A/N: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays guys. I hope you have a wonderful New Year!

Warnings: I don't own Glee or any of the characters or any of the songs I may use. This will include lesbian sex.

I wasn't actually expecting to wake up to the smell of coffee. If anything I fully intended to wake up to Mike and Noah still crashing on the couch beneath me and Santana spread out unconscious over the bed. Instead, Santana was sipping coffee as she stood over me, an amused smirk drawn across her lips. Noah, the pillow I'd been using was sitting cross-legged in front of the tree. Mike, who formerly had my legs strewn over his lap, was sitting in front of him. I was a bit confused as she held her coffee mug down to me.

"I'd love to be upset that I found you asleep on top of, not one, but two guys, but really it was just an amusing sight," she helped me move into a sitting position, pressing the coffee into my hands and rubbing my back gently.

"Well if you hadn't made me sleep on the couch-"

"If you hadn't said I wasn't pretty," she challenged a smirk on her lips.

I looked to the coffee in my hands, glad to see there was no milk or cream even if Santana had already drunk half of it, "Why are you all up before me? How did you two even move?"

"You were like dead asleep," Noah assured.

"Puck almost dropped you," Mike snitched.

"What?" Santana and I cried in unison.

She was on her feet with her leg cocked back to kick Noah when I called, "Santana stop! It's Christmas and I'm sure Noah's very sorry."

"Really sorry, Rach," he nodded, not taking his eyes off of Santana's leg.

She huffed but finally relaxed, "Only for her."

I was glad when the environment relaxed a bit, "Can I get some coffee without anybody committing murder and then we can open our gifts?"

They all muttered their acquiescence as I got up and went into the kitchen.

They'd already separated the gifts. By the time I got back into the living room they were shifting excitedly, Santana was scratching the wrapping paper with her nail to get a peak, Noah was shaking one of his boxes, and Mike was staring intently at one box as if he had x-ray vision. My own pile sat untouched and neatly stacked, probably by Santana. I finally sat down and felt their eyes all lock onto me. I teased them by staring back over my coffee mug. Noah was going to say something when I finally waved them on. I even resisted the urge to complain as the trash built up around us.

"Yes!" Noah cheered as he held up the cable Santana had gotten him.

"Oh yeah," Mike had a similar response to his stereo.

They'd both already tugged on their hoodies over their pajamas.

"Oh thank God," Santana called as she hugged the flat-iron to her chest.

"Don't break this one," I warned.

She waved me off.

"Aren't you going to open anything?" Noah called, zipping up his jacket to look over the design on the front.

"Mhum," I nodded, putting down my coffee cup to pull one of Santana's silver and black packages onto my lap.

I was about to open it when Santana grabbed my wrist and shook her head, "I really don't care, but I don't think you should open that one in front of them."

"Santana," I groaned and pushed it behind my back, well out of Noah's reach.

"Try mine," Noah pointed to one wrapped in the Sunday comics, although he was still leaning and trying to see Santana's gift.

"Thank you Noah," I smiled before carefully unwrapping the package. I was so glad to find a docking station for my iPod. I pushed it off of my lap and moved to hug the boy. I sat back, Mike's eyes on me as I opened his gift, "Oh my. Thank you Mike, I've been needing a new one since my old got ruined." I held the mat tightly as I looked over to Santana.

"Chocolate sauce," she muttered, obviously she had her own thoughts about the mat.

"I've got one more," I announced, drawing everybody else's attention before they could get stuck on the mat. It was one more of Santana's although it was smaller than the box behind me. She was trying to look as I opened it. I even had to admit I was a bit stunned as I found the small white box. I cracked it open and almost gasped as I saw the charm bracelet. I lifted it carefully and saw three charms already on it, a microphone and two hearts, one with my blue topaz birthstone and the other with her green peridot set into them. I couldn't help it as I threw myself at her, wrapping my arms tightly around her neck, "Thank you so so much Santana. Thank you. Oh my God, I love it."

"Calm down," she urged, rubbing my back comfortably.

"So," Noah hummed nonchalantly, "We've sort of got these last gifts."

I finally let go of Santana, letting her help me put the bracelet on as I looked up to the boys. Even Santana had a couple extra gifts on her lap.

"Then open them," I urged.

They tore into the gifts excitedly, and I was surprised by them. Noah proudly brandished a pair of boxer brief and a t-shirt with the green lantern label. Mike's own had the Spiderman logo, and I was shocked to find Santana with batman gear, even the men's underwear. I couldn't help but feel like it was a set-up.

They all watched me curiously, bright smiles on their faces as they held the clothes. I rolled my eyes before waving them on, "Go change." They were rushing out of my sight before I could say anything else, and I almost forgot to add, "Don't follow Santana into the bedroom!"

"Damnit!" Noah yelled as two doors shut, presumably as Mike reached the bathroom before him.

They finally came out together, dressed in their new pajamas. It was hard not to compare them to children as they all crashed onto the couch. I had already thrown away all of the wrapping paper when Santana pulled me onto her lap. I rolled my eyes at all of them as they argued which superhero was better. I was glad they were all having a wonderful Christmas as I toyed with my bracelet, running my fingers gently over the charms. I smiled brightly as I caught Santana watching me.

"I can't help but feel this was a set up," I mumbled as I kissed Santana's forehead.

"It was," Mike assured.

"Absolutely," Noah nodded.

"But don't feel left out," Santana winked as she got up, going to the tree to pick up some more presents.

"As sweet as the gesture is I'm not wearing men's underwear," I pointed out, opening Noah's gift, a superman tank top.

"Got that covered," Santana tapped her own, a thong with the superman logo on the front.

"S-Santana, I'm n-not wearing th-this," I scowled at her past the red I was certain was covering my face.

They all laughed as Mike came forward to point out his gift, "I told them that." He'd gotten me some blue sleep shorts with the familiar logo peppered over them.

"Thank you guys, I suppose," I smiled down at the clothes on my lap.

"Well," Santana demanded, still looking down to me.

"Well what?"

"Go change," she pulled me up and led me to the bedroom.

"Don't take forever," Noah called, "There's no TV out here."

"Entertain each other," Santana called as she pulled the door shut behind us.


"How do I look?" I asked as I looked down at my outfit.

"Super," Santana mumbled as she watched me from the bed.

I turned to stick my tongue out at her.

"Come here," she called. When I did she pulled me forward, slipping one arm around my waist.

"San, the boys are waiting," I reprimanded.

"I know," she called gently, "But I want to see your thong."

I blushed slightly but brushed away the hand currently tugging down my shorts, "Santana, you've already seen it."

"I know but," I was unnerved by the sudden apprehension in her voice; she almost sounded worried as she mumbled, "Just say yes."

"What?" I asked curiously as I looked her of her, "Love it'd be rude to leave the boys waiting on us."

"No," she shook her head and finally let go of the hem of my shirt. It took a moment before I realized I was staring at the small ring on the tip of her finger, "Say yes. Please," she was almost begging.

"Santana," I gasped, reaching down to hold her hand, almost afraid to touch the ring as I took in the three stones set in the braid white gold band. It was beautiful and almost brazen, but it was nothing short of what I'd define as Santana's taste. I couldn't say anything as she slipped it onto my finger.

"I'm sorry it doesn't match your bracelet," she shrugged, and began rambling "It's just that I bought the bracelet first and then I saw the ring. I know it's not even your style. You usually love more subtle things but I couldn't walk away. I mean, Rachel I love you, and-"

She was silenced as I pressed my lips to hers. She gave a sigh of relief at that and held my shoulders tightly as if she thought I might disappear if she let go.

"Did she say yes?" We pulled apart almost as if we'd been scolded when we heard Noah banging at the door.

She looked up to me hopefully.

I smiled and nodded, not even realizing there were tears in my eyes until she began whipping them away. I turned to call back, "I did!"

"Merry Christmas," she mumbled into my ear, still holding onto me tightly.