Chapter 1: The return

Location: In deep space

Several Galactic Federation Flagships, in the infinite of space, is under seiged by the Space Pirates.

Inside one of the Flagships, three Galactic Federation Marines were defending outside of the Storage room from the Space Pirate onslaught. This battle is now becoming too overwhelming with armored Space Pirates attacking the remaining Marines.

"There is too many of them!" The first marine, who was a female said, while blasting a Space Pirate charging towards her with her cannon. She managed to kill the attacker, then added, " Just a few of us against an army of Space Pirates. We have to call for backup, quick!"

"Even if we can call backup, the Phazon Enhancement Devices, will be gone . . . along with the Space Pirates with them!" The second Marine, which was a male that appears to be a commander repiled quickly. "All our comrades had fought for the PEDs, and they all got killed. And worst, since our Admiral was killed, we all have no choice to fight back. Our comrades in the other Flagships were having this problem as well. Either we defend this Flagship, or die trying."

"I knew I shouldn't signed up for being a Marine," The third Marine, who is a male, complained, "And this is the reason why I shouldn't be in this."

"We can all worry about it later," The Marine Commander replied, "But right now is the time to defend the Supply room."

The soldiers kept blasting the Space Pirates, but they were advancing quickly. They are now becoming afraid that they are going to lose the battle, and their lives as well, until a burst of blue light came soaring towards the middle of the firefight.

The soldiers and Space Pirates can't see the bright light, until they that the light starts to dimmed, revealing to be a black ironclad figure that have an unusally light blue visor, blue circular energy ports on each side of the shoulders, three small blue circular energy ports on the back that are nearly together. The left arm didn't have any weapons, but the left hand have an energy port, while the right arm has a cannon attached to it, which unlike the Marines that were carrying their guns, the cannon was cylinder-shaped and it have a metalic plating around the middle of the cannon that is very similar to the black armor, except a small circular energy port was in the middle of the metal plating that was shining aqua blue.

It first looked at the soldiers, then it turned around on the attacking Space Pirates. It was holding its cannon, and start blasting the Space Pirates with quick accuracy and speed. The blast fire killed the Space Pirates in just one minute without missing even a single target. Once the fight was finished, the figure now looked at the soldiers, and raised it's cannon down.

"Whoa," the male Marine said with amazement, "I don't know who this person is, but this guy or girl, save our lives from those Space Pirates. They really start to get on my nerves right now."

"I agreed," the Marine commander agreed brightly, "We thought that we're going end up losing the Phazon, the enhancements, and us. But you save us, so thanks stranger. For now, we have to aid the other Flagships that were still under attack by those Space Pirates."

"Hey, wait a second," the female Marine said, "The Admiral didn't sent a Bounty Hunter for help. In fact, the Admiral told us that the Flagships are heading towards the Stratrosphere without even needing a bounty hunter on this misson as well."

"Maybe the Admiral decided to send in a bounty hunter?" the male Marine suggested.

"Yeah right," the female Marine replied, "The figure could be dangerous. Since the Flagships are now breeched, we can't deactivate our visors, since the oxygen tanks are gone."

"It's not dangerous since he or she saved us," the male Marine said back to the female Marine, "In my case, the figure saved our lives."

"Yeah right," the female Marine retorted. "The figure is dangerous."

"Is not," the male Marine snapped back at the female Marine.

"Is too," the female Marine shot back.

Before the two Marines start to argue whether which side it's on, it walked past the soldiers, open the control terminal with its cannon. The supply room is full of canisters that read, "Phazon Ore. Do not open."

"Hey, stranger," the Marine commandeer warned, "Phazon is too dangerous. You could get Phazon Sickness, or worst."

The figure ignored the commanding Marine, and starts walking towards the Phazon Ore chambers. When it stopped walking towards the Phazon Ore, it changes the cannon to a regular arm like the left arm, then the then the cases protecting the Phazon Ore start to break in pieces like a mysterious force broke through, and start absorbing the Phazon Ore.

When the figure starts to absorb, the Phazon Ore start to shrink down, while releasing cloud-like energy that was heading towards the figure.

The male soldier warned, "Hey, you have to stop draining Phazon Ore. This is Galactic Federation property. If Phazon is touched without proper equipment, the effects could kill you in contact quickly."

But, the figure ignore the soldier's warnings. It continues draining more and more Phazon Ore.

"Listen," the female Marine replied, "There are more Space Pirates coming to the Storage Area. If you don't stop draining Phazon, we could all be killed, including you!"

But, waiting for the bounty hunter absorbing Phazon had just made the commanding soldier to lose his temper; he knew that more Space Pirates are coming right now, and the figure just ignored them.

Finally, the commanding Marine ordered, "If you continue draining Phazon Ore, we will shoot you immediantly."

But the figure didn't listen to the commanding Marine and continue draining Phazon Ore.

Having no remorse for the bounty hunter draining Phazon Ore, the commanding Marine said, "That's it. Soldiers, prepare to fire!"

The male and female Marines aim the bounty hunter with their guns.

The commanding Marine ordered, "Ready . . . . Aim . . . . Fire!"

The three Marines started blasting their guns on the absorbing figure, but when the firepower hit the figure, there was no effect on it.

The soldiers became stunned when there was no effect on the figure, until it turned around towards the three Marines.

The figure activates its cannon, and started to blast the Marines.

"Fall back!" The Commanding Marine yelled.

The marines were now fleeing from their post, and now were running away as fast as they can.

But, the figure had decided to chase down the marines.

The figure started to run very fast, and raising it's cannon, shot down the three marines.

The marines were tripped to the floor like they tripped on something. The figure stopped running, and looked at the marines that were shot, until one marine was still crawling to get away. The figure aimed its cannon, and blasted the moving marine. The marine that was crawling was not moving anymore.

The other two marines turned their heads up to see their comrade was killed. Before they could move anymore, they silently moaned, "Commander."

The figure saw the marines fall still, until when it looked at the hallway of the Flagship, there was another marine that was a man, started to run from nowhere. Knowing that this marine won't escape, it started chasing the marine.

The Marine, who was fleeing, knew about various locations around the Flagship. But, since there was a seige going on, there was no choice but to head towards the escape port, and start looking for an escape pod. The marine had reached to escape port, and start to look for an escape pod, until the marine found an escape pod.

The ecsape pod outside where the Marine could see is a door that is circular and the door was up to the marine's height.

When the Marine turned around, and see that the figure is now coming, the marine knew that it is carrying a weapon. The marine had to escape very quickly.

The Marine opens the latch by its handles, and see that inside the escape pod, it is like a mini spaceship that could fit up to four people, and had emergency supplies and have controls to travel anywhere to escape.

The Marine opens tried to get inside, but didn't made it to the escape pod as the figure got close enough, and activated a grapple lasso by it's energy port on it's left hand to grab the soldier by the chest armor. The figure then pulled the marine out of the escape pod, and uses the same left arm to grabbed the Marine by the chest armor and pulled the marine off the floor with ease.

The Marine looked at the figure and demanded, "Who are you?"

The figure looked at the Marine with a cold stare, and then said in a metallic feminine voice, "I wouldn't want to answer this question."

Then, the figure's cannon starts to change into a blade-like weapon that was attached to its arm. The figure wind back the bladed sword, and said, "I won't be taking anyone alive."

The Marine closed his eyes to make sure he doesn't see it coming, until there was a sudden jolt. The Marine open his eyes, and saw that both the male and female Marines that were wounded are pulling the figure away from him.

The two Marines pulled the figure back, and the male Marine start grabbing it's neck and pulling it back with enough force until he gets to the wall, while the female marine was pulling its left arm off of their fellow marine's chest armor, until she successfully got her fellow marine off of the figure.

The female Marine helped the other male Marine get to his feet, and told him, "We'll hold off against this attacker. You have to get to escape pod and warn the rest of the Galactic Federation that Dark Samus had came back."

"But who is . . . " the male Marine asked.

"No time," the female Marine interrupted. "Just go!"

The male Marine started running to the escape pod, and he successfully got inside. Before he closed the latch, he used his scan visor that he had for studying various opponents, use a scan to identify the figure that was trying to stop him from escaping, and had successfully scanned the figure. He didn't had time to read the attacker, but he close the latch and ejected the escape pod from the Flagship.

The figure saw that the Marine escaped, and growled in anger. Then, it sees that the other two marines that were trying to stop it were now dead.

The figure knows that it will stop the escaping Marine, even if means killing anyone standing in it's path.

The Marine, in the escape pod, set his course back to the nearest Galactic Federation Outpost. Feeling unsure about what his female comrade told him, the marine take a look at the scan he used.

When the marine take a look at the scan, it reads, 'Identification: Dark Samus. Status: Abilities are unknown. Last seen: Destroyed in the final battle against Samus Aran in Phaaze. For more information, go to file records on enemy types.'

The Marine was in shocked, and he thought to himself, 'Samus was wanted for destroying the BSL research ship. But without her, Dark Samus might bring the Galactic Federation to their knees. I have to tell them, before we are all doomed.'

And that, he activated the hyperdrive and started heading towards his destination, hoping that he can warn them about the rising threat.