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Chapter 3

Severus's heart began beating faster and Hermione's eyes widened. But, before Severus could talk to her, she had run away swiftly. What the hell Hermione doing at Hogwarts? Hadn't Minerva told him that Hermione didn't want to interact with others? Then, Severus went to headmistress's room. He had to talk to Minerva.

'Why is she here?', Severus said directly

Minerva frowned. ' Who is 'she' do you mean?'

'Miss Granger, you said she didn't want to do anything and go out from her house.'

'Ah, Hermione has agreed to become librarian replacing Madam Pince. I think it's good for her so she can recover slowly. But, the stubborn girl still doesn't want to tell me who has hurt her that much.

'I see'

'Severus, why do you ask? Do you know something?'

'Of course not' he lied dismissing the conversation

Fortunately, Minerva believed him. Of course, Severus had been spying Voldemort for years. It was easy only lying to her. Then, he retired to his chamber.

"I trust you with all my heart, Severus" , " How could you..." Hermione cried

Her last words and cry had been haunting him everyday. Severus pondered as he drinking firewhisky

Hermione ran faster than she could remember. She didn't want Severus saw her crying. She wanted to forget him. She ran to astronomy tower and sat by the window. It was hurt to see his face again Why was he here? If I had known, I wouldn't have agreed to Minerva's offer, Hermione thought. I still love him but...

The students soon arrived at Hogwarts fulling the four long tables. The first year students seemed bewitched by the decoration. The candles lit above and the stars shining. They queued to be called by Professor Sprout. She had been chosen as a deputy headmistress after the war. After the selection ended, Minerva stood and began to speech.

'Welcome to Hogwarts for the first year and welcome back for the rest of you. I hope this year all of us can work together as one team and banish our differences. We must help to stabilized our world so we can live in peace in the future..', She gave them motherly smile.

'I want to give you several announcement. Professor Snape will teach potion and become the Head of Slytherin again'. The slytherins were applausing while the first year looking scared. Severus enjoyed looking their expression actually.

'And one more, Madam Pince has retired so Miss Hermione Granger will become the librarian.'

Severus noticed Hermione wasn't here. Was she still shocked from this afternoon incident?

'But, she is ill right now.', she continued, 'Now all of you can back to your dormitory for rest. Prefects will lead the way.'

The next morning

Severus looked at his schedule, Slytherin – Gryffindor sixth year double potion. This day would be longer than he thought.

After teaching, Severus got head-ache because the immature kids he taught. He had a break for two hours so he decided to go to the library. He needed to clear several things between Hermione and him.

Severus entered the library and noticed Hermione was sitting stiffly reading a thick book. She was looked paler than yesterday. Severus shrugged off his nervousness then greeting

'Good afternoon, Miss Granger'

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