Chapter 3


"What the hell are you doing here?" Edward roared. "Fucking stalking me now?"

"I was here first! Are you stalking me?" I snapped back. "I knew you were creepy Edward, but I didn't know you were that creepy."

"Well I was born first!" I raised my eyebrow at the immature tone of his comment as if to ask 'Really?' In return Edward just shrugged sheepishly.

"So really," I asked, getting irritated. "What are you doing here? Are you here to sabotage my job?"

"You have a job here?" Edward questioned. His eyes were close to popping out, what? Did he have a job here too? "This is my house." It took a few minutes for the shock to settle in.

There was a moment of silence before I voiced what we both knew. "So I'll be cleaning you toilets?" Edward nodded his lips no longer able to hold back his amused smirk.

"Bella, Bella, Bella," He tsked. "Looks like we are going to have lots of fun here, now aren't we?" Edward threw his head back and full on laughed, in my mind there was lightening and he wasn't laughing-he was cackling, while he walked to the door and unlocked it. He didn't really invite me in, seeing as he was too busy laughing, but then again he didn't slam the door in my face so I assumed it would be safe to enter, before I whimped out and ran home. I speed walked having to use my ears to find Edward, his laughter my tracking device. Sick bastered. "...And finally the last thing you have to do," He swung open a door, "is clean my room." He winked and began to saunter away before calling over his shoulder, "If need anything don't call for me." He chuckled and added as a second thought with a look of real concern, "Oh and if you get lost...don't call me for that either." Edward burst out laughing before he descended the stairs. I huffed and kicked the bucket of cleaning supplies on the ground that was given to me. The worse part of the whole situation? My uniform came in tomorrow.

This has been a horrible day. But I have a feeling it won't be my worst. I sighed and got to work. Remember your mom, I told myelf, remember her. I was scrubbing the master bedroom bathroom when commotion began. Car doors were slamming open and shut, the house door was being swung open and closed and the sound of rustling shopping bags and plastic Wal-Mart bags were being set on the kitchen counters. Guess I'm about to meet my boss. Wanting to finish the job before I met them I finished off scrubbing the toilet before I packed up the cleaning supplies and headed down stairs. It took me three hours, I thought to myself, three! This house is huge; no wonder they needed someone to clean it. I had to come and clean it a bit everyday Esme said, in case they have any surprise company. They want it to look spotless. If I lived in a house like this…. Who am I kidding? I thought to myself, I can barely pay the bills and take care of my own mother let alone buy a new house! Maybe if I got a smaller home it would be easier. But Ma had grown up in that old Victorian house. She would be shattered if we moved out. I of course could never trust anyone with that house. They might do something stupid and take down Ma's favorite wallpaper, or even worse, try to remodel it. Imagining a modernized kitchen in that beautiful house made me shutter. Yeah the house was old, yeah it could use some work. There were a few rooms that leaked during storms, a few missing parts and creaky stairs but it had character. My great grandparents grew up in that house, my grandma was born there, and so was Ma. Once she pasted away I would inherit the house, because that's the only thing our poor family was able to keep in our name and pass down. I bet Edward's family didn't grow up here. He didn't consider this house to be a sentimental piece of his history. It was just a house to him, not a home. But what do I care what Edward thinks? It's Edward! He's coldhearted and a jerk, I doubt he even has feelings other than anger and lust.

My ugly thoughts were broken by the family voice from which I had spoken to on the phone to, Esme.

"Oh Isabella, dear!" She sang, her voice sweet, soothing and…motherly. Ma's voice was croaky, cracked and constantly cut off by her hacking- my heart tugged. Ma couldn't help but be sick. I'm so selfish. It's not her fault. The back of my throat was beginning to burn as I put the cleaning supplies in the cabinet and turned to a smiling Esme. I mimicked her expression when she asked, "Finished already?" She seemed surprised.

"Yes ma'am. I tried to get it the cleanest, the fastest I could. Ma had an appointment I have to take her too." My voice got awkward and I rubbed the back of my flaming neck with my head down.

Esme's understanding voice caught me off guard. "It's okay sweetie, you head out now. You've worked enough today anyways." What caught me even more so off guard was the wad of cash she handed me. She did not even count it. Just handed it to me. Was this pity she was giving me of just a friendly gesture of a boss? Most likely pity I decided.

I hesitated in my departure only when I heard the soft tinkling sound of a friend's voice. It sounds like Alice's I thought. "Esme, where do you want the cherries?" What is she doing in Edward's house? I thought she hated him. How does she know Esme? Was she working here too? Questions were piling up in my head as Alice walked closer to the kitchen. "Is the new maid here?" My heart started to pound when it clicked. Esme was her new stepmother she has been talking about.

Edward was her stepbrother.

As soon as Alice entered the spacious kitchen-which was feeling smaller and smaller by the second-her eyes widened upon seeing me. My face heated up and I thought of my options. Fight or flight, I thought. So I did the first thing that came to mind. I ran.

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