Chapter One:

I can't believe I am actually running away from home. I have never done a bad thing in my life, especially something as severe as leaving my parents a note saying I was going to try to find my biological father on the kitchen counter and that I'd be back in a few weeks. Knowing my adoptive parents their brains are probably exploding right now.

You see, I am adopted because my mother was murdered when I was ten years old. The police turned it into a cold case, filed after no new evidence came in. My mother was out hiking when she was shot in the head on a popular trail. No one saw anything, her body was clean of any fingerprints and the gun was never found. So that was it, my father left my mom when she got pregnant so I have never met him and I had no other real family. So after she died I was put in foster care when the McKinley family adopted me at when I was eleven. I am now sixteen…almost seventeen.

I put my beautiful black jeep in park and jump out. I head into the bar that I decided to stop at for food and a self pep talk.

A few weeks ago school ended and I just out of the blue decided I needed to go out looking for my biological father I knew if I didn't I would regret it As I walk into the bar my mind starts racing, I mean how am I going to confront a man I've never met before and have been told is a terrible person and tell him that I am his daughter. All I know about him is that he had black hair and was big and scary also that his last name is Blakeley, and of course that he lives here in this forest reserve town. The most important part about this visit that you must know, because I would not have wanted to confront this man if possible, but the thing I have always felt a pull to this place and knowing HIM. My mother never really talked about him, only that he was dangerous and had a wolfish attitude. Ever since my mom died I've felt as though she lost the chance to tell me something about myself. I mean I feel so different like I'm destined to be someone or something else, yes I know all teenagers feel that way but my feelings are so strong that I NEEDED to come here and learn about my heritage. I am done living in the dark.

I walk into the bar called Sly Fox, grab something to eat and sit down at a small table. I see a few happy couples in the corner talking and laughing with each other. I feel a longing and envious pull to them because knowing I have never had that chemistry with anyone. I mean yeah I've had boyfriends but no one I could really call my soul mate or best friend, I guess I'm kind of a loner in that sense. These beautiful girls with their good-looking boyfriends just looked so content and blissfully happy. One couple, a small blonde and her boyfriend, a big dark haired college guy start to stand up so I turn away. He had dark brown eyes like me and dark hair only his is black and mine is a deep chocolate brown almost like my mothers, I have a light tan and stand at 5'5" with a skinny lean build from track. The dark haired boyfriend walks towards the door where I'm sitting and he turns to look at me, I feel a connection, not a sexual attraction but like when you see someone on the street and they look familiar and you feel you should know them but you cant place them. He looks at me like he feels the same but then the small blonde pounces on his back grasping his full attention and they walk out the door laughing. The moment is gone, I guess I have just gotten lonely on my trip, I cant really know anyone here. I shake my head, finish my food and walk out the door.

I walk out the front door of the Sly Fox and head to my black jeep at the end of the lot. As I'm walking to my car I feel a ringing in the back of my head, you know that feeling you get when someone is watching you. Being that my dad is a navy seal and has taught me how to fight I am not too worried, and its probably nothing anyway so I keep walking. I pick up the pace, acknowledging I might have to run which would be a peace of cake I mean I have won state in the mile, this sucker wouldn't stand a chance. I glance behind me making sure no one is there as I turn around I see the parking lot is empty but as I start to turn back around I see a dark figure out of the corner of my eye. Damn it Jennifer! Always remember to never lose sight on what is in front of you! I could just hear my dads disappointed sigh now..But my after thought was too late the dark figure that jumps out in front of me is too massive and it is too late to register what's happening, a bag is put over my head and I feel a sharp sting in my right thigh. I look down but my vision turns blurry and I feel the ground rushing towards me.

"Waky Waky little wolfy." A annoying male voice says. Where The Hell Am I.

"Come on I know your awake. GET UP ALREADY!" he says getting frustrated. Well guess what asshole your quite annoying yourself. I open my eyes to find I am in a human sized cage. AW HELL.

My first instinct is to start panicking but I quickly but that aside and glance around, I am in a small room with nothing in it but my cage as far as I can tell. I compose myself and turn towards my capture.

"Who are you? And what am I doing here?" good first questions to ask when you've been kidnapped.

"I am doctor Ellis and you are here my little furry friend because I would like to study you" Ok I was wrong this freak show actually answered my question, but boy was he a creeper. My dad was gonna kill me after he finds out I let my guard down. Wait did he just call me his furry little friend. WTF.

"Ok, look buddy I don't know what your talking about but my dad is a navy seal and whens he finds out I'm gone he's going to hunt you down and kill you so I recommend letting me go." Take that you little turd.

"Oh, I know who your adoptive father is.." Wait how does he know I'm adopted, wow good job jenny you got yourself a stalker…great.. " But you and I both know why I have taken you…"

"uhh, no I don't." I say getting really freaked out.

"Ahhh..I see that your mother never told you..before her..upsetting death.." He says with a smile at the end. How does he know this? I guess I really do have a stalker.

"I don't know what you are talking about but again I advise you let me go." I say with urgency in my voice I didn't have before.

"Well child then I guess I should inform you that you are a werewolf or as your kind likes to call themselves. A Shifter. You see your mother ran away from her pack when she was a year older than you, running from her mate her parents set her up with. That is when she met your father he was a evil creature, he got her pregnant then left her and came back here to his pack. I my little one am a hunter, I hunt your kind and kill them. I actually used to kill the panther shifters but then I found your kind, a more violet and disgusting kind. You stay in packs and kill, you see your kind doesn't know about me yet because the panther shifters are loners and stay away from packs, so werewolves don't know about hunters. It wasn't until a friend of mine, Mason, I met him in college and he would not stop ranting about werewolves. I did not tell him about the panther shifters and just thought he was a normal crazy. But then I went hunting and found your mother. Yes I know what your thinking, and no I did not kill her, I was studying her when she attacked my partner, when she realized we were following her. He had no choice but to kill her. That is why you are here, I was hoping after she died I could study her body but the police got involved and her body disappeared. I have been trying to track you down for a while and found you a few years ago. I was waiting for you to come here looking for answers about your family. HAHA I knew you would come. So there my little one is the answer to your question. Are you content now? Will you obey me?." He says walking away and disappearing behind a white door, not waiting for me to answer. Which is good because I was frozen in place not able to speak. When he first started talking I was like holly shit this guy is a complete looney but then I had a werid sense that he was telling the truth and everything started to make sense. I mean my mom was a veterinarian and she always went hiking and she talked about my biological father as wolfish and her death made sense. Could all this really be true or was I just as crazy as Doctor Ellis. But the one thing I couldn't stop thinking about was my moms killer, he knew him! He could tell me who he is and where he is. I find that I have this knew rush in me and a feeling of clearness. First order of business is I have to get out of here. Duhh I know. Then I need information on this guy and this partner he was talking about. THEN I would find my biological father and have him explain everything. Having a navy seal as a father was a bad thing at times (like when he gets shipped away) but also can be a good thing like when one of the first things he teaches you is how to fight and how to pick a lock. I survey the room and see it is completely shut off from any natural light and vents. So I look around the cage and see the huge lock on the cages door. I pick through my long dark wavy hair and find my bobby pins I used to clip back my bangs. I take them out and start on the lock. I needed to get out of here as soon as possible. The lock was a little difficult but I open it in a few minutes. I sit back on my heals and take a deep breath before I push the cage open and tip toe towards the white door in the dimly lit cell. I put my hand to the handle and turn. Of course it doesn't budge must need a key card. I see the touch screen off to the side. SHIT. Ok plan B, I back up against the wall on the other side of the door and survey the room again, I need to find a weapon. I walk back over to the cage and try prying a long metal pole out from the corner of the cage and am able to unhook the lose bottom strip and free it. So I walk back over to the door and wait.

I have been waiting for at least an hour when I hear footsteps.

"Look Chaser she is very raw she just learned about her wolf background and doesn't know anything you mustn't upset her or I am afraid she will break." I hear Doctor Ellis say.
"Look Eli, I don't give a crap I want to know everything she does, she is probably lying, her mother must have told her where her father is before she died, and by knowing that she knows where the entire pack is." I freeze at the new unfamiliar chilling deep voiced man walking towards the door. The first thing I think of is, he must be Doctor Ellis's partner who killed my mother. But I couldn't get distracted about something that is only a guess if I was to get out of here, I could feel the adrenalin rush coming when I hear a click at the door. My muscles tighten in anticipation of the fight that is about to occur. I see the door opening…..

"Chaser I don't k- wait where is sh-..!" Doctor Ellis starts to say but I smash him over the head before he finishes. I knew he was going to be the easier target so I took him out first, of course he wasn't dead but knocked unconscious. I also knew that taking out this Chaser dude was going to be difficult if not impossible I mean my mother couldn't even…NO STOP! I couldn't think about that right now. I needed to concentrate and tap into my fighting mode. I pull myself together and turn to look at my next attacker. All I see is a huge scary looking guy with a surprised look on his face that quickly turns into a deathly scowl.

"You little bitch. I'm going to kill you, I don't care if Eli wants you alive, your kind should be extinct." He ends with that by jumping towards me, which I easily dodge. But he quickly returns back to fighting mode and tries to land a blow to the side of my head and I duck missing it by centimeters. I take no time to think and just act out of instinct, I find myself in my garage with my dad where we would practice boxing and combat skills. I pretend I'm fighting with him and not this stranger. I land a blow to his side with the pole which doesn't affect him much. But I expected that would happen so, it was only to distract him for a second while I land a kick to his gut. He reels over and I take the chance to knee him in the face and slash the pole across his head making a bloody gash, good take that you murderer. I was overwhelmed with hatred for him and what he did to my mother, my body started to shake and with that he jumped back up knocking me to the ground taking control. He twists my arm back and I lose my grip of the pole. He lands a blow to my face which to any other girl would be the end of the fight but for me I was use to this kind of abuse from boxing, it still hurt but I didn't give up. I used my legs to wrap around one of his legs and using the other to push his knee back bending his leg in a painful way. He grunts and loosens his grip so I take the chance to grab the pole again and whack the hide of his head he hollers and rolls off me. I think about finishing him off but I don't take the chance which looking back on it I should but no, I run out the door through hallways and doors and until I reach the outside. By then I hear an alarm but I don't care, right now I'm in the zone. I run like hell into the dark unknown forest outside the facility. I find a road and just keep running and running…even when my lungs burn and my legs feel like they are going to fall off. I just keep running.

By now I must have been running in this dark forest for what seemed like hours. I reach a dirt path and follow that. All I see is the black trees in front of me and the only light is the white moon above me. That's when I hear voices and I start to run faster. But they are getting closer I need to stop because my body is so exhausted but I don't I keep running out of fear. I hear footsteps all around me.

"Hey! What are you doing out here! HEY STOP!" I realize its not the murderers voice but I don't care I keep running. Then I feel someone tackle me to the ground.