playfully rolled his eyes and opened the door for her. They where hit by the smell of fresh chocolate cookies.


Gran, We're back!" Jay called out as they stepped into the house.
"What do you mean we? I thought Maggie was leaving?" She asked walking into the room they where in.
"She was, but the flights are all grounded due to the snow." Jay answered.
"Sorry to intrude Edna," Maggie started to say before she was cut off.
"Nonsense Maggie, you're welcomed to stay and have Christmas with us and call me Gran like everyone else." Edna smiled and hugged the blonde and then Jay. "Jay why don't Maggie and you go upstairs and put her stuff up. I'll be in the kitchen if you need anything." Edna smiled before walking back into the kitchen.

"Your Gran is awesome Jay." Maggie said as they walked up the stairs to Jay's bedroom.
"Yeah, she is pretty awesome isn't she?" Jay replied smiling.
"So, is Ajay, Chris and the kids coming up?" She asked as she walked into the bedroom she would be staying in.
"Yeah, they should be here in a few hours" Jay said as he put down her suitecase. "Hey, don't worry about Ajay. I promise she will be on her best behavior". Jay wrapped his arms around her and pulling her in. Maggie wrapped her arms around his neck.
"I'll try not to worry." Maggie said as she kissed Jay and after a few minutes pulled back. "I need to call my mom and tell her I won't be home for Christmas and then I'll probaly take a nap".
"Okay babe, I'll be downstairs. If you're not up when Ajay and the kids get here I'll come get you." Jay said as he watched Maggie get her iPhone out of her purse.
"Sounds good." She smiled as Jay kissed her cheek and left. Unlocking her phone, she dialed the number she had came so familiar with.

"Hello?" The familiar voice answered after the third ring.
"Momma? It's me."
"Hi baby! When are you getting here?"
"Mom, I'm stuck in Canada. All the flights are grounded."
"There has to be away, Christmas won't be the same. Ted, Brett and Matt are here."
"There isn't. The only way is by car and I don't have a car here. I know it won't be the same mom. Trust me, I know. I miss you all."
"We miss you too baby. See this is why you shouldn't be with him."
"Mom, that makes NO sense at all. And I'm not about to have this conversation with you over the phone and before Christmas."
"Okay, okay. I have to go, Ted just knocked over the Egg Nog that I have out for the party. Take care of yourself, and call me tomorrow."
"Of course he did. Tell everyone I said sorry and that I love them all."
"Will do. I love you, bye".
"Love you to bye". Maggie hung up her phone and walked over to the window. She could see the snow coming down from the sky and dance in the wind. She wipped away the tears that threaten to fall. She never thought missing a Christmas at home would affect her like this. She walked back over to the bed and laid down pulling the covers tightly around her and falling into a peaceful sleep.

"Maggie May, wakey, wakey." Jay said as he got in bed next to her.
"Go away." She mumbled rolling over in her bed.
"Come on Maggie, You have to get up. Ajay, Chris and the kids are almost here". Maggie sat up in the bed. "What time is it?"
"Babe, it's after tweleve." He laughed.
"Why did you let me sleep this long?" She asked as she got our of bed and check her appearance in the mirror. Thankfully, her sleeping didn't messed up her pony tail.
"Well, when I first came into get you up, you looked so peaceful and beautiful so I let you sleep some more." He got up and stood behind her. "Which, you still look so beautiful" He whispered in her ear earning a smile from her.
"Thank you baby." She turned around and kissed him. "Lets go downstairs".
"Lets go." Jay smiled and took her hand and led her down the stairs. "By the way, I love your socks." he laughed referring to her pink fuzzy socks.
"Oh these old things? Thank you." She laughed along with him. After walking downstairs, the couple went and sat down on the couch.

"Your Gran really goes all out for Christmas." Maggie smiled as she looked around the living room. It was filled with all sorts of Christmas decorations. In the corner sat a 8-foot christmas tree that had beautiful oragments and on top sat the Angel.
"Yeah she does, plus it's Ajay's favorite holiday so of course she goes all out." He repiled.

Jay smiled, hearing the sound of a car pulling into the drive way and the sound of car doors opening and shutting. "They're here" he said happily as he his his coat on and slipping his shoes on he went outside to meet his sister, brother in law and most importantly his niece and nephew.