Henry the Nerd (or, my attempt to revive this dying section)

Natalie slammed the front door open. "What-the-hell, Henry!" she growled. "I have been banging on you door for ten minutes in the pouring rain, and-" she paused. "Henry, what on earth are you doing?

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Henry asked. "I'm about to beat the Elite Four." Henry was huddled in a Snuggie on his couch, his eyes never leaving the Gameboy Color's screen.

"Henry..." Natalie began, "are you high right now?"

"Hell no," muttered Henry, "this is a momentous occasion. This is all me."

"Oh, so you'll stop smoking for a stupid Pokemon game, but when your girlfriend comes over, it's all-" but Natalie's voice was cut off by Henry's screams and cheers.

"YES! TAKE THAT, GARY, YOU B- oh hey Nat, when did you get here?" he finished calmly. "Hey, you're all soaked, let me get you a towel and some hot cocoa or something," he said, getting up.

Natalie just sighed.