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Chapter One - Beginnings

"Matsumoto! Where are the final reports!" The voice of the smallest and most quick tempered taicho could be heard throughout the 10th division barracks. Matsumoto winced, pausing mid step then quickly spun around making a desperate dash for sweet, sweet freedom.

"Matsumoto!" The taicho's voice was low and growly. Said fukutaicho sighed in defeat her head and shoulders slumping slightly, at the voice coming from directly behind her. She cast one last longing look at the entrance to the 10th division barracks and turned pasting a big grin on her face shading her eyes from the bright sunlight with one hand she batted her big blue's up at the scowling 10th Squad's taicho. He stood on the wooden planked balcony in front of the division's dojo with his arms crossed, the shadow from the overhanging roof falling across his upper body.

"Muuu, Hitsugaya-kun I was just about to go and meet Renji for some sake! Care to join us?" Her voice as cheerful as she could make it considering her taicho was glowering something fierce. She hid a satisfied smile as his glower faltered ever so slightly at the red head's name. If she wasn't looking for it she wouldn't have caught it.

This had been going on for a while now, ever since a few days ago when she caught her always professional and uptight taicho almost drooling at the sight of Renji training shirtless. Oblivious to the fact that he was displaying all those lovely muscles and tribal tattoos at their best.

She couldn't remember why they were at the 6th division's barracks, something about a combined mission that had needed a follow up detail. Her taicho had finished the meeting with Byakuya and they were leaving as they happened to pass the training yard. She wondered if her taicho had purposefully guided their path in order to glimpse Renji. She giggled at the thought.

Renji had been in the 6th division's courtyard training with his men, it had been a hot sunny day and sweat had built up on the fukutaicho's body making the redhead's muscles gleam, moving fluidly under his honey smooth skin as he lunged and dodged easily around the other men. As soon as Renji had come into sight Toshiro's steps faltered slightly. Matsumoto had been busy ogling Renji herself, but when she heard the faltered steps she shifted her gaze forward to fix on the side of her taicho's face.

She had blinked and then the expression that she had caught on Toshiro's face was gone. She had spent most of the day examining the memory, trying to reconcile the glimpse of the hot lustful look on her small taicho's face with the cool, collected and professional Toshiro she knew. The rest of the day was spent grinning and scheming.

Matsumoto blinked coming back to the present as her taicho growled under his breath. "It's Hitsugaya taicho Matsumoto, and you are not going anywhere until you finish the final reports. I need them to complete my own." She sighed with a pout. "Awww Hitsugaya-kuuun, its rest day today and it's to celebrate Renji's safe return from his mission in the human world." She said ignoring his request to use his title instead of his first name.

A tic appeared under his right eye. "I don't care, you are doing the reports! Or else you will be doing reports for the next two weeks solid, now go!" He threatened glowering. "You can join them once you have finished." He relented reluctantly, sighing as his fukutaicho brightened. "Hai!" She said almost skipping away towards the offices, grinning.

Toshiro watched her go shaking his head in reluctant fondness. As much as he was constantly frustrated with her blatant disregard for her duties or his position as taicho, he regarded her as family. He looked in the direction of the 6th division's barracks and quietly allowed himself to let out a breath of relief at the news of Renji's safe return. He didn't know when the redheaded, chocolate eyed fukutaicho started to bury himself so deep in his heart, but he remembered when he realised that Renji was special to him.

It was about 5 months after the incident with Yushima and the reigai, he remembered hearing that Renji had been wounded severely after a routine mission. After overhearing this information Toshiro distractedly continued to his office sat down and had stared down at his desk, his brilliant turquoise eyes blank. He shook himself out of his trance and tried to continue with the paperwork he had brought back to his quarters.

His concentration however kept braking as images of Renji kept popping up in his mind making him loose his train of thought. Renji laughing with Rukia, Renji scowling and arguing with Ichigo, Renji stumbling into his office with Matsumoto both blind drunk and in the middle of a stupid half serious argument about pink bunnies and purple reindeer, Renji grim and arrogant staring down enemies with determination, Renji joking and laughing with his men, Renji hard at work training, Renji, Renji, Renji…

Toshiro slammed out of his office and the 10th division barracks at a barely concealed run, not even noticing the surprised looks of some of his subordinates. As soon as he reached the outside he flash stepped to the 4th division barracks. Gritting his teeth and clenching his hands till his fingernails dug into his palms he asked the first 4th squad member he came across about Renji's condition as calmly as he could. If the 4th squad member was surprised or curious as to why the 10th squad's taicho was asking after the 6th squad's fukutaicho he didn't show it, he just replied that the redheaded fukutaicho would be fine, his wounds were severe but nothing the 4th squad couldn't handle. Toshiro thanked him and motioned him to carry on. The man bowed and moved off, a bundle of clean bandages in his arms.

Toshiro moved outside and around the corner away from the main thoroughfare and collapsed against the side of the building, a quiet half laugh, half sob escaping from the young man as he raised a shaking hand to his face covering his eyes. The relief that flowed through his body was enormous. He took a deep breath and ran the hand that was at his face through his pure spiked white hair smiling wryly. He looked towards the side of the building and started to move past windows, suddenly needing to see the redhead with his own eyes. The 5th window he came to he spotted a glimpse of that bright flame red hair. He peered in noting that every other bed was empty of other occupants. Toshiro returned his gaze to the peacefully sleeping fukutaicho and he noted that Renji's breathing was deep and steady. He couldn't resist climbing into the room through the open window, easily jumping up to the sill and stepping down lightly. He moved across to the bed and looked down at the tattooed man and gently rested his hand on the bandages that covered Renji's chest. Toshiro could faintly feel the man's deep strong heartbeat throb against his hand and he silently let out the breath he didn't realise he had been holding, his head lowering, eyes closed as the reality of Renji's wellbeing finally reached his heart.

Smiling faintly Toshiro raised his head and removed his hand pausing slightly to gaze at Renji just for a second longer. Then he moved silently to the window and agilely dropped down to the ground gently sliding the open window to its previous position. Glancing into the room and to the redhead once more he moved away from the building and flash stepped back to the 10th division barracks lighter of heart.

What Toshiro hadn't noticed was the fact that Renji had been awake the entire time. When the small taicho had come to the window Renji had been resting with his eyes closed berating himself for getting so injured on a routine mission of all things, when he heard the window slide open and his eyes flashed open darting towards the noise. He saw that it was the 10th squads taicho sneaking through the open window, at that moment Toshiro's brilliant blue-green eyes were focused on the floor ready to drop down from the sill.

Quickly closing his eyes again Renji relaxed his body curious to see what business the cute taicho had in this room. 'Wait… did I just think 'cute'.' Renji almost groaned. 'Tch, gotta stop thinking about him that way. I know he's just about all grown up now but damn stupid brain, what did I thi…?' Suddenly Renji's thought processes abruptly stopped entirely as he felt the damn fucking sexy taicho rest his hand lightly on his chest. A tingling sensation flared out around where Toshiro rested his hand. 'Nghnn oh by the gods! What the hell?' Renji thought half in panic half in excitement.

Renji's hand twitched then curled into a fist under the light blanket that rested over his body. He was sure his heart sped up significantly and then all too soon the object of his sweet torment was removed. Renji could swear he felt the blazing turquoise stare of the small taicho as the tingles on the skin of his chest slowly abated. He let out a small breath when he heard the scrape of the window slide back to its original position. He waited long enough to feel the reiryoku of the small taicho to move away before he opened his chocolate eyes and looked towards the window.

His hand moved to cover the place on his chest where the small taicho's hand had rested and rubbed it absently. "What the hell." Renji muttered gazing out the window where the recent object of his fantasies had left. He sighed and looked up at the ceiling. 'So much for a restful night.' He thought shifting uncomfortably and looking down at the now tented sheet that lay over his lap and grimaced. 'Why did Hitsugaya-taicho come here to check on me? Hnn maybe Matsumoto was worried.' Renji nodded to himself. 'That must have been it, Hitsugaya-taicho must have sent her on a mission and she wouldn't go unless someone checked on me.' He smiled wryly. 'Bloody Matsumoto, she's always getting Hitsugaya-taicho to do trivial things.' He sighed again and settled down trying to ignore his raging hard on. He was also ignoring the unusual actions Toshiro had taken just to 'check' on him. Sometimes our Renji could be quite dense.

Toshiro sighed. It had been almost a year since then and as a result of that incident he hadn't stopped thinking about Renji since. He frowned. He had never really considered his sexuality prior to that incident. Contrary to popular belief Toshiro considered Hinamori as family, like a sister, just like Matsumoto was like a meddling aunt. He was seventeen now and until that day all his focus had been on getting into the Shinōreijutsuin for training to be a Shinigami and then to get into the Gotai 13, then he became a taicho, his sexuality was never an issue to be considered. Toshiro frowned again, his arms crossed as he contemplated the courtyard in front of him, leaning against a support pole in front of the dojo. He supposed he could be attracted to females; it was just that right now he was unconditionally attracted to Renji Abarai. He sighed and glanced towards the direction of the 6th division barracks again then turned towards his quarters, his hand rubbing his forehead absently, thinking that he felt a headache building.

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Some Japanese words:
taicho - is the word for 'captain'.
fukutaicho - is the word for 'vice captain'.
shinigami - 'Death God'.
reiryoku - a persons spiritual energy.
Shinōreijutsuin - is actually the Shino Academy in Seireitei.
Gotai 13 - The thirteen divisions of the shinigami that protect Soul Society.