Our Angle, Bella

Summary: Set in New moon. And season 2 of TVD. Bella is heartbroken about Edward. But soon finds out she isn't human. She's anything but human. Her guardian angel was Emily Bennet. Now Bella is a guardian angle of a certain group in Mystic Falls. What happens when the Cullen's come back?


Chapter 1: Leaving the past behind

Bella's P.O.V

He left. He left me broken. He took my heart and ripped.

A voice spoke from right behind me.

'' Child, why are you so upset?'' I turned to see a tan lady in what looked like a old fashion maid outfit. She had black hair and wore a white bonnet. I felt comfortable around her.

'' He left. He had my heart and tore it into pieces.'' I stated in tears.

''He who?'' The lady asked

''E- Edward.'' I said while tears made their way down my cheeks. The lady knew who I was talking about.

''Isabella, he isn't worth your tears.'' She came and laid a hand on my cheek. '' Don't cry, it means you're a other step closer to finding your real lover.'' I looked at her.

'' H-How do you know my name but I don't know yours.'' I said.

'' Oh my, how rude of me. My name is Emily. Emily Bennet and I'm your guardian angle.'' Emily said. I was shocked.

''Why show up now?''

'' I need your help."

'' Help on what?'' Emily seemed to hesitate.

'' You see I need you to be the guardian angel for a group of people in Mystic falls. They are in really deep trouble.''

'' I'm a human tho.''

'' You see, I can give you my angle ability and still contact you in your mind. Only your mind. I can give you powers of a vampire speed. Werewolves agility and senses. Angles powers. Witch spells. Will you agree.'' Emily spoke. I was thinking. This could be my way out of this town. I turned towards Emily.

'' I agree.''

Emily started to chant and I felt powerful. Emily started to fade and she disappeared. But she spoke in my head.

''Child I will guide you.'' And we took off to Mystic falls.

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