A little white stick.

Yes, that's what she was blaming. The little white stick in her hand. It was to blame for her nerves being out of control. She could feel her fast, erratic heart-beat. Okay, so in reality, it sounded more like her heart was trying to beat its way through her sternum and launch itself at the wall in what was either nervousness or just plain despair. The thought of what reality a stupid little piece of plastic would bring crashing down upon them was terrifying.

She hadn't even thought about kids right now. Neither had Eddie, as far as she knew. Given it wasn't something they had discussed, really. Okay so, maybe, she was jumping to conclusions but why would he want kids? He was only in London because he had 'bottomed-out' so to speak as a detective in New York. It was only a matter of time before the 'honeymoon' phase of their relationship wore off and he longed for some lover he had left in the states; for the life he had left in the states. The last thing he wanted - or needed, for that matter - was to be tied to London permanently by a kid with her, of all people.

Pippin had commented, that they would have some great looking kids but it had been a joke. Not something she had ever seriously considered - then again, she hadn't had any real need to consider it. Now though, sitting on the toilet with her pants unbuttoned and a plastic stick in her hand, one end of which is covered in her urine, she's considering it. And it's not something she's taking lightly. It was in her head now and there was no getting it out.

She knew that morning that something was off with her body.

She had woken up with heavy nausea pounding a steady rhythm in the back of her throat and it hadn't been long after that she had hunched over the toilet, throwing up everything she had eaten in the past two days. She hadn't felt horrible, tired but not bad. She had merely cleaned herself up, downed a glass of water and went to take a shower and prepare for her day. It was only when she ate a late breakfast and found herself promptly puking it up thirty minutes later that she knew something was up.

The corner store hadn't had a large selection of pregnancy tests but she had bought the one that claimed to be most accurate and rushed home to down some more water and find out whether or not she had in fact procreated with her rough-and-tumble detective. The more she thought about it, the more she found she rather liked the idea of giving birth to a bouncing baby boy or a sweet little girl. A child that was uniquely her and Eddie. Her thoughts wandered to how the little child would look.

Would the baby have her dark hazel eyes or his clear blue eyes? What would their personality be like? What accent would they have with an American father and a British mother?

The loud ringing of the kitchen timer that she had grabbed on her mad dash to the bathroom, shook her out of her reverie and back to reality. She turned it off and with a shaky hand flipped over the pregnancy test in her hand.

Those two pink lines had never been clearer than they were at that moment.

Holy hell.



The sound of his voice sent her into panic mode. Without a second thought, she tossed the pregnancy test into the sink and left the timer on the counter as she raced out of the bathroom. He had just shrugged out of his jacket when she made her way into foyer - silently praying to God that Eddie couldn't see how nervous she was. She took a few deep breaths to slow her heart-rate and get her nerves under control before smiling up at him and leaning up on her tip-toes to kiss him, pressing a hand to his cheek as he leaned down.

"Hey," Eddie smiled against her mouth.

"Hey." Fiona smiled sweetly before sighing and reaching for his hands. "Eddie, we need to talk."

"Okay. That's never a good thing." Eddie chuckled, letting her lead him into the living room. "What's this about?"

Fiona released a deep breath and motioned for him to sit down on the couch. "Eddie, it's important that you sit down and be quiet and just listen, alright?"

"Alright." Eddie relented.

"Eddie, we've been seeing each other for a while now and things have gotten pretty crazy lately." Fiona sighed, looking at him with soft hazel eyes. "It occurred to me this morning that we haven't exactly been careful in our bedroom exploits."


"Careful. We haven't exactly taken the necessary steps to prevent anything from happening that we may not necessarily be ready for." Fiona told him, hoping he'd catch on. "I am on birth control but Eddie, it's not the same."

"And I haven't been..." Eddie trailed off, his eyes widening at her implications. "Fiona, are you pregnant?"

"I've thrown up twice today." Fiona sat down next to him, tears stinging her eyes. She motioned vaguely to the bathroom and managed to find her voice again; "I took a pregnancy test just a few minutes ago."

"Fiona..." Eddie trailed off, encouraging her to continue.

"Eddie," Fiona looked up at him, wringing her hands nervously. "Eddie..."

"Just say it, Sweetheart." Eddie encouraged her.

"Eddie, I'm pregnant."

WHAT?! Is that what you're thinking right about now? Yeah, me too. Didn't originally plan on it going in this direction but what the hell. So let the speculation begin. What kind of parents will Eddie and Fiona make? Me, personally. I'm thinking dysfunctional, bizarre and a tad screwy but loving and brilliant, nonetheless. I'm sorry for the shortness but I need to get to the point and get this up before you guys turned against me because it's been so long since I've updated.

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