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Got it. For those of you who don't know, Lou is the head dog of the Canine Intelligence Service, which is the intelligence agency of the Unified Canine Republic (UCR, government of all dogs, wolves, etc.) Now, STORY TIME!

"...all cats and dogs will cease to exist," Desiree finished.

"That would be correct Beta One," Lou said. He noticed confusion spread her features and paused.

"Wait," Diggs said, equally as confused by Lou's manner of addressing his girlfriend. "'Beta One?' Lou, Desiree is a living being, not a robot."

The Director of CIS nodded. "I am well aware of that Alpha One," he said in a calm voice. It was as though he had heard the sentence but not truly acknowledged it.

"He isn't either," Desiree said with concern "Sir."

Lou didn't smile but locked eyes with both of them. "When I said only you two could accomplish the mission," he began. Slowly. Obviously was picking his words carefully. "I was merely testing both of you. I could not fire two agents that could accomplish the mission without backup. You two willing to go in without any other agents means two tests got As. With attached pluses."


"I'm assembling a task force," Lou said. "We cannot afford to send in only one or two agents. I was only able to assemble a handful of dogs for this mission. There are many that would make for a great help on this mission but are unavailable for various reasons."

"Why a task force Lou?" Diggs said. "Won't it take too long?"

"It normally would," the Director said, "But the circumstances warrant these extreme measures. Tab, the 'Fat Cat' at MEOWS, informed me that he sent in two agents a day ago to investigate a report in Los Angeles, California. Said report stated that one of Kitty Galore's carrier pigeons, Seamus's cousin Nicky, disappeared in South Central. Both of them were confirmed inserted but surveillance cameras and spy satellites are mainly rare in that area, and contact was lost shortly after they were inserted. Local CIS operatives in LA embarked on a search-and-rescue mission while also looking for Nicky but so far we have had no contact from them either. We suspect the high crime in South Central LA has caused them to go dark. We do not know what Feline Liberation Front (those evil cats in the movies for those of you who don't know; back to the story) supporting gangs are in the area, but they have not been heard from for eighteen hours and counting. Thereby we will assemble a task force for the purpose of this assignment."

Just then, Peek, a Chinese Crested who headed Covert Ops, ran in. "Boss!" he yelled.

"We have a briefing Peek," Lou said, not letting his anger at the tech specialist bursting in, "but I know it's important. Tell me."

"We got something from Jamaica!"

"Onscreen," the Beagle ordered.

"Got it," he said. It was Tinkles. He had been defeated earlier by Diggs, Catherine, Butch and Seamus, but escaped. Now he was sweating and nervous.

"TINKLES!" Lou yelled. He had a hatred for the cat that he kept concealed since a plot to make humans allergic to dogs and nearly killing his family.

"Listen to me my former enemies!" he said. "Kitty will be initiating her grand plan in less than a day via Los Angeles!"

"We know that," Desiree said.

"I have no time for much conversation!" he said. "Using backup files and top-of-the-line hardware, Kitty Galore has been able to make a new and improved Paws!"

"WHAT?" Diggs yelled. He thought his days of fighting that robot were over. Now he had to deal with a tougher one?

"Kitty has had Paws assassinate Calico, the MacDougall twins, all of her carrier pigeons, and that Rex dog from Germany! She doesn't like loose ends left untied!" That monstrosity is coming after me now! She will be in LA to make the broadcast!"

"Got it!" Lou said. "I'll get the Jamaica operatives to rescue you!"

There was an explosion, obviously from Jamaica. Screaming as well.

"Too late!" he said.

He was right.

Too late.

Lou, Peek, Desiree and Dutch could only watched as the connection was cut, but the screams said one thing.

Tinkles was dead.

Wow. I just killed off a main character. Or did I...

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