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The secretive nature of the Canine Intelligence Service (CIS) prevented the ceremony from being public, but it's Director, a Beagle known as Lou, didn't mind as he took the podium.

"Special Agent-in-Charge Butch!" he sounded off.

"Yes sir!" the Anatolian Shepherd responded.

Lou pinned the award on his uniform. "For outstanding leadership of Task Force Zero and bravery in fighting one of the greatest enemies of canines and felines everywhere, you have earned the Cross of Valiance. Congratulations Agent Butch."

"Just doing my duty kid," the older dog replied modestly.

"Hold on." With that Lou withdrew another medal. "You got blown off a roof but still cut the power. For that, I present you the Medal of Preservance for obeying orders and completing the mission in spite of personal handicaps."

Next up was Seamus. "Supervisory Special Agent Seamus, I am proud to award you the Legion of Unwilling Captivity for being detained by unlawful forces."

The remainder of the ceremony was rather boring until Lou revealed twelve identical awards that no one had seen before.


"These, ladies and gentlemen, are Task Force Zeros own Operation Light in the Dark Stars! No pun intended before any of you ask that, as field operatives the CIS and MEOWS was able to prevent a cyber attack that would've led to the destruction of society as we know it and the subjugation of all those good on this planet."

"Thank you sir," Butch asked as he eyed the unvealed decorations. "Just why now do you show them off?"

"I figured you all getting them at once would be more meaningful than having you all line up to recieve your own individually. Plus, these are the kinds of things that'll be done on an increasing scale as time goes on and Zero is expanded."

"Sir?" Diggs asked confused.

"I'm sorry we kept this from you guys," Dutch said, "but the Director's stepping up the Task Force. We're gonna get twenty-two more teams and eighty-eight more heavily-armed spies."

The initial cheerfullness left the room. Lou sighed and took a deep breath.

"Before any of you dismiss yourselves, it is time to discuss the future of Task Force Zero. Sorry I have to do this at such an inappropriate time. With rogue terrorists like Kitty Galore and Mr. Tinkles running rampant and free the Earth is increasingly dangerous for cats and dogs. As of right now Director Lazenby and I am preparing for evaluations."

"Zero," Butch took over, "is to become the primary arm of CIS and MEOWS PHYSINT (Physical Intelligence) gathering branches. Whenever conventional agents or regular military special forces units cannot be sent in we will answer the call. We are beyond top-secret here; heck, most of the guys in HQ right now haven't the slightest clue of our existence."

"So we're basically black-on-black James Bond?" Desiree asked with a note of worthy.

"Affirmative in some ways and negative in others. Just remember; we are the sword and shield now of canine and feline kinds. And we will swing and block truely in our vigilance."

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Never mind that. Oh, and now we've got eighty-eight agents. I'm looking for eithers felines or canines. Mention what kind they are, if they're OC or a canon character, what two specializations they have (marksman, paw-to-paw, CQC (with shotgun/SMG/other short range weapon), Team leader, second-in-command, tech, machine gunner, medic...

Look, here's an example from Alpha and Omega:


Type of Feline/Canine: Wolf

OC or Canon character: Canon

Looks: Flaming crimson fur with a cream-white underbelly and green eyes.

Positions on team/specializations: Team leader and paw-to-paw expert.

Personality: He may seem arrogant on the outside at first but really dedicated to the mission and his team. Insecure at times due to inital low-quality howling skills as well as a shaky relationship with his father. Despite being an Alpha Garth may or may not goof off with team mates and comrades. If he is off-duty and not in the field that is.

Gear: Standard black uniform modified for increased freedom of movement. Helmet radio modified to enable him to stay in touch with superiors better and more effectively coordinate with his team and other Task Force members. Carries a full-sized assault rifle as well as a backup sidearm and knife.

Style: As soon as he gets his orders from HQ Garth informs his subordinates and starts to think up a plan-one that inevitably will fall apart whenever enemies open fire. In the event of being unable to shoot his targets Garth can stab opponents with his knife or simply pound them with his bare paws.

Okay, now we know what I'm looking for. Although if you've got support personnel like analysts, pilots or technicians they'd be great too! Thanks to anyone who's reading this for staying with me. I'm sorry for being lazy at times when it comes to updating. I hope you all enjoyed Puppy Love: Continued! Also since it looks like the main villains are out who'll be the bad guy/girl? And what will they do to get on Zeros radar?