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A/N: To explain this, every year I write a story dealing with Christmas (mostly to get in the holiday mood). These past two years, it's been my Santa Clause stories. Now that the Rachelle Clause is finished, I wanted to come up with another story or some kind of story for Christmas and here it is. (= For those of you who haven't read my Crystal/Rachelle Clause stories, you should check them out before reading this.

Now for the basic summary (since I can't describe it well in such a small space): It is Christmas again and married life isn't as glamorous as Crys thought it would be. With helping her uncle prepare for the big night, babysitting Carol's child, coping with her first pregnancy, and dealing with Jack's infamous antics, Crys almost wishes she could escape from it all. Wishing on the Christmas Star is supposed to grant you your deepest wishes, but what happens when a small wish goes horribly wrong-bringing her to a world where she never met Jack Frost? Now she'll have three days to make him fall in love with her again or risk losing him forever...

You'll have to read the story to find out what happens! With that said (phew, that was a lot), enjoy this new story.

The Crystal Clause: A Christmas Wish

Chapter One: So This is Christmas

So this is Christmas,

And what have you done,

Another year over,

And a new one just begun.

A very merry Christmas,

And a happy New Year,

Let's hope it's a good one,

Without any fear...

Crys was singing softly as she decorated the Christmas tree in her room until it glowed with orbs of all colors: red, green, gold, white. The sweet scent of candy canes surrounded her as she danced lightly to the music in her head. It's that time again...To think I used to hate Christmas.

As every year, David would occasionally surface in her mind, but she liked to think he was in a much better place, somewhere where cancer did not exist and it was Christmas every day. Merry Christmas, David, Crys thought as she placed a beautiful angel on the tree. It went right on top and glittered like the brightest star.

"So this is Christmas-" Crys began singing again, but was interrupted by the sudden feel of someone's hands on her hips. A smile touched her lips-she would know his touch anywhere, the cool electric touch that gently streaked along her body. The singing must have distracted her; she didn't even hear him come in.

"Such beautiful singing. It's too bad your lips will be busy in a moment," his voice whispered in her ear, his breath cooling her neck. Grinning, Crys slowly turned to face him, her husband-the thought still struck her as amazing-and gave him an innocent look. Jack's smile was wide and playful, just the way she loved it. He was dressed in his natural icy blue suit and she rubbed her fingers along its frozen edges.

"Oh, really? And why is that?" Crys played along with him, knowing he enjoyed the thrill of the chase. Even though his heart was technically warm now, Jack could still not shake away many of his mischievous behaviors. There were times when Crys swore he was exactly like when they had first met. Still, it's not a bad thing, is it? That's the part of him I most fell in love with.

Jack wrapped his icy hands around Crys' waist and pulled her in for a kiss. As always, it chilled her to the bone, but never failed to fill her with pleasure. It was strange to imagine that only a year ago, Crys had gotten married to a legendary figure, that she was now his wife.

And I wouldn't have it any other way, she secretly thought as Jack Frost released her lips long enough to allow her to sing once more. So this is Christmas...and what have you done...


"Buddy! Get back here! Oh, boy," Crys muttered while Carol's son jumped from the top of the white couch. Carol was out getting the Christmas tree and so Crys took up the task of babysitting for the third time that week. What does she feed this kid? Sugar cookies?

Truthfully, Crys would rather have spent time with Jack, but she knew he was past due making those snowflakes fall this year. How long had it been since she'd seen his unique, mesmerizing snowflakes?

"Santa, Santa," Buddy was spouting his first word, saying it nonstop since he first said it a week ago. With Carol's wide, sparkling eyes and Uncle Scott's smile, the kid was cute enough. It was his behavior that was the problem. Listen to me. I sound like my mother, Crys thought with a frown. As if I'm one to talk about behavior.

The door banged open and Crys nearly jumped out of her skin while coaxing Buddy down from the couch again. The kid landed on the carpet and went flying off toward Scott's desk. Oh, no...

Curtis strode in, an ordinary, stressed frown on his face whereas everything else about the Head Elf was in tip-top shape. Crys and Curtis had not been ones to get along easily when she first arrived, but now she didn't mind him as much. Even so, it was times like these she really did not want to deal with whatever he was about to propse.

"Which idea do you like better? The singing Santa or the rocket-powered scooter?" From behind his back, Curtis produced images of the toys, with a set of details plainly written out. Why does he come to me for these things? Why not the other elves or...I don't know...the one in charge?

"Mmmm...the rocket-powered scooter." Curtis huffed at this and glared openly at Crys. What'd I say now? A small cry broke through the room as Buddy swept all the papers off Scott's desk. Crys ran to catch them and organize them again, bringing Buddy over to the couch.

"Why is it that you always choose the idea I don't like?" Curtis smacked the paper with the image of the rocket-powered scooter and Crys tried to hide her grin. It was always amusing when Curtis got upset.

"Maybe because your ideas aren't as good. Seriously? A singing Santa?" Curtis opeend his mouth to protest and then his face changed into one of horror, his finger pointing to something behind me. "What's your problem now?"

As she turned, she shrieked. Buddy had gotten ahold of his little cup of chocolate milk and ripped the protective cover off, spilling the contents over the white couch. It immediately stained the satin and Crys uselessly dabbed at it with her shirt. Carol so does not pay me enough for this babysitting job, she mentally complained.

"Good job. Can't wait until you have your own kid. Should be fun," Curtis added, backing away towards the door. If looks could kill, then Crys' eyes would have shot darts at the Head Elf.

Still, his words held some hint of truth. It was something Crys had not stopped thinking about since she had gained knowledge of it: she was pregnant.


Pretty short, but it's a start. I hope this story goes well and I might be adding in a few twists along the way. Some unexpected appearances, for example. You'll have to read on to find out more, though because I'm not giving out any goodies yet (by goodies I mean info).

Thank you all for reading and I wish you a very early Merry Christmas. (=

In case you were wondering, I only added in "Happy Christmas (War Is Over)" because it was playing on the radio while I was writing this...so it jumped into my story! Go figure.