This is a Civilization V Fan Fiction. I took the American civilization and used the option to change the name of it to Connecticut and the leader from George Washington to Thomas Hooker, who was the founder of the colony of Connecticut back when the English were colonizing America. This was just an attempt to write something that wasn't generic. Personally I thought it was rather clever. Please R&R. Enjoy. Author's Notes will be separated by the triangle pattern thing.

Thomas Hooker looked on as the stream of settlers, under the protection of the 1st Infantry, trudged towards the river. His people, known as Connecticuters, had fled the ruins of their old country, looking for a land to settle. This river country held promise.

"Lord Hooker" a voice called from beneath the overhang where he watched the procession of his people. He looked down and saw one of his aides running up towards him.

"Lord Hooker" the breathless man said. He took a moment to compose himself before continuing.

"Lord Hooker, the settler's council has identified a white, fluffy material on some plants by the riverside. They wish to know what it is" the man reported.

Hooker swore to himself. The war that had destroyed their country had also destroyed their minds. A common myth among his people was that they had once possessed weapons that barked fire and death unto the enemy. Now all his warrior had were simple wooden clubs.

"Tell them that it is nothing dangerous, it is known as cotton" Hooker explained to the aide.

"Your wisdom is a gift upon us all Lord Hooker" the aide said as he turned and ran off towards the crowds of people.

"You handled that quite well, Thomas" a voice said from the shadows. Hooker turned around to see his friend Daniel Patrick walking out from the tree line, carrying a dead fowl with him.

"Thank you Daniel" Hooker sighed, turning back towards the crowd of people who were beginning to set up camp by the river. Daniel walked up next to him and looked on.

"How are we going to survive Daniel?" Hooker asked putting his face into his hands "We cannot even remember what cotton is!" Daniel paused for a moment before answering.

"We are a strong people Thomas" Daniel answered shortly "We survived the war and managed to keep our civility while doing it. I think we'll make it."

"I wish I had your courage Daniel" Hooker said, once again turning towards the camp. Daniel had since turned away looking as a different aide came sprinting up the hill towards the two men.

"Lord Hooker, Commander Patrick" the aide said, panting, trying to catch his breath.

"What is it my good man?" Hooker said to the aide.

"The council has gathered and they request your presence, my lord" the aide said. Hooker looked at Daniel wondering if he had any knowledge of a council meeting. Daniel just shrugged.

"Okay" Hooker said with a wave of his hand "Lead me to the council."

"As you wish my lord" the aide said "Follow me."

The aide turned and began walking down the hill towards the ever brighter camp. Hooker looked at Daniel, who once again shrugged, and followed the aide. Daniel stayed on the hill for a moment, looking at the camp before picking up his fowl and began to pick his way down the stony slope.

That is the end of Chapter One. Please R&R. Thanks in advance.