A/N: An idea that came to me that sounded fun. I thought I'd try it out. It's probably not my best work, but hey, I'm proud of it. It's harder than you think, not giving anything away. I tried to find the names of all the players on the quidditch teams and I found them for Harry's third year. The year doesn't work out with the story, but bear with me please? Oh yeah, rated T because I'm paranoid. Don't forget to review!

Also, I thought I would be nice and put all the names here.

Chasers: Marcus Flint, Graham Montague, Chase Warrington
Beaters: Peregrine Derrick, Lucian Bole
Seeker: Draco Malfoy
Keeper: Miles Bletchley

Chasers: Roger Davies, Randolph Burrow, Jeremy Stretton
Beaters: Duncan Inglebee, Jason Samuels
Seeker: Cho Chang
Keeper: Grant Page

Chasers: Malcolm Preece, Heidi Macavoy, Tamsin Applebee
Beaters: Anthony Rickett, Maxine O'Flaherty
Seeker: Cedric Diggory
Keeper: Herbert Fleet

Chasers: Katie Bell, Angelina Johnson, Alicia Spinnett
Beaters: Fred Weasley, George Weasley
Seeker: Harry Potter
Keeper: Oliver Wood

Chapter 1: The Game Begins

"What's the hold up?"

"What's this aobut?"

"Quit shoving me!"

"What's happening?" I hear murmured replies from others on the same team. I tried to hide a smile because everything was going according to plan. Dumbledore had called all of the teams down to the pitch and gave them a lecture about being unsportsmanlike and everyone had ignored him, just like he thought they would. He didn't care though, because after all he was just getting everyone down to the pitch. As soon as he left, he cast a charm that would let no one out. And that's what everyone was fighting about now. I turned to the person standing next to me.

"I've got to go to the bathroom. I'll be right back, kay?" They nodded, so I left. I really didn't care who it was, I just needed an alibi. I looked around to make sure no one was watching me and ducked into one of the stands. I decided I would use a monotone when addressing the others, so maybe they couldn't tell if I was a girl or boy. That would take away from the fun. I used the sonorus charm and spoke, my voice amplified.

"No need to panic, everyone." I said, and the chatter died down.

"After all, who doesn't like to play games? I'm sure everyone has heard of this one. Mafia. This game shows who is the best, and who are cowards. I thought I would see about my fellow Quidditch players." I heard mumbling at this anouncement. I smiled. Plant the seed of doubt in their minds.

"We're all stuck here. You can't leave unless you're eliminated."

"And how do we get eliminated?" Someone yelled from the crowd. I laughed.

"You'll see." I could just imagine people's eyes going wide at this.

"Some of you think this is a load of BS. You can get eliminated right off, if you want. I'm sure you'll figure out how. But only one person will win. And they will be the only person who knows who I am." I hoped giving them a challenge would make them want to fight.

"Goodnight everyone." I said and then took of the charm. There was a pause where I could hear the crickets chirp, and then a burst of noise. I chuckled.


"Hey, Davies!" Roger turned around and saw Cedric yelling at him.

"What do you want Diggory?" He asked. Everyone knows that they didn't really like each other. That's why the teammates of both players were confused as to why Cedric would want to talk to Roger.

"Well I was just wondering if you knew that was going to happen because I asked my team, and they had no idea." He said, as if it was perfectly normal. Roger scoffed.

"Why would you believe them? It's every man for himself now! Any one of them could be lying!"

"But they're my team!" Cedric yelled back before storming off. Spoken like a true Hufflepuff.


"Can you believe this Peregrine?" Draco Malfoy asked in a disgusted voice. The other boy shook his head no.

"I just don't see how they can keep us here without our permission." Peregrine replied.

"Well, don't worry. My father will hear about this." Draco said in an authoritative tone.

"Because your daddy's gonna make everything all better, right?" Graham asked, mocking Draco. The latter of the two rolled his eyes.

"Montague, can I talk to you for a second?" Marcus asked in a low voice while grabbing his arm and dragging him over by Miles, Lucian, and Chase.

"Do not make fun of the kid." Miles said.

"His dad bought of brand new equipment, and for all we know, he could be behind this!" Chase added.

"Do not screw this up." Marcus said. Lucian just sat along nodding with the others because, as most everyone knew, he wasn't the brightest kid ever.


While Davies was fighting with Cedric, the rest of his team were gathered in a circle on the other half of the pitch.

"Okay, I just have to ask this, to see the answer. None of you are in on this, right?" Jeremy asked. The rest of them shook their heads.

"Hey, we're all Ravenclaws here!" Heidi said, looking at the bright side.

"Yeah, we're the most clever here!" Randolph added.

"We can totally figure out who this is!" Jason said. Everyone nodded except Cho, who was staring at Cedric as he walked away from the fight with Roger.

"Cho!" Grant said, waving a hand in front of her face. She jumped.

"Yeah, sorry! Of course we can do this!" She said enthusiastically. Duncan nodded and gave everyone high fives.


There wasn't much the Hufflepuffs wouldn't do for each other. They all sat there, watching their captain walk over to the Ravenclaw captain and couldn't help but wonder why. He didn't say before he left and well, given the circumstances, they were suspicious. Not that any of them would say anything to him. After all, they are loyal to their friends. But still, the doubt was there.


"Kates!" Fred Weasley yelled above the voices of others. The girl in question was startled, and jumped before realizing who said her name. She smiled and ran over to where he was at, glad to see someone she knew.

"Where were you?" George asked, while pulling her into a half hug. She smiled, relieved.

"I was right behind you, but then someone walked in front of me and I lost you in the crowd!" They nodded, knowing that it was very easy to get lost with all the people at Hogwarts. Angelina and Alicia both walked over and pulled her into a hug.

"We're so glad the twins found you!" Angelina said, smiling.

"Yeah, we were worried you got eliminated already!" Alicia said.

"BELL!" Someone yelled, and then almost tackled her. She half hugged them back, finding it a little awkward that her captain, the Quidditch Nazi was hugging her.

"Now all we have to do is find Harry. And then we all have to stay in this thing until it's only us left! That proves that we have the best team and no one will ever question it!" He was explaining in a half crazed voice.

"GUYS!" Harry yelled, while running at them. The twins looked at him knowingly.

"We really do need a preschool rope don't we?" He laughed and nodded.

"So when do you think the first person will be eliminated? Or how?" Oliver asked, addressing his team. They all shrugged. Katie looked at him, understanding coloring her face.

"There's a reason they trapped us here." The whole team looked at her.

"The real games won't start until dark."


Some of the people here were really smart, and others... not so much. Maybe it doesn't make a difference. But maybe they just sold themselves short. Maybe that was the first test.