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It was dark and cold night. A man with a hood stood outside a small house. He looked at the doorknob. Should he have knocked the door? He hesitated for a moment. Stepping backward, he apparated. He appeared on his living room

Spinner End's

Only this house which his muggle father left him. It was a small house near rundown area. His muggle father who had beaten his mother for years until the death took her life, he thought bitterly. Taking a bottle of firewhisky, he sat on the old settee. He had promised himself to be a good man, to be a better man than his father at least. Yet he had broken it. He was ashamed by himself. He had been hurting the woman he loved. She was broken now. He wasn't ready enough to face her. So, he didn't knock her door. But, he decided to gain her trust. He would make sure that she was his again. Although he had to endanger his life, he would do it. He would do anything to get her. It was his mission.

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