Chapter one


"Out of my way, Swan," He spoke my name like it was a curse word. His shoulder pushed into the center of my chest throwing me off balance. I stumbled into a passing fellow student who steadied me and continued on. His looks did nothing to me after the way he has treated me since kindergarten. Other girls would slobber after him, whereas I would rather save my saliva to spit into his eyes.

"Fuck face!" I yelled after him. I looked up again with a puffed out chest and a tilted chin expecting it to be the beast only to be surprised to find the superintendent standing before me.

"Miss Swan, if you would like to accompany me to my office?" I chest deflated as I followed Mr. Rogers to his "office"-which was really the teacher's lounge. "Take a seat, Bella." I did as I was told. I had never been in the teacher's lounge-unlike some of the braver kids I was too much of a puss to try sneaking in to get a Coke or some candy bar. The walls were slightly less bland compared to the hallways, a citrus orange and accent blues. Very mellow, not exactly what I expected from a group of teachers but either way pretty. They had also tacked up posters, the same ones they provide in the classrooms, Hang in there! Mr. Rogers noticed my gazing eyes and went straight to the point when he said, "A week of detention," I was expecting more time from the hard-ass but I was not about to mention that fact, fearful of an extension. "I would also like for you to tell your father of what you have done."

I nodded, slightly rising from my seat when I asked, "May I go back to class now?" when he agreed I swiftly left the room and continued onto my classes. My anger boiled, not at Mr. Rogers but at him. He made my skin crawl, my eye twitch and he's the only one that can get my face that red! As vulgar as he is, as cruel and mean we used to be friends. Way back in fifth grade, when I stupid and trusting. I've know that damn Edward Cullen my whole life.

"Not too shabby, Swan." A small, clear voice said behind my ear.

"Oh the irony," I said while holding up the origami swan for Alice to see. "But thanks." Alice winked as she hopped in to the chair beside me.

"So what did Mr. Rogers tell you? Did you get suspended? Are you getting detention? Did he molest you? No, I heard he's not like that. I also heard, though, that he smokes pot with the students." I slapped my hand across her petite mouth before Alice continued on a babbling rampage.

"Detention for a week. That's it." My spikey haired friend sighed and sort of slumped when she realized she had not pot smoking adventures to share to the school about the superintendent.

"Whatcha gonna do with that swan?" She quickly changed the subject.

"First I'll have it graded. Then I'm throwing it away. What did you do for your grade?" In return Alice propped up her painting. It was gorgeous. It was a cupful of make up brushes, but still stunning the way she used highlights and shadows to make the painting feel as if it's real and there. You could see exactly all of the groves and dents in the brushes from over use and even the fine little hairs that were uneven and shiny. Alice's voice broke me out of my trance.

"Did you ever get that job you were talking about?"

"I did! I start next week, so lately I've had nothing interesting to do. My time before had been spent up by job hunting. So my week has been lame." I replied.

"What if we put your swan to better use and entertain both of us?" An evil smile spread across her round face. "How about we play a prank on Edward?"

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