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Episode Summary: Luffy and Marco wake up to find themselves aboard the Moby Dick. How will they adjust? Quite easily appearently.

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Episode 5: Waking up Aboard the Moby Dick!

On the Moby Dick-

Marco groaned as he turned over slightly, his body ached in protest, and he couldn't remember where he was. Last he had checked, they'd asleep at an inn on Floribus Island. Then everything came flashing back to him. Him and his younger sister's running through the woods in hopes of getting off the island, their first meeting with Whitebeard, the verbal arguements which had led to an all out brawl, and then Whitebeard offering them a place on his crew. And their answer, which in hindsight was very rude of them, but then there was no use in worrying about it now. Too late to take it back, but not too late to fix it. That is, if they really even wanted to.

An even better question popped into his head; Where was his younger sister, Luffy?

A groan coming fromt he other side of the room answered that one quickly enough. As if reading his mind, Luffy had begun to stir. Marco watched as his sister turned a little too much, and subsequently rolled herself out of the bed, and onto the floor. The end result was a painful landing that fully woke up the sleeping girl, her body just as beat up and bruised as his.

"Nice one Lu, real nice."

"Oh shut up you! You are in no shape to be talking about me!"

"I didn't roll out of the bed, again. And besides, don't you remember what happened?" Luffy grimaced at the question. Yep, she remembered, and was none too pleased with the result.

"Yeah...So where are we?" Marco sighed as he stood up, working all the kinks out of his body before walking up to his sister and offering a hand. she took it gratefully, and stood up as well.

"Don't know...But I think it's safe to say that we aren't on Floribus anymore...Or on any form of land at 't you feel it?" Luffy paused at that, before finally speaking up again,

"The floor is rocking...We're at sea. On a boat, and judgin from the size of the room, I'd say we're on quite the huge ship." Marco nodded at her assesement, before motioning for her to follow him. she did and trotted behind her older brother as they both left the room.

A quick look about outside, and their suspicions were correct. They were surrounded by sea, nothing but salt water for miles on end, and not even Luffy and her keen sight could see any islandsor any form of land really. Where were they?

Marco made a quick assesement of the climate and feel of the air, made quite easy thanks to his Devil Fruit abilities, and immediately understood that they were still in New World. They were just in an unfamiliar area. Great.

Marco sighed as he began to debate about the situation, or at least tried to begin. Luffy had, within the span of at least a minute, disappeared from her spot beside him. Marco sighed again as he began the daunting task of finding his younger sister.

"Great, I've lost Luffy, on what has to be the biggest ship in the whole entire universe! That girl really has no sense of direction..." Marco sighed, shaking his head in disbelief and continued on. "At least I have a good guess as to where she went...Hopefully she hasn't eaten all the food yet."

In the kitchen-

Marco sighed afor what had to be the umpteenth time in less then half an hour as he had finally found his sister, after getting very lost an innumerous amount of times. Really this ship was huge, how did everybody find anything on here. 'Probably just leaves it to chance, and praying for the best.'

"Hey Marco!" Just as he had thought, Luffy was indeed in the kitchen, sitting next to the man pompadour from the short time spent on Floribus.

"Yo, I see you're finally up. Didn't get too lost did ya?" Marco just stared at the man, who had to be at least six years older then him at least, as he approached his sister. He got down to her eye level.

Luffy was could be considered petite. She was thin and small for her age, making her even more cute and childlike in appearence then she already was. This just made Marco feel even more protective of her sometimes, as thanks to her size, he sometimes forgot that she was just as strong, if not a bit weaker then him, and could fight her own battles without his help.

"Having fun Lu?" He asked her as he gave her a friendly pat on the head. Neither had anything against the man Luffy had been talking to while waiting for her brother to finally catch up.

"Yep! Thatch here is really fun! He knows a lot too!" Marco raised a curious eyebrow as he looked at the man, Thatch.

"I was just telling her some stories from some of my adventures. She's easy to entertain." Marco chuckled as he nodded his agreement,

"Oh you have no idea. Adventure, meat, and good friend and family, give her that and she will die a happy man-oof!-I mean girl." he corrected as Luffy unceremoniously elbowed him in the side. "Sheesh, Lu! You know I hate it when you do that! That wasn't very nice." Luffy just gave a mischievouse look, sticking her tongue out and got off the table and moved to stand next to him. Marco sighed as he turned his attention to Thatch,

"So how long have we been out?"

"Don't freak or scream, but you've both been out for a little over a week." Marco's eyes widened a little, but then shook his head to clear away the surprise.

"Ah, great. Well at least we now know two things. We've been out for a little over a week-" Marco recited the new information as Luffy continued for him,

"And we're still somewhere in New World." tahtch blinked slightly before asking,

"Of course we're still in New World. Floribus island is too far in for us to sail out of New World, no matter how top quality the ship is. And we have no reason to leave it. It's common sense."

"Ah...Well, we could never be sure. We never really kept track of distances between islands and such." Thatch began to chuckle at Marco's expression as he blanched.

"Then how do you know where you are?" Marco gave a lopsided grin as Luffy answered, a bit more excited then normal,

"Marco can tell weather patterns! Not good enough to be a top-class navigator, but enough so that we know our general location, which would be whatever sea we're in. He can't be very specific."

"Seems extremely vague to me." Thatch said in reply. Both just gave lopsided shrugs, as Luffy began beaming proudly. Suddenly Marco began to silently countdown on his fingers as Luffy's smile turned into a contemplative frown. Marco spunt his arm around at the elbow and pointed to his sister just as she opened her mouth to speak, silently mouthing the words "and",

"Marco! I'm hungry! MEAT!" Marco sighed dejectedly as he looked at Thatch, who grinned in response as he got up and went into the kitchen.

Several rattling sounds, followed by the occasional, and all too familiar sound of something metallic falling, not to mention several swear words thrown in as various objects made brutal contact with Thatch's head, and after 15 minutes following said man's temperary leave of prescence, he came out, a large plate stacked precariously high with food.

"YAY! MEAT!" Marco chuckled as he quickly grabbed onto the back of Luffy's shirt so that she wouldn't tackle the poor man for food. He let Thatch set the food down, laughing at Luffy's eagerness to eat, and when he was sure she wouldn't run the man over, he let her go, digging in after few seconds of watching.

Thatch smiled as he observed the two, occasionally swiping something from the pile of food to snack on as he watched how the two interacted. Thatch wound up tilting his head slightly as Luffy snatched her hand back, holding it tentatively as she nursed a red, hand shaped mark on it that just had to sting.

"Marco~!" she whined pathetically in an attempt to get him to allow her to swipe some more food. Marco shook his head 'no'.

"Uh-un Lu. You've had enough to eat." Luffy pouted as she tried to object again,


"But nothing Lu. We just woke up, and too much food might make you sick. When I'm sure you won't wind up upchucking the contents of the bottomless pit we call your stomach, then you can eat more. Until then, cool it." He gave her a pat on the head, ruffling her hair so that it looks funny. Marco chuckled as Luffy half-heartedly swatted at him, before smoothing her hair over.

"Fine..." She resigned. Thatch chuckled silently as he continued to watch the two siblings interact. They really were brother and sister, even if they didn't share the same parents. They were just like Sabo and Ace, who were considered brothers despite the fact that neither were actually blood related. The difference was that these two were a bit more on the trusting side.

"I can jsut tell having these two around will be fun..." Thatch said to himself silently. Marco and Luffy looked at him weirdly, having heard what he said, though it wasn't clear, and sounded like a bunch of garblegoop and gibberish.

"What?" He asked, recieving a shake of the head from the two in responce as they returned to their conversation. Thatch chuckled again. Yep, things would be very fun with them around.

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