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The first thing to register to his dawning consciousness was nausea. Not the subtle kind of flip in your gut when the smell of something rotting hits your nose but the kind that made his stomach roil and if he were standing he may have fallen over. Instead he lay still and freezing on a solid surface of concrete in a dark room. He forced himself to take a deep breath through his nose and slowly released it through his teeth. When he succeeded in keeping his breakfast secured in his stomach he repeated the action until it had subsided. Slowly he pushed himself into a sitting position and leaned tiredly against the concrete wall behind him noting his wrist gripped tightly in the ring of a metal shackle. His eyes followed its adjoined chain to where it secured him to the floor behind him. He tugged at it a few times, wincing as it dug into a bloody gash he hadn't noticed was there before turning his attention to his surroundings. His vision blurred and swayed for a moment before finally focusing in on the dark damp room around him. A single wooden door stood as the only fixture in the room, large and heavy looking it contrasted the chipping white paint of the cracking concrete walls disappearing into the dark shadows.

His chest tightened when he found Prentiss, lying on her side awkwardly with her back to him.

"Prentiss," he called out, pushing himself to his knees to get a better view of her, somewhat relieved at the small motion of her breathing. She didn't stir and he tried again a little louder, "Prentiss!"

A low groan to his left had his head whipping around to see Spencer Reid rolling over onto his back, his own metal restraint thumping to the floor. He groaned again no doubt fighting off the same bout of nausea that Hotch had awakened to. Reid's eyes were clenched shut and he struggled to breathe through his occasional gag reflex.

"Reid?" he finally spoke once the young doctor appeared to have gotten his stomach to settle.

Reid's eyes flew open and his head jerked up from the floor and turned to look at Hotch with surprise.

"Hotch? Where are we?"

"I don't know," he confessed.

The last thing he remembered was driving them through the rain on their way to the home of a potential witness in their latest case. He vaguely remembered Reid asking if they were lost and Prentiss grumbling about the turn in the weather.

"Someone hit us." Reid offered, rolling over to his side and grimacing as he jarred his injured shoulder.

This gave Hotch's muddled brain the jumpstart it needed to bring up the images. They had been driving along a bumpy road, the rain was coming down hard, and then there was a truck. It had come from what looked like a private driveway. Its driver timing it to perfection, gaining speed and colliding with the SUV with a violent shattering of glass and screeching twisted metal as it forced them over the embankment and down a steep ravine.

As soon as the memory of what had happened hit him he pushed himself to his feet stretching the chain of his restraint taught and flexing the sore muscles in his back and neck. He had definitely hit his head at some point in the roll over but it didn't explain how they had somehow moved from the mangled SUV at the bottom of a ravine to wherever they were at now.

"Are you alright?" He asked Reid, noting the pallor of his face and the way he winced when moving his left arm.

"Yeah, I think I just sprained my shoulder a little in the crash. I don't think I hit my head which doesn't explain waking up here." he rambled his brain finally warming up, "I can't say the same for Emily though, that truck hit on her side."

The same thought had crossed his mind as well and he moved away from the wall as far as his restraint would allow, trying to make out the condition of his other agent. He stood on his tip toes and could just make out a dark red stain of blood on the collar of her shirt and matted in her hair.

"Prentiss? Emily, wake up." Her only response was the gentle rise and fall of her breathing.

"I think someone drugged us." Reid said interrupting him while scratching at a puncture mark in his arm. "He crashed into us and then drugged us make sure we didn't wake up before we got here. Wherever here is."

"Do you think it's our Unsub?"

"Who else could it be?"

"So he targeted us and lured us out to talk to a witness so he could get the drop on us?"

"It's the only thing that really makes sense. Someone knew we would be on that road and timed it perfectly."

"He's more resourceful than we thought."

Their conversation was silenced by a soft clicking sound coming from the door at the opposite wall near Emily's feet. The hairs on Hotch's neck stood as he stood stalk still, waiting. The clicking stopped and the door slowly creaked open inch by inch until they could make out the towering form of a man as he emerged from the shadows. As the man stepped into the room, Hotch ticked away as many mental notes of him as he could make out. Tall, large build, physically fit, mid 30's maybe early 40's, brown hair…

"Good morning Gentlemen." He said through a smile of a coffee stained overbite and leaned over to study Prentiss's face. "I see Agent Prentiss is still sleeping soundly."

"You're making a big mistake here." Hotch said sternly. "People will be looking for us."

"Oh I think that's a very safe bet Agent Hotchner. In fact I'm thinkin they're probably just about to start wonderin where ya'll are at and if you're about done with that witness interview."

"How do you know about that?" Reid asked timidly as he pulled his feet under him and stood.

"Ah, now Doc, I'm bettin you're a pretty smart guy. You can probably figure that one out yourself."

"There was no witness." Hotch answered solemnly.

"Oh, no, there was a witness. She's, well let's just say she had a change of heart."

"What do you want with us?"

"Have you ever been hunting Agent Hotchner?" He asked, kneeling next to Emily, making Hotch tense. "It's all a bit unfair to me. Sitting in wait by a pond or a river for something to just walk into your crosshairs, completely oblivious to the dangers around? You take the shot and watch as its life drains away before bringing it home and slicing through its flesh, preparing it so that it could maintain the life of the one who killed it. I baited the trap and waited. You all just drove into my sights, so I took the shot."

"But we aren't dead." Reid pointed out the flaw in his logic.

The man patted Prentiss' leg and stood up with a sigh.

"Like I said Doctor, I never felt the waiting game was very fair. You all hunt criminals, the men of this world who society has claimed bad men or evil, monsters. How do you think those men feel, knowing you are on their trail, hunting them and when you catch up to them, their lives as they know it is over?"

"I imagine they are afraid, angry, some of them maybe even excited." Reid answered intelligently paying no mind to Hotch who was glaring harshly, analyzing every word and facial twitch.

Without another word he smiled and nodded at Reid before turning on his heels and striding back toward the door. He took another look and the woman on the floor, turned slowly to face them and reached into his jacket pocket. He pulled a small key ring from the flannel and with a sinister smile waved the small key up for them to see before tossing it into the shadows behind Emily before stepping out of the room and pulling the door shut behind him.

"What do you think Reid?" he asked quietly, eyes still focused on the shadows holding the key.

Reid thought for a moment before speaking the words that Hotch was already thinking.

"I think we're about to find out what it's like to be hunted."

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