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Summary: After sustaining an injury that leaves one nine year old Marco unable to fly, he is saved unexpectedly, by a six year old by the name of Luffy. As the two spend time together, the grow close, and soon Marco finds himself becoming the family that the little girl never had. How will this change the aspiring events of the future? Warning: Fem!Luffy fanfic!

Note: Luffy already met Shanks in this!

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Episode 1: Saving a Phoenix!

The beachs near Fuschia Village (at night)-

A young, six year old little girl with short black hair in two pigtails was running down the all too familiar dirt road that led to the nearby beach. She was wearing a overtly large, baby blue night shirt, and a pair of shorts and was running about bare foot at the moment. She looked absolutely happy despite the slightly chilly weather.

She became even happier as the familiar feeling of sand below her feet hit her. She had arrived at her destination.

Around the same time-

It hurt...His wing hurt, but if let himself crash here, he'd drown. He couldn't after all. But he wasn't sure he could make it to the next island safely. 'Blast it all!' he thought as everything started becoming dark.

"Stupid marines..." He finally came down, but not to water. To sand. At least he wasn't going to drown.

With the young girl-

All the young girl could co was jump. A young boy, maybe three years older then her, had fallen out of the sky and landed on the beach not too far from her.

His arm was bleeding. She gasped slightly as she ran up to him. Except for his arm, he was fine, but his arm was bleeding badly, and he was a bit bruised and cut up. She was about to pick him up and take him home with her, when pretty blue flames began to lick across his skin, originating from his wound. She stared in amazement as all his injuries healed up in seconds, leaving only the bleeding arm that needed tending. She had a feeling that whatever had hit him and caused that wound, was messing up the healing and keeping it from closing.

She picked the boy up and began to carefully drag him back to her home. Makino would be mad at her when she discovered that she had snuck out again, but the boy needed help, and she was willing to get in trouble if it meant helping.

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