I have decided to go under my real name, that is Thomas Brown Whoops, sorry, I think I already blew your cover, for all those have booked me for my username BelieverInChrist. Although I am still living within Christ Shouldn't it be the other way around?, I must be separate, for I still have things to do, like making you all believe in his holy name Going by your reviews, it's not working..

Also note, I am not a belieber, like other people are saying. I do not know you are getting stuff like that from but it is not true. I am a believer, not a belieber, what ever that is I do not know. A Justin Bieber fan. I'm a bit surprised at people calling you a belieber, tooI thought you said you didn't like "Satanic" music

I also like to note that I am not mocking Percy Jackson Just like I am not mocking you, I am just making note of the evilness that it is. Along with Harry Potter, The Golden Campus Yes, golden campuses are indeed evilwith all the cutbacks on education, you'd think they'd spend the little money they had on something other than golden campuses, and the Narnia series which happens to be an extremely Christian series, it is the most evilness this world has ever seen, beside Stan that is.

Children's fantasy novels are closest to Satan in levels of evil? I thought taxmen and telemarketers were…

I am also not a troll. A troll is a fantasy creative another definition, taken from Urban Dictionary, is "One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument" that only exist in fake books. As its not in the bible, it is not ture at all. Do not bee fooled by lies such as that Don't worry, we're not "beeing" fooledwe aren't 5 years old, after all. All book aside from the holy bible, which is Latin for the book, are a lie The dictionary is a lie?So much wasted time using a dictionary to study for the spelling bee in middleschool. Remember that people.

I will also like to take note that I can speak Latin, such as this holy set of words: Ego vere fidelis in cuniculis.

"I am truly faithful in rabbits"? What?

I guess I'm "faithful in rabbits" too… they're very fluffy. But those white rabbits with red eyes remind me of Twilight vampires…

And so the devil and Percy Jackson talked in private, in Percy Jackson private mansion in England how did he get a mansion?, for they allow satanic people to walk among us, (curse them all! Burn in hell buoy foul besets) for they needed to get away from all their evil followers, willing to do anything just to enter the heavenly gate of heaven just so that they can get this evil hands on the heavenly goods Would someone please explain to me what I just read? Seriously, help?. And so the devil walked back and forward in the depths of hell what happened to the mansion?, thinking the order he would give to his most devoted follower, Percy Jackson, who has now changed his name to Percy Judas I like that songdid anyone see Shane Dawson's parody?, for it made more sense seeming that he was a traitor to the faith, for he had once believe in Christ our lord and salary why is everything about money nowadays?, but became corrupted as time went one.

"And what must we do to please you wicked one, dear lord and master of all that is evil, and against the godness of God!," Godness of Godtry saying that five times fast Percy Judas told him. Satan had been in a bad mood today so he was really angry, as Percy Jackson Judas or Jackson?Make your mind up had escaped from good hero Jerry that day, instead of killing him in the name of the dark lord Satan.

"Thou shall kill Percy or you shall die yourself," he commanded him. So he bowed.

Pseudo-Old English? I believe Tara Gilesbie has returned.

"I will serve you for always as omg you live," Percy Jackson said. "omg"? Yep, definitely Tara.

(Because you are wondering why Jerry knows about the traitor, God warned him in his sleep the night before the attack).

I think you just dug the plothole even deeper

"Now go kill him or I will bring wrath across you and your friend Grover, who I would be willing to have as a sacrifice instead. I will make you walk this earth wishing you had kill Jerry. Now go and kill. And also, I have palace a traitor among Jerry and his friend. I will not tell who the traitor is, but he will be the person that will tell you this word Deus mortuus. None of his follower will know what this means, but all you will do." What happened to all the "thou"s?

And so he went out looking for Jerry and find him and kill, but first hind the traitor first.

Dear God, forgive me for writing this chapter, and saying bad things about you When exactly did you do that?, but I do knot mean it. I will also obey you and tell all people of the your wonderful, loving, dogful Oh, THERE'S the bad thing he said. Comparing God to a doghow shameful behaviour. Amen.