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Chapter 14: Rose

New York was full of life with its constant crowded streets; people rushing to get one place to another and of course, the repetition of car horns that were followed by a yelling driver or passenger. It was mid-day, people clustered along the sidewalks dressed in suits or on the phone making a business call. It was a big difference from Mystic Falls or Forks and Bella was mesmerized by it. Like a child, Bella was pressed up against the widows as her brown eyes soaked in all of this new scenery, causing Damon to chuckle.

"You never have been in the big city before have you?" Damon asks besides Bella. They were currently in the back of taxi cab.

"Believe it or not, no." Bella admitted, "I mean sure I travelled around a lot with my mom and Phil, but we never stayed long to sight see. That and Port Angela's, which really doesn't count if you live nearby."

Damon smirked, "Well in that case, welcome to New York City, the city of life."

Bella rolled her eyes, even if Damon was sometimes an asshole, he was kind of nice. He had this side to him, a good side that he never really let anyone see. Bella though was seeing it now, and it made her rethink her opinion on Damon- but it would be short lived because Bella knew Damon would fuck it up somehow.

"What are the plans for the day then?" Bella inquired, tearing her gaze from the window and giving Damon her full and utter attention.

"Depends on what you want to do. We have the bars, nightclubs, sightseeing – even though I've seen everything here and let me tell you that the statue of Liberty isn't what it's made out to be."

Bella groaned, "No more drinking. The last hangover was enough- besides, I need to stay sober so I can remember this trip."

Damon gave Bella a suggestive smirk, "Oh, I can make this trip worth remembering if that's what you really want."

Bella rolled her eyes, "No thank you Damon, I'd rather choke on vodka."

"I could give you something else to choke on."

Bella scrunched up her nose in disgust, "Not that kind of girl Damon."

Damon chuckled, "Oh I know Isabella. I just love to rile you up is all."

"Asshole." Bella muttered.

"Come on, tell me that wasn't funny."

"Okay, it wasn't funny."

"Buzz kill. You're turning into a broody Bella. Don't be that type of person, look at Stefan for example."

Bella sighed in annoyance. At first she was enjoying Damon's company but now all she wanted to do was make him shut the hell up. So she did, doing a simple spell and then he was quietly glaring at her. Giving Damon her own smirk, Bella laughed in victory.

"Now you can't talk, and won't be talking until we get somewhere." Bella says just as her phone let out a shrill ring. Checking the caller I.D, Bella saw Stefan's name. Answering she undid the spell on Damon, "Hello? Stefan? What happened because I know this isn't a curtesy call."

"It isn't Bella. Something happened last night at the Masquerade Ball. You know the one both you and Damon told Mayor Lockwood you'd go to."

"Oops, it totally slipped my mind." Bella sheepishly admitted. She'd been hung-over anyway.

"Yeah well Katherine is back in town, and has the moon stone-"

"What the hell is a moonstone?" Bella asked bluntly.

"Being on that road trip with Damon you've missed a lot of things. Like the fact that Elena is now missing. You need to come home."

"No need to tell me twice and once I get there, you're explaining everything to me."

Hanging up the phone, Bella narrowed her eyes at Damon. She partially blamed this on his since he talked her into the road trip in Georgia.

"Someone is lacking on their protecting duty." Damon taunted.

"Someone is about to lose their fangs if we are not back in Mystic Falls within an hour." Bella growled, causing Damon to regain his smirk.

"I can solve that issue." Then he was out of the car, opening Bella's side of the door, lifting her up into his arms and they were speeding away back to Mystic Falls.





Elena felt herself being carried in a pair of strong arms. Her head leaned on the strangers shoulder, feeling incredibly confused and weak. There wasn't much she could do for herself, she could barely make out where she was at. Some abandoned house, her wrists and ankles bound by rope.

"Please." Elena whispered, panting for air.

The stranger laid her on the couch, and by then Elena could open her eyes. A man had been taking her, and once he removed his hat and glasses she saw that he had long hair. His eyes looked at her no emotion, and then he began to untie her legs, rapidly unwinding the rope. Elena watched, her lungs still trying to catch air while her brain tried to comprehend everything that was going on.

"W-What do you want?" Elena asked, her eyebrows scrunching up.

The man held up his index finger, "Shh."

"Please, I'm hurt." Elena whimpered as he untied her wrist.

He looked over at the blood stain the wound on her shoulder left, "I know." His eyes began to shift to red as the grey veins grew from below them. "Just a taste." Then just as he was about to bite Elena, a woman's voice echoed loudly.

"Trevor, control yourself."

Elena curled her body to herself a little more as the woman gazed at her. Trevor moved away, leaving Elena to completely take in the woman who stopped the vampire, Trevor, from taking a drink from her. The woman had brown hair styled as a pixie, reminding Elena of Alice Cullen.

"Buzz kill." Trevor told the woman, looking her straight in the eyes.

"What do you want with me?" Elena asked, clenching the couch's armrest.

"My god, you look just like her." The woman's voice held an accent, British maybe, but that wasn't what bothered Elena. It was the way she was looking at her.

"But I'm not. Please, whatever you want-"

"Be quite." The woman snapped, her heels clicking along the floor with each step closer she took.

Elena though, pressed onwards, "But I'm not Katherine. My name is Elena Gilbert. You don't have to do this." Elena by now was trying to reason her way out, sitting upward on the couch, slowly standing up and walked closer to the unknown woman. Despite how stupid it was to do so.

"I know who you are. I said be quiet."

Elena wasn't having it though, being stubborn. "What do you want?"

The woman grew a feral look in her eyes, and before Elena could even react or move away- she was backhanded in the face. Elena's body flew back to the couch, leaving the human unconscious on the couch yet again. The woman stood there, hate in her eyes as she stared Elena down.

"I want you to be quiet." Rose hissed.



"See I told you guys that something would happen, but no- you all don't want to listen to me! What does Caroline know anyway?" Caroline ranted on, worried about Elena.

Last night Stefan tried to kill Katherine with the help of Caroline and Bonnie, but Katherine being the smart bitch she was, bound herself to Elena. Anything that happened to Katherine happened to Elena, which made the 'Kill Katherine' plan render useless. That was until the witch that Katherine had found out that Bonnie was involved, and practically handed Katherine and the moonstone over on a silver platter. Stefan put Katherine in the tomb later that night with the moonstone. Tyler had also broke his curse and Elena had gotten abducted somewhere along the night.

Now all they were waiting for was the return of Bella and Damon, which left Bonnie to do a locator spell that wasn't exactly working at the moment. Caroline was pissed at Bella at the moment for taking off with Damon, which was personally because she held a grudge against Damon for using her as a blood bag when she had been human.

On the other hand, Bella didn't waste time when they gotten back into Mystic Falls; she went right where everyone was at, the high school. Bella felt guilty, feeling responsible for Elena's disappearance. She had been having fun, trying to relax and live her life a little bit, but even as she tried to do that for herself someone else got hurt. Elena was taken, and Elena wouldn't have been taken if Bella had stayed in town, of she'd come back when Caroline asked her too, but no. Bella listened to Damon Salvatore and his bad advice.

Now Bella knew never to leave town again. She could never leave her friends alone, because she was going against everything she was supposed to do. Every moral Bella had before now had been replaced to make sacrifices to protect Elena, Stefan, Caroline, Jeremy, Matt, Damon, Bonnie, and now Tyler. Bella could never take a vacation day or sick day, because her life wasn't her own anymore. And somehow, Bella accepted that.

"Glad you could make it." Caroline sarcastically said when Bella walked into the Alaric's class room door.

"Not now Caroline." Bonnie snapped at the blond vampire before looking over at Bella. "Locater spell isn't working. You think you could do something stronger?"

Bella nodded, "Of course I can try, but I can't say for sure. What happened anyway? Stefan gave me a summary, but I'd like the full story."

Caroline narrowed her eyes, "This is way you don't shackle up with Damon! You can't take vacations-"

"I know that Caroline!" Bella snapped. "You don't think I know that? I know I can't live my own life okay? Don't rub it in!" Bella turned towards Stefan as Damon entered the classroom. "Explain, now."

Stefan ran a hand through his hair, sighing, "We had Katherine cornered, me and Caroline. We lured her in at the Masquerade and were going to kill her. Until things got complicated."

"Complicated how?" Bella inquired.

"Katherine had a witch link her to Elena, so everything we did to Katherine happened to Elena. And if we killed Katherine…."

"You killed Elena." Bella finished when Stefan trailed off.

Caroline took over from there, "Bonnie found the witch to unlink Elena and Katherine, and Elena was fine- just minor injuries. The witch was Bonnie's relative, which she wasn't told. Katherine crossed her own witch and was delivered to us on a silver platter with the moon stone."

"Where is the moon stone now?" Damon asked, standing next to Bella.

"Under the church with Katherine." Stefan simply answered.

Bella's brown eyes narrowed, "Under the church with Katherine? Why would you leave it with her in the first place Stefan!? The woman wants to kill Elena, and when we need that stone we won't have it!"

"It's safer down there than with us at the moment Bella!" Caroline snapped. "Right now we need to focus on getting Elena back and saving her from Klaus."

"She's right Bella, calm down." Damon cooed, earning a glare form the brown haired angel.

"Shove it Salvatore." Bella snapped, moving to were Bonnie was. "So this is your locator spell."

"It isn't working." Bonnie says frustration in her voice.

Bella nodded, looking through all the ingredients and herbs. Picking one up, Bella inspected it- deep in thought. She didn't know what Bonnie was doing wrong, or if it was even Bonnie. Most likely Elena was hidden under a cloaking spell that she'd have to break in order to do a locator spell. Which didn't seem too complicated, but it was going to take a little time.

"Bonnie, care to try and unbinding a spell?" Bella asks, glancing over at the dark skinned witch.

Bonnie cocked an eyebrow, "Why?"

"I think you were looking at this all wrong. If they took Elena, they wouldn't just leave her out in the open without a cloaking spell. So we undo that spell and progress with a locator spell and locate Elena." Bella explained, "Only issue is that it will take some time."

Bonnie smiled slightly, "No, it shouldn't take long at all with the two of us at work Bella."

"Then get to it." Damon clapped his hands, earning death glares from the two witches.

"Can you all leave so we can concentrate?" Bella asks, grasping Bonnie's hands and not waiting for an answer as they began their incarnation.

Caroline rolled her eyes, sitting in the desk besides Stefan and watching the two witches. She was pissed that Bella wasn't here to protect Elena, but the thing was, was that Bella was sacrificing her life and time for all of them. She didn't ask to be some supernatural guardian to them all. A part of Caroline was sad for Bella, but as she watched Bella more- she saw a difference in the girl she meet only two months ago. Bella held her head more high, smiled more, but she was serious. If she didn't trust someone, you don't trust them. Bella was like a guard dog, sensing danger miles away before it came.

"We'll find her." Damon says to Stefan and Caroline. "We'll find Elena and we'll save her and bring her ass back home. If anyone can find her it's Bonnie and Bella."

"I know." Caroline huffed, "I'm just so worried. I didn't mean to snap at Bella, but-"

"Leaving with me pissed you off Blondie. Jealous?" Damon smirked.

Caroline rolled her eyes, "Of you? Never."

Stefan sighed, "Guys, right now don't fight. We need to find Elena."

"And brooding Stefan is back." Damon groaned. "Come Stefan, lighten up and have a little faith in our girls."

Bella opened one of her closed eyes, "Hey guys? Shut up." Then she closed her eye again and continued to chant with Bonnie, their words in sync and the flames of the candles getting higher. The desk with the map shook a little, and blood ran down Bonnie's nose- but they didn't stop there. Bella's grip on Bonnie's hands got tighter when she felt Bonnie's magic fading- pouring her own magic into Bonnie.

Come on Bonnie, stay with me.

I can't Bella, I can't do this!

Just like that Bonnie broke the connection, ripping her magic away from Bella, who continued to stand there and chant. Bonnie's eyes widen when she realized her nose wasn't bleeding anymore, but Bella's was.

"Bella, stop!" Bonnie yelled, causing the vampire's attention to drift to them.

"What's going on?" Damon asks, sauntering towards Bella.

"I couldn't continue- Bella, she's not a full witch and she's using too much magic in her body. Damon, she's trying to break this spell on her own now." Bonnie was frantic, trying to coax Bella out of the spell.

Caroline eyes widen when Bella's legs began to shake, the flames got higher and hotter. The desks around them shook as if an earthquake was taking place in that very room. Then Bella lips parted, and a paper began to write a note, before it was eaten by flames, and Bella collapsed and everything stopped shaking. The fire of the candles died out when Bella was close to hitting the ground. Damon was faster though, catching the fallen angel.

"She's in an abandoned house the three hundred miles out of town. Two people.. Trevor and Rose." Bella whispered. "Go find Elena…."

Bonnie and Caroline were instantly by Bella's side, reassuring Damon that Bella would be okay.

"She needs rest Damon." Bonnie says, glancing at Stefan. "Now go get Elena back."


"How are you feeling?" Bonnie asks, sitting beside Bella- who laid on Caroline's guest bed.

After Stefan and Damon left to get Elena, Caroline insistent they nurse Bella back to full health. The only place near to do that was apparently Caroline's house, where the blond vampire took the two of them. Bonnie tried to tell Caroline that all Bella needed was to sleep it off, but Bella couldn't sleep with Caroline's consistent talking and frequently asked question, if she felt okay.

"Better." Bella croaked, her body still felt exhausted. She knew it was stupid, that it was dangerous to try to break the spell, but there was this prideful part inside of Bella that told her she needed to break it. To find Elena before she failed the doppelganger.

"Why would you do that?" Bonnie asked concerned.

Bella gave her a confused look, "Do what?"

Bonnie gave her a look, "Push yourself like that Bella. You aren't a full witch; you shouldn't be surpassing me in a spell even I felt weak in."

"I had to find her Bon." Bella retorted softly, "I made a promise to Emily to protect her family and this group of people. Even if that ever meant to pay with my life, I'd lay it down. I was born to do that I suppose." Bella chuckled. "Bonnie, don't ever worry about me okay? Today I had to push harder on myself rather than giving up. I had to find Elena before something could happen. If she were to die, if any of you were to die- then it defeats my purpose."

Bonnie sighed, "You honestly believe you need to guard us twenty four seven Bella? You don't. You have a life yourself, one that I know you want to live."

"You guys are my life now." Bella smiled sadly. "My life back home consisted of dating this stick in a mud vampire that sparkled. His family seems to cling onto me now. My best friend shunned me because he became some shift shaper of a werewolf and joined a pack. Now they all are trying to reenter my life. Not only that, my parents are divorced and I think my mother doesn't even care anymore. My dad does though, and I miss him. But this world isn't safe for him. I'm not safe for him."

Bonnie could see the longing in Bella's doe brown eyes, the pain that was buried deep inside that was now resurfacing. It was painful for Bella to talk about her life before Mystic Falls, about her family, Bonnie realized. Bonnie also understood Bella though, as her parents were also separated and had a mother who couldn't give a damn about her wellbeing.

"It gets better within time." Bonnie says. "My parents are the same too; my mother ditched me and my father though."

"Bonnie that's horrible." Bella says, pulling the witch into a hug.

"Hey, and least you have your dads, mine left." Caroline says, coming in with a bowl of soup. "Thought you'd be hungry Bella."

Bella laughed. "I'm tired, not sick Caroline."

Caroline smiled sheepishly, "Still, I made it so you better eat it Swan."

Bella nodded gratefully, taking the warm bowl of soup into her cold hands. In fact Bella hadn't even noticed how cold she felt until now. She was freezing, even with the blanket on her lap. Carefully, Bella took the spoon in the chicken noddle soup and blew gently at the steam before placing the spoon in her mouth. Warmth engulfed her, and she welcomed it with warm arms.

"Any news on Elena?" Bella asked as she ate.

"Nothing yet. You exactly didn't give an exact location." Caroline says. "But it was good enough to where Stefan and Damon are both working, looking inside every abandoned house."

"That's not good enough." Bella groaned, placing the bowl of soup down. "We need to find Elena!"

"And we will!" Caroline retorted. "We will Bella. Okay we will find Elena and we will save her."

"Jeremy is also helping by using Ariel view of google maps, so we'll find her." Bonnie reassured. "You just need to rest for now because I think we will have bigger problems soon."

"Like what?" Bella inquired.

"The Cullen's have been calling you, and they claim that you're in danger." Bonnie says, handing her cell phone to Bella. "After you passed out, it was ringing over and over again to the point Caroline almost broke it."

"And I would have." Caroline interjected

"But I stopped her, and it is completely your decision to call them back." Bonnie stood up and gave Bella's hand a squeeze. "Come on Caroline, leave Bella alone to think."

Bella watched the duo go out of the room as she scrolled through her recent calls, seeing that it had just been Alice calling. Maybe it's immature to ignore the calls, but something told Bella not to ignore them. Even after everything and their history, Bella knew somehow the Cullen's would be a part of her life, but they would never be her world again. So maybe that's why she hit the call back button.


"How's the girl?" Elena distantly heard from Rose as she began to regain consciousness.

"Still passed out." Trevor's voice echoed.

"You didn't touch her did you?" Rose asks sternly.

"Give me some credit." Trevor answered bluntly. "So you called him?"

"I called his contacts. You know how it works."

Elena listened as she slowly got up from the couch, trying to be as silent as she could as she tried to find a way out of the hell hole she was in. She was trying to outsmart to vampires who kidnapped her for some reason best be unknown to her.

"That is not what I asked." Trevor's voice became harsher. "Did you or did you not get the message to Elijah?"

Elijah? Who was Elijah? Something told Elena that it would be best not to stick around and find out who he was.

"They said he got it."

"Wonderful and what?"

"And so that's it Trevor." Rose was annoyed at the consist worry in Trevor's voice. "Either he got it or he didn't. We just have to wait."

"Look it's not too late. We can leave her here. We don't have to go through with this." Trevor says, trying to convince Rose of something Elena just couldn't quite understand.

She was listening, trying to be as quiet as possible.

"I. Am. Sick. Of. Running." Rose pronounced each word carefully.

Trevor on the other hand wasn't so convinced, "Oh yeah? While running keeps us from dying!"

"Elijah is old school. If he accepts our deal, we're free." Rose says.

Right then and there Elena stepped on a loose floorboard, gaining both vampires' attention.

"You." Rose said, walking Elena's way. "There is nothing around here for miles. If you think you are getting out of this house, then you are tragically wrong. Do you understand?"

There was something feral in Rose's eyes, something Elena was scared of. So when Elena asked her next question, she refrained from making eye contact and kept her head slightly bent. "Who's Elijah?"

"He's your worst nightmare." Rose answered, walking away from Elena.


"Alaric sure likes his weapons." Damon says while driving, glancing at the contraption in Stefan's hands. "What the hell is that?"

"It's a vervain bomb, or launcher. Something like that." Stefan idly replied, eyes darting to the window. "How much further is it?"

"About eighty miles."

"Who do you think took her?" Stefan asked, trying to make conversation with his brother.

"Someone who's from Katherine's past." Damon answered. "She mentioned once she was running from someone, maybe they got the wrong girl."

"Thank you." Stefan randomly says. "For helping me."

"Can we not do the whole road trip bonding thing? The whole thing gives me an itch."

Stefan gave Damon an annoyed look, "Oh come on Damon, we both know the reason in this car has nothing to do with me anyway."

"The elephant in the room lets out a mighty roar."

"Let's talk about it."

Damon laughed, "There's nothing to talk about."

"That's not true. Sure there is." Stefan prodded. "Either you're in this car to help your little brother save the girl he loves or it's because you love her too." That made Damon smirk, but Stefan continued on. "I mean come on, express yourself. I like road trip bonding."

"Keep it up Stefan. I can step out of helping as easy as I stepped in." Damon warned.

"But you won't, because if this isn't for Elena, it's for Bella. That's the beauty of it. You can't step out of this easily." Stefan slyly remarked.

"What does Bella have to do with any of this?" Damon asked defensively.

Stefan turned to look at his older brother, face void of any expression, "You won't admit it Damon, but some part of you likes Bella. Just like that same part of you likes Elena. It may not be love, but you feel something, and because you feel that something- you can't just walk away from your problems anymore."


"Why am I here?" Elena asked Rose, who was turning on a lamp.

"You're asking me these questions as if I'm going to answer them." Rose doesn't even look at Elena as she talks.

"Why won't you?" Elena asks, watching as Rose move things around.

"That's another one."

"Okay you got me. I can't go anywhere, so the least you can do is tell me what you want with me." Elena says, becoming courageous and fearless in less than seconds.

Rose rolled her eyes, "Personally I want nothing to do with you. I' just a delievery sevice."

"Delivery to who?" Elena asks, talking to Rose's back. "To Elijah?"

Rose laughed, "To points for the easvdropper."

"Who is he? Is he a vampire?" Elena sauntered a little closer to Rose.

"Try the vampire. He's one of the originals."

"The Originals?"

"So the Salvatore's haven't been teaching you your vampire history I see." Rose absent mindly said as she flipped through a book.

The curiosity got the better of Elena, "So you know the Salvatore's?"

"I know of them. A hundred years ago a friend of mind tried to set me up with Stefan. She said he was one of the good ones, but I'm more of a sucker for the bad boys."

"Who are the Originals?" Elena finally asked impatiently.

Rose finally turned around to face Elena, "Trevor and I have been running for five hundred years, we're tired. We want it over. We are using you to negotiate ourselves out of an old mess."

"But why me?"

"Because you're a Petrova doppelganger. You're the key to breaking the curse."

"Curse?" Elena questioned, her face scrunched up in confusion. "The sun and the moon curse?"

"You do know your history." Rose nodded.

"So why am I the key? The moonstone is what breaks the curse."

"No." Rose corrected. "The moonstone is what binds the curse. The sacrifice is what breaks it."

"What sacrifice?" Elena asked.

"The blood of the doppelganger. You're the doppelganger, which means in order to break the curse- you're the one that has to die."

"Tell me more." Elena urged on.

Trevor then entered the room, "Captivity had made her pushy. What do you want to know doppleluscious?"

Elena watched as Trevor covered the sunlight leaking into the room with an old portrait canvas. "Who are you running from?"

"The Originals."

Elena rolled her eyes. "Yeah she said that but what does that mean?"

"The first family." Trevor answered differently, kicking a bucket. "The Old World. Rose and I pissed them off- correction, I pissed them off. Rose had my back and for half a millennium they wanted me dead."

"What did you do?" Elena asked, jumping as Trevor tossed a random red book at her.

Rose answered when Trevor couldn't, "He made the same mistake countless of others did. He trusted Katrina Petrova."

"Katherine." Elena stated.

"The one and only first Petrova doppelgänger."

"I helped her escape her fate so we've been marked responsible."

Rose nodded, "Which is why we are not going to make the same mistake again."

Then Elena was left to her own thoughts as the two vampires left her alone in the room.

Not even an hour later did Rose come back into the room. Elena had to hide the note Bonnie sent, the very note that given Elena hope. That's when Trevor came into the room all spazzed out and afraid.

"He's here." Trevor panicked.

"I said I'll get us out of this mess." Rose reassured. "You have to trust me."

"No! He wants me dead Rose!" Trevor yelled.

"No!" Rose countered. "He wants her more."

Trevor then pointed at Elena, "I can't do this! He'll have mercy for you, but I need to get out of here."

"Hey!" Rose grabbed Trevor firmly. "What are we?"

Elena watched as Trevor took in a deep breath, "We're family. Forever."

Rose smiled and nodded before a knocking resounded, wiping the smile off Rose's face. Turning to look back at Elena, Rose left Trevor with simply directions, "You stay here and don't make a sound." The she was off to answer the door.

Elena could easily see that the two were afraid, even she was afraid as she paced in her blood stained shirt waiting to meet this infamous Elijah. An original vampire that wanted to sacrifice her to break some curse. She only hoped Stefan and Damon would finally arrive at any given moment now as footsteps grew closer from the hallway. She knew Elijah wasn't even a minute away from her now, given as she turned to stare right at a man in a suit. Who looked at her with brown eyes before he was in front of her within a matter of seconds.

Tears gathered in her eyes when he leaned in close to her, inhaling her scent, "Human." He states. "It's impossible." Elijah smiles down at Elena. "Hello there."

Elena looked at him, taking a step back as he stepped forward. "We should be going, seeing as we have a long journey ahead of us."

"Please don't let him take me." Elena begged, looking at Rose.

"One last piece of business, and then we're done." Elijah says, never taking his eyes off Elena.

Trevor glanced up as Elijah approached him, "I've waited for this day for so long Elijah. True, I am very sorry."

"No apologies necessary." Elijah dismisses, rounding Trevor.

"Yes, it is." Trevor continues. "You trusted me with Katerina, and I failed you."

"Well yes you are the guilty one." Elijah agreed. "While Rose was loyal to you. Now that I honor, but where was your loyalty?"

"I beg your forgiveness." Trevor says, staring right into Elijah's eyes

"So granted." Elijah says, before swiftly moving and decapitating Trevor's.

Elena gasped as Rose cried out, "You."

"Don't Rose." Elijah warns, wiping his hands. "Now that you are free." Elijah moves towards Elena, offering her his hand. "Come."

"No, what about the moonstone?" Elena asks in fear.

Elijah comes to a halt. "What do you know about the moonstone?"

"I know that you need it, and I know where it is." Elena answers. "I can help you get it."

"Tell me where it is." Elijah says.

"It doesn't work that way." Elena shakes her head.

"Are you negotiating with me?" Elijah asks Elena, glancing back at Rose.

"It's the first I've heard of it." Rose bit out.

Elijah closed in on Elena, glancing down at her necklace. "What is this vervain doing there?" He asks, taking it and ripping it from her neck. "Tell me where the moonstone is." Elijah compelled.

"In the tomb under the church in Mystic Falls." Elena answered against her will.

"What's it doing there?" Elijah asks.

"It's with Katherine." Elena whispered.

"Interesting." Elijah says just as glass breaks. "Who else is here?"

"I don't know." Rose answered, standing in the same spot she had been before.

"Move." Elijah then grabs Elena, walking up the steps and had Rose follow. They all stop by the main entrance, looking around. Right behind Elijah and Elena a blur goes by, causing the two to turn their heads to look over that way. Just then did Elijah push Elena into Rose's arms.

"Rose." Elijah called.

"I don't know who it is." Rose answered.

"Up here." A voice called, and Elijah followed it up the steps in a blur.

"Down here." Both Rose and Elijah look over as a stake hits Elijah right in the hand. Elijah effortlessly takes the stake out of his hand as Stefan presses Elena against the wall, silently telling her to stay quiet. Damon was doing the same with Rose.

"Excuse me, to whom it may concern. You're making a grave mistake thinking you can beat me. You cant. I repeat, you can't beat me- but I want the girl. You have until the count of three or heads will roll." Elijah threatens, breaking a coat rack into a very large stake. "Do we understand each other?"

"I'll come with you, just don't hurt my friends. They just wanted to help me out." Elena says, coming out of hiding, but caused Elijah to move up the steps rather fast.

"What game do you think you're playing with me?" Elijah asks, amused. But Elena already made her next move, pulling the ring from the vervain grenade and tossing it at Elijah's face.

Elijah healed quickly, sauntering towards Elena rather dangerously, but before Elijah reached Elena, Stefan began to shoot Elijah with wooden arrows before tacking him down the steeps where Damon proceeded to stake Elijah in the heart and impaling him into the wall. Rose came out for a second, before blurring away. Damon made a move to go after her but Elena stopped him.

"Let he go." Elena said, understanding that the vampire needed to be alone. The she saw Stefan, and a smile lighted up onto her face as she ran down the stairs into his arms- completely oblivious to the Damon's hurt expression, but she mouthed a thank you to him.


Elena sighed as she looked at her reflection, putting away her toothbrush. Today so much had happened. Getting kidnapped, watching a guy get decapitated by an Original or the fact that Damon killed that very Original. Apparently Bella had over used her power, and that Bonnie and Caroline were keeping an eye on her. It was good, Elena worried about Bella sometimes but right now she was just tired, so imagine her surprise when she found Damon in her room.

"Cute PJ's." Damon said as she came out of the bathroom. She had only been wearing a tank top and some purple and green plaid shorts.

"I'm tired Damon." Elena tried to make up an excuse.

Damon though, wasn't having any of it as he stood from her window bench.

"I brought you this." Damon held her necklace Stefan had given her.

Elena's face washed over in surprise, "I thought that was gone." Elena made to reach for it. "Thank you." Damon shook his head, pulling it away. "Please give it back."

"I just have to say something" Damon says.

"Why do you have to say it with my necklace?" Elena asks, body tensing up.

"Well, because what I'm about to say is probably the most selfish thing I've said in my entire life."

"Damon, don't go there." Elena warned.

Damon came closer, "I'm just going to say it once, and you need to hear it. I love you Elena and it's because I love you that I can't be selfish with you. I can't keep doing this. I don't deserve you, but my brother does." Damon never looked away from Elena as he spoke the truth, leaning in to kiss her forehead, before looking deep into her eyes. "I wish you didn't have to forget this, but you do."

Elena blinked, staring into her empty room- wondering how her necklace was back onto her neck. Shrugging it off she left that mystery for tomorrow and crawled into bed, letting the dream world engulf her senses.


Bella told Bonnie and Caroline that she needed to go and sort something out, and they didn't ask any questions. A part of Bella told her that the vampire and the witch both knew exactly where she was going, probably because Caroline listened into her conversation with Alice- who was all too quick to answer her phone. She probably saw the decision her Bella calling her.

Currently Bella was sitting outside in town square, where it was nightfall already. She was feeling better than she was before, but she felt exhausted. Honestly, this was the last place Bella wanted to be. She just wanted to go home and sleep it off, but instead she had some more business with the pixie Cullen. It wasn't as if she hated them now, you can't just go from love to hate so fast- well that was a lie. The Salvatore brothers and Katherine proved it to be true already. Bella didn't particularly hate the Cullen's or the pack but she didn't particularly want any involvement with them, but if she had to have them in her life then so be it.

Elena is safe. Stefan and Damon got to her in time, but Stefan needs to talk to you when you have time. Love you and good luck tonight.


Bella smiled at the text message, so vampire Barbie had in fact known where she was going and who Bella was seeing. Bella was happy Elena was okay, but curious to what it was Stefan wanted to talk about. What had happened?

"Bella." Alice's bell like voice chimed, claiming Bella's attention.

"Alice." Bella nodded to the seat next to her. "You said this was important."

"It is." Alice agreed. "It's about your wellbeing."

Anger flushed Bella's features, "We've been down this road before Alice. You and your family need to butt out of my business. You do not belong anywhere near it."

"I had a vision." Alice cut in. "About you, and about a man named Klaus."

Bella's head snapped over to Alice, eyes wide. "What did you say?"

"Klaus." Alice repeated. "Does that name mean something to you?"

Bella nodded, "It means everything to me- I need you to tell me everything in that vision Alice."

Alice complied, launching into the vision she had only a few days ago, describing every excruciating detail to her old friend. From how Klaus spoke to her, how Klaus treated her, and how Klaus feed from her as if she were his power source. Bella had a passive expression, eyes closed and trying to piece it together.

"You can only see choices people make, but we've never met." Bella says. "How is that possible."

Alice scrunched her eyes brows together, "Are you sure you've never met him Bella?"

Bella looked up at the stars, thinking hard and trying to place his name with a face. It didn't come at first but it did. It was the night Damon was drunk and almost kissed Bella, the night she got into that accident that sparked Damon's adventure trip to the bar. She knew Klaus, she'd seen him- and right now she had no clue how to act.

"I met him once." Bella confessed. "Only once, not even for five minutes- but how could you get a decision based vision like the one you did when I don't know him?"

Alice shrugged, "They said I was a physic when I was human. I was locked away is a physic ward when people believe me to be crazy, but that's not the point. The point is was that I had the ability to see the future in my human years, and it's possible that I just saw your future Bella."

Bella closed her eyes, not wanting to believe her downfall would be because of this vision, so that's exactly what she went with. "It was a vision Alice. Nothing that means a thing to me."

"Bella, I just want to help-"

"With what exactly Alice?" Bella snapped, standing up. "There is nothing to help me with okay? You need to stay out of my business. You need to stop checking my future, because as of now Klaus is my business to handle."

"Bella, please." Alice begged.

Bella shook her head, "Stay out of the way Alice, all of you. This is not your battle."

Alice stood up, "But we care Bella! Is that so bad? We want you to make the right decisions!"

"NO!" Bella pivoted on Alice. "My decisions are mine to make! Not for you or your family to approve or disapprove of! If my choices lead me to that vision, it means I failed my purpose. It just gives me motive not to fail."

With that Bella held her head high and began to walk away but Alice was in front of her in seconds. It pissed Bella off more, but she bit her tongue.

"Where are you going?" Alice questioned.

Bella gave her a look, "Some of us actually sleep Alice, and I happen to be exhausted."

Pushing past Alice, Bella never glanced back. Not once even as the second thoughts went through her head. All she wanted was to sleep and find Klaus before he found her, or worse. Whatever that could mean.





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