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Toshiro was happy. Actually he was more than happy. He had told Renji about his past and the redhead hadn't freaked over it. If anything the man was more attentive. The weight of his secret had been lifted off his shoulders and he felt desired. He wasn't disgusting in Renji's eyes. All that needed to be done now was to tell Renji about his other secret. The one that revealed that he was a murderer. Yes a murderer of a child molester, but a murderer all the same. Toshiro sighed, unconsciously tightening his hand around the one that was still firmly in his grasp, unwilling to let go. He had no idea how the redhead would react, but he had decided to leave that part of the truth for another day.

They had reached the gates of Rukongai and were ambling towards an unknown destination. When Toshiro's hand tightened in his own Renji glanced at the younger man out of the corner of his eye with concern. Noting the nervous expression in the younger man's eyes he tugged Toshiro closer and let go of his hand only to wrap it around the other mans shoulders. Renji smiled as Toshiro's arm curved around his waist and hooked two fingers through the belt loop in his jeans. The position was surprisingly comfortable. Toshiro had never been this close to another before. The closeness that was warm and affectionate. Much to his surprise he was not only relaxed and comfortable but he also was really enjoying it.

The sun had almost completely set by now and the duskiness of evening was disappearing to be replaced with the dark shadows of night. They were in a business type district of Rukongai and Toshiro could faintly hear music coming from up ahead. As they moved closer the music became louder. Suddenly the pulsing dance music became thunderous as a door opened and a few laughing people spilled out into the street. They staggered off in the opposite direction arms around each other and the sound was just as suddenly muted as the door slowly swung shut behind them.

Toshiro glanced up at Renji as the redhead grinned down at him.

"Yep, this is the place." Renji bumped his hip against Toshiro playfully and moved towards the door. His arm slipped away from Toshiro as the white haired man didn't move. Renji turned back frowning a little as he realised that Toshiro was no longer beside him.

"What's wrong?" He asked. Toshiro stood with his hands on his hips glaring at the taller man.

"I am not going in there." Toshiro answered with finality.

Renji raised an eyebrow in surprise. "Why not?" He asked automatically.

Toshiro flushed a little and looked away crossing his arms defensively. He mumbled something unintelligibly.

Renji moved towards the tense man and put his hands on the smaller mans hips, Toshiro didn't move. He bent his knees slightly, moving his head to the side trying to make eye contact with the obviously uncomfortable Toshiro. "Sorry I didn't catch that." Renji said softly.

Toshiro met Renji's eyes for a moment then looked down, his turquoise gaze met with Renji's black shirt. "I've never been… I can't…" Toshiro stuttered then stopped, grumbling under his breath still not looking up from Renji's shirt.

"You've never been to a place like this?" Renji asked questioningly straightening up. He smiled charmed by Toshiro's awkwardness. "Don't worry, you'll love it. Just give it a chance." He said and backed up gently pulling Toshiro forward by his hips. He stopped as Toshiro took a step unwillingly then suddenly stood firm stopping any forward motion.

Renji tilted his head to the side frowning. He let go of Toshiro's hips and brought his hands up placing them on either side of Toshiro's face. He gently tilted the man's head up so he could meet those brilliant turquoise eyes with his own. "What is it Toshiro? I won't force you to go in there if you really don't want to, but I am positive that you will enjoy it." Renji said seriously.

Toshiro flushed again, obviously uncomfortable. "I don't know how to dance." The words came reluctantly and Renji blinked then unsuccessfully tried not to grin.

Toshiro's nostrils flared and he glared at the redhead. Renji pressed his lips together struggling to control his grin.

"That's okay. If you have never been to somewhere like this I had assumed that you had never experienced dancing before." Renji's eyes and smile softened. "But with the way you move, I bet you are a natural." He leaned forward sliding his big hands up into Toshiro's silky hair and resting his forehead against the other man. "Also I really want to dance with you. Dancing is the PG version of making love." Renji laughed against Toshiro's lips. He began to sway slightly as their lips touched gently.

Toshiro had automatically started to move with Renji when the man began to sway. His arms unfolded and rested on Renji's hips as one of the redhead's hands slipped from Toshiro's hair and glided down the smaller man's back gently pulling them closer. Toshiro's breath hitched as he felt Renji's hot body rub against his own and let his breath back out on a quiet moan as a tingling heat swept through his body.

Renji roused himself from the pleasurable activity raising his head from Toshiro, their lips parting. He removed his other hand from Toshiro's hair, sliding it down the man's back before linking his hands, resting them around the smaller man's waist. "Hmm, I told you that you would be great at dancing." He said heavy lidded as he smiled down at Toshiro's slightly flushed face. They were still languidly moving against one another and Toshiro's eyes blinked fully open at Renji's comment.

Renji grinned again and stepped back slightly. He caught the Toshiro's hands as they dropped from his hips and started to pull him forward. "Just give it a chance. If you really don't want to dance when we get in there we can just sit in one of the booths and listen." Renji leered playfully. "Or we can just make out in a darkened corner." He laughed at the flush that spread across Toshiro's face.

Toshiro reluctantly allowed the taller man to pull him towards the door. "Besides we are still in Rukongai, most of the people that are here won't know who we are. We can just be two anonymous guys here. That's part of what I like about the place." The redhead slid his arm back around the shorter mans neck and smiled down at him.

Renji stepped forward and pulled the nondescript door open, causing both of them to be blasted with the sudden loud dance music that rolled out of the entranceway. Renji grinned and unconsciously his body started to move with the beat. He loved this place. It was almost the only place that could be called a dance club. As a result the place was packed full with writhing, grinding and jumping bodies.

Renji didn't know how they got electricity in here for the lights and the music; he had a sneaking suspicion that the owner of the place had bribed one of the technology division's squad members to do it. But to be honest, he didn't really care. The place was fun and one of the few places that people could really let their hair down and have a good time. As long as nothing really illegal was going on and nobody was getting hurt it was all good.

Toshiro's first reaction to the sheer volume of the music was distaste. He winced as the noise assaulted his eardrums as he moved inside with Renji. The redhead nodded to the big hulking male in all black that was standing just to the side of the door. He must have been some kind of bouncer or security of some kind, he had that vibe about him. The huge man nodded his head back at Renji with respect. Obviously they knew each other. How often did the redhead come here anyway?

They emerged from the entranceway, stepping into bright flashing lights and humid air filled with shouting and laughing strangers. Toshiro saw a dimly lit raised area that ran along the entire left side of the room, he could just make out shadows of booths and tables, he noticed a couple of well lit pool tables at the far end. Down the steps from the tabled area was a huge well lit dance floor with tall tables and bar stools scattered around the perimeter. The flashing, pumping lights were hanging directly above it, attached to the high roof and flooding the area with a rainbow of pulsing spinning colours. Directly to the right running horizontal to where they were standing was a long wooden bar with people vying with each other to get the bartenders attention. Renji guided Toshiro in the direction of the bar then leaned down, shouting in his ear.

"What would you like to drink?" Renji was asking. Toshiro looked behind the bar and then back up at Renji. He arched an eyebrow and shrugged a hand out, palm up. He had no idea. Renji grinned and made his way to the edge of the bar.

Toshiro busied himself with looking around, admittedly a bit curious. There were a myriad of people in attendance and it looked like they were all having the time of their lives. There were men dancing with woman, men dancing with men, woman dancing with woman, groups dancing together and it looked like, Toshiro looked closer, yep that was about three, no four people grinding up against each other swapping kisses, hands everywhere. Toshiro blinked at the torrid display and quickly looked away, his cheeks red.

He shoved his hands in his jeans pockets and shifted his weight to his other foot uncomfortably while he waited for Renji to come back. He wasn't sure he was the kind of guy to like these sorts of places. Renji suited it. He looked over to the bar picking the other man out by the bright scarlet hair he could see over the heads of the other patrons. He could see the man laughing with some of the other customers as he waited for his turn to order. Renji was a natural at talking to other people, as much as he was brash and rude it was never without reason and he was always striking up conversations with complete strangers with ease. Toshiro didn't consider himself as easygoing. It was always difficult for him to talk to strangers. Not that he was terribly shy, it was just he never knew what to say, he was no good at small talk. So when people did try and talk to him he got nervous and emanated cold aloofness.

He frowned as he noticed one of the other men at the bar curl his hand around Renji's bare upper arm as he leaned in to shout something in the redhead's ear. Renji grinned then laughed nodding as he moved to the beat of the music. Something felt funny in the pit of Toshiro's stomach. It was an uneasy feeling. Suddenly he wanted nothing more than do go over and rip the man's hand off of Renji and kiss the redhead senseless so the other man knew who he belonged to. Toshiro blinked, his head rearing back and he ripped his eyes away from the scene, looking down at the floor boards under his feet.

'Where the hell had that come from?' He thought furiously. His stomach was now in knots as he took deep breaths trying to calm down. He turned away from the bar slightly to hide the panic in his face. He didn't know how long he stood there for trying to battle with his nerves but suddenly a large long fingered hand with silver rings and a black leather, silver studded arm brace appeared over his shoulder holding a tall glass filled with ice, clear liquid and a green slice of lime on the lip.

Toshiro jumped slightly and swallowed nervously as he reached up and grasped the cold condensation covered glass from Renji. The redhead wound his arm around Toshiro's neck again, drawing the smaller man in against his body as the redhead stepped up slightly behind the white blonde and moved slowly to the beat of the music with a beer bottle in his other hand.

Toshiro experimentally took a sip of the liquid in the tall glass he was given and his eyebrows rose in surprise. The taste was tangy, bitter but sweet at the same time and really refreshing. If it wasn't for the fact that they were in a bar Toshiro would think that the drink was alcohol free but he didn't think Renji would get him a non-alcoholic drink.

Toshiro turned to Renji and smiled faintly up at the man. The redhead grinned and bent down so his lips were close to Toshiro's ear.

"Do you like it?" Renji asked loudly to be heard over the music. The only words Toshiro heard clearly were 'you' and 'like'. He nodded and took another sip of the drink through the long black straw. Renji grinned wider and nodded in satisfaction then looked over the dance floor. He looked back at Toshiro and tilted his head towards the dancers with a questioning gaze. Toshiro gazed nervously at the writhing mass of humanity and frowned.

He couldn't believe he was being this timid. It wasn't usually his style. Then again he didn't usually put himself in this sort of situation in the first place. Toshiro decided he wasn't going to be so timid anymore. He was going to enjoy this night even if it killed him. He nodded at Renji, indicating his agreement to join the people on the dance floor.

Renji smiled delightedly and bent briefly for a quick kiss before grabbing Toshiro's free hand with his own and leading him towards the floor.

There were a few upright beams evenly situated on the dance floor that Toshiro assumed were for structural support of the roof, the owners had attached high benches to the beams to give patrons another place to put drinks. Renji did just that, his beer was placed on the surface then he took Toshiro's drink setting it down right next to his beer. Toshiro gulped a mouthful of the drink nervously just before Renji confiscated it and licked his lips watching as Renji smiled seductively at him. God the man was nothing if not sexy. Toshiro thought his heart pumping.

The redhead pulled Toshiro up against him and slowly started moving to the beat. They were face to face, Toshiro's hands linked behind Renji's lower back and the redhead's hands on Toshiro's hips guiding him. Renji's head was bent over Toshiro's smaller form his cheek sliding against the white haired taicho's. Toshiro could feel Renji's hot lips brush against his neck every time they shifted to the beat. Each time he felt the smiling lips against his hot skin Toshiro's body was flooded with heat, the sensation spreading out from the contact on his neck. Toshiro closed his eyes his breath coming unevenly as he tilted his head back slightly, unconsciously giving the redhead greater access.

Renji moved closer to the smaller man his muscular thigh moving to situate itself between Toshiro's slightly shorter legs. They moved against each other sinuously, seamlessly fitting together. The dance music thundered through their bodies as they moved, their awareness narrowed down to only each other, it seemed like it was only the two of them on the dance floor.

Renji shifted one hand moving up slowly from Toshiro's hip caressing the other man's back until he could thread his fingers in the silky white hair at the base of Toshiro's head. He groaned noiselessly as he tilted his head towards the man in his arms and began to caress the bare tanned skin with his lips. He licked and nibbled briefly on Toshiro's pounding pulse before trailing kisses up to the smaller mans defined jaw then along his cheek. Abruptly Toshiro impatiently turned his head his breath catching as he pressed heated lips to the ones that were torturing him. Renji chuckled into the kiss then with a lick to the soft lips he shifted down the other side of Toshiro's jaw teasing the man with licks and nibbles to the opposite side of his neck. The teased man groaned lowly, unheard over the pumping music. His breath caught as Renji nipped once, harder than intended and apologetically laved the sting away with his velvet tongue.

Their dancing continued throughout the night and Toshiro, much to his surprise, thoroughly enjoyed every second dancing with Renji. The thought that no one knew them and they could do whatever they liked without someone accusing them of not behaving like they should was freeing. Toshiro even enjoyed moving with the music, eyes closed and head back, just getting lost in the deep thud of the music that vibrated throughout his body. He couldn't stop himself, even when Renji excused himself to go and purchase more drinks or go to the bathroom, he didn't stop dancing. Toshiro couldn't believe the euphoric feeling of letting himself go. A couple of times he had caught Renji just standing watching him dance after coming back, a heated look in his eye. Unknown to Toshiro he was the sexiest dancer on the floor. His body fluidly moved and rolled to the music, his head flung back a light sheen of sweat covering his body. It was awe inspiring the way he let himself get taken by the music. He looked like a god, a devilishly seductive god.

Renji had seen a couple of people start to approach the white haired man lust in their eyes. He had quickly warned them off with dark dangerous looks glad for his tattooed bad boy image. He wouldn't have minded dancing with other people, or even maybe letting other people dance with Toshiro. He just wasn't sure how the younger man would react, so he catalogued the question away to ask the man some other time.

When they both danced they were the hottest couple on the floor, their grinding, pumping bodies' only one aspect of their attraction. It was the intense looks they gave each other and the brief blinding hot melding of mouths radiating sex and heat that drew the other dancers to them.

They had switched to bottles of water after Toshiro's second drink. Renji had only wanted Toshiro to relax a little not get blind drunk like last time and they were having too much fun to want to get drunk anyway.

At about 3am the dance club was winding down and they decided that they would have one more dance together before leaving for the night. Toshiro couldn't believe the amount of time that had passed. They had arrived at the club just after sundown and now it was the early hours of the morning. He couldn't remember the last time he had so much fun that time disappeared.

The pair moved against one another slowly. Toshiro's arms were slung around Renji's shoulders his hands dangling down behind him and Renji's hands were linked together at the small of Toshiro's back. Toshiro's eyes were closed a small smile showing that he was enjoying the slow sway of their bodies as they moved leisurely to the music. Renji's chocolate eyes were at half mast slowly moving over Toshiro's face, committing to memory the content smile. He decided that he liked showing Toshiro new things.

They were so focussed on each other that neither noticed the coal black eyes watching from the darkest shadows in one of the booths. The eyes were cold and calculating as they examined the two men who riveted every eye in the place. The man smiled in satisfaction.

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